Friday, November 19, 2010

Not enough for ICC?

Then why not run Naxx for fun?

We only had 7 people on willing to raid and did not feel like pugging to fill out our LK team, we want all guild members for that, and we did not feel like dragging pugs in for an alt run.  Worst thing ever is to fail at an alt run.  It makes you look bad.

So what do you do?  Well, lots and lots of us have alts, some are brand spanking new 80s even.  So why not take a run through Naxx and get them some easy gear.  Even if most of the people that were going were near appropriately geared for Naxx it should still be easy enough.

We had a few wipes because no one had ever seen any of these bosses before.  It was the first time any of them have even heard of them, never the less seen or done them.  They only knew the weekly ones and those are only first bosses.  It was also my first time healing any of this.  Not like it would really be a problem.  I was only of the three characters that was really over geared for this.

The safety dance was fun.  I have never in my life survived that.  I suck at dancing.  After a wipe we went back to try it again and we picked it up fast enough.  Was humorous seeing people do it for the first time.  You can actually see panic in someones character by the way they run sometimes.  I recognized that panic.  That panic was "I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die".  I've been there. 

Hell, on fights like that I am still there.  I suck at dancing in case I had not mentioned that before.  BTW, I actually did live through it for the first time ever.  Five people lived through it actually.  Pretty impressive for the first time there for so many and people like me that just never got it.

Loatheb is the perfect example of how easily something could be over geared and it does not need a completely over geared group either.  Just one over geared Disc Priest is all you need.  My shields were more then enough to make sure no one ever took damage.  Some other heals where nice and all but the power of my shield being over geared could have had it covered all alone even if the other people there were not over geared.

It was fun doing it as a guild run.  It was fun to have people along that where not normal raiders.  It was fun doing something that you knew you could do even with lower geared people.  Most of all it was fun having the loot drop on an old raid like that and there were actually people there that needed the stuff.  Nearly every boss had something that someone needed.  It made the run not only fun, but an astounding success.

Who says that running old content is useless.  It was fun and helped people with gear.  I think I would like to run more runs like that.  Not to mention it got my healer a bunch of achievements.  She had never done anything in there outside of the weeklys.  She even won the key for Maly.  Not a bad day for her at all.

Sometimes when you feel let down by your guild, like people not showing for a LK kill you can find that your guild can pick you right back up by running something else.  It isn't all about the end game all the time.  Sometimes it is just about having fun and giving the new guys a taste of what raiding is like.  Sometimes, that is just flat out more fun.

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