Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Elemental Chaos

Phase 4 of the elemental invasion has started and so far it has been fun.  I did one defense with my Mage and one with my Shaman.  No need to do it on my Hunter being I had done it months ago on the PTR and there is really nothing to be gained from it. 

I might do all four bosses with my Hunter at one point just for the sake of doing it but there are no achievements for it and my Hunter surely does not need any gear from there.  Heck, even if this happened 9 months ago my Hunter needed none of this gear.

My Priest can use the cloth feet being the ones I am currently using are 251 DPS boots.  They were a huge upgrade from my 200 ones and no one else needed them so even with the wasted hit on them it was still a nice upgrade.  I would like to get these instead however.

My Shaman gets to see only one mail item drop and it doesn't even need it.  In all honesty, what self respecting player that actually wants gear does not already have at least the chest set item?  I do not have it on my Rogue, but that is because my Rogue hit 80 and I have not logged on to it since.  Otherwise anyone I actually play has it.  It is so easy to get JP now there is no reason why you should not have set items within two days of being 80 if you actually gave a crap about gearing up.

The free gear give away is kind of nice.  Will make it a bit easier from the start for leveling characters, even more so characters like my Death Knight and Rogue that hit 80 and then did nothing. but any character, even my Mage who is my other most recent 80 beside my Rogue already has most frost gear and I don't even play him often.  Just did the grind for a few days and got everything.

I'll try and pick up some offset pieces that I need for my otherwise half geared characters and I might consider running my DK and Rogue in there for easy goodies to make leveling a tiny bit easier when their time comes but over all there is nothing to be gained from doing these.

In the end it seems that all I want out of this are the boots for my Priest.  Maybe that is because that is the only character I have been running with normally outside of my Hunter and that is the only thing I actually need. Anything else would be something I wanted for reasons of greed only.  The greed of getting easy gear, that is the generation of WotLK.

Now that I think about it some, I will make sure to do all four bosses on my Hunter just in case they give a tabard to everyone that did all four after it is all said and done.  Better safe then sorry.  Don't want my Hunter who is my main to miss out on something else to clutter up my already full bags.

WTB Tabard Tab

Come on Blizzard, it will fit nicely next to the mount tab.  Don't you think?

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