Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Exalted

I finally got my 40 exalted reputations and it came in a three pack.  40 Exalted Reputations came along with Frenzyheart Tribe and Mercenary of Sholazar.  Have to love the achievement spam when a few hit at the same time.

So that is another task down that I do not need to wait on.  They are changing the title from 40 to 45.  Not like it would have been a problem to get it in Cataclysm being there will be new factions so 40 and 45 are basically the same thing for all intent purposes but having it now is always better then having it later.

Now to finish off the five raid reputations I am missing from exalted. Heck, those would give me 45 already if I had not been a slacker and worked on them earlier. 

The next task will be the PvP factions.  That one I figure will take damn near forever for a few reasons.  First being I do not PvP often enough.  Second being my battlegroup sucks ass.  Third being right now Hunters are about as useful in PvP as a pair of gloves for the one armed man, only half useful.  If alliance wins one battleground out of every 10 it is a lot.  I'll just consider that a long term goal.  An extremely long term goal.

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