Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tasty Experience

The opening events for Cataclysm gives us the option to get some free experience for out lower level characters.  I've only got 4 characters left that are not at max level.  My 37 Warlock, my 60 Warrior, my 49 Paladin and my 73 Rogue.  Last night I did the quests with my Warrior and got nearly 1/2 a level for what is roughly 20 minutes work.

Half a level in 20 minutes and lots of gold to boot all without ever really needing to leave a main city?  Yes please.  I'll take that all you want to give it.  This was only the first group of quests to come for this pre release event but it is the bulk of it.  So over all if I had to guess I would say we are looking at roughly 65%-70% of a level when all is said and done.  Can't beat that with a stick.

On my main I put in a little work toward finishing the scepter of the shifting sands quest line.  I logged on to my Horde characters over on Aggy.  It has been damn near forever since I was on there.  November 4th seems to be the last achievement I got over there.  That means it was almost a year ago exactly since I was last on any of those characters with exception of my Hunter over there.  I pop on him once in a while just to say hello to my pet and knock off a quest or two out of boredom.

The reason I was there was because I needed to find my way to get the book in Undercity.  I wouldn't know my way around Undercity with a tour guide.  It is one of those cities that I avoided like the plague.  Hell, even Org which must have been designed by a blind man is 100 times better then Undercity.  I found the book seller and worked my path out.  Going to use the side entrance to get in.  A few turns here and there and maybe a total of 4 guards to deal with and it should not be a problem.  I ran the path back and forth three time just to make sure I had the layout perfect.  The less time I spend in enemy territory the better.  If I were there to fight it would be one thing but I am not.  I am only there to pick up an item and leave.

I then went on my main and headed over to Winterspring to get the one page of Draconic For Dummies with relative ease. Of all the outdoor raids I've needed to do this one ranks up there in difficulty with the one in Blasted Lands and the one on Isle of Dread and that is not hard at all.  I then recruited to guild mates to help me out with the one in Dustwallow Marsh's Alcaz Island.  Doctor Weavil was not going to be as easy from what I had heard because of his mind control effect.  We ended up burning him down so damn fast I actively felt bad for asking for help to do it.

Oh well, I have four of the pages now and only need four more.  The one in Undercity is planned out and will not be an issue.  I'll grab it one morning before I go to work.  Undercity is normally empty and will be even more so at 4 in the morning for sure.

I set up a guild run of Onyxia for Friday, I hope there is enough interest.  We have BWL set for Saturday.  If Onyxia goes by nice and quickly on Friday we can do Molten Core after that.  The two together make for quick runs so it will not take long.

I am going to need to run Blackwing Lair a lot if I want to get all the Elementium Ingots I need.  Good thing I have a whole slew of alts that can do it.  Not sure if I have any that can solo it however.  Maybe my Druid but that is about it.  My Hunter, my main, the one I am doing the quest on will need to go with a group as I will have the quest in there when I got in as well.  I can grab the page I need and do the quest which I get from the second boss and it requires me to kill the last boss and return to Tanaris in less then 5 hours.  Time will not be an issue if I can get at least 5 or 6 people to do it with me.  It can be 3 manned completely but I would rather not have to make the extra effort.  I would rather blow through it.

I just hope my luck it better then normal.  My last four runs through Blackwing Lair ended like this 0, 3, 0, 1.  Yeap, four runs, 4 ingots.  That's it.  You know how everyone says it averages from 3 to 6 per run?  Well, they never ran with me.  I have the worst luck every in the history of this game.  Remember we are talking about someone that still has not upgraded gear.  All my tier pieces are still at 251 being I can never win a roll.  Let hope that this does not come as another case of being let down.  At least with this I can buy them off the auction market or send in alts to get them.  The 10 will just be about how much effort I am willing to put into it and if my guild mates can help me.

At the moment, it looks like I can get this done well before Cataclysm.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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