Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

I am an East Coast user and anyone that is on the East Coast knows that there were connection issues yesterday.  Have to love how all these people reported issues and everyone else just says "I am fine it must be you".  I can understand that from another user but when Blizzard employees start saying that then we have a problem.

A friend of mine was told to check his anti virus because that was most likely causing the problem.  Another friend had put in a ticket and was lucky enough to get a response in for those rare moments you could log on.  When they finally responded they told him to delete the WTF folder.

I can understand other people not realizing that the problem is somewhere on Blizzards end being they can connect just fine but why Blizzard starts telling everyone it is their problem and not a Blizzard related problem then it might be time for Blizzard to start looking for new employees because the ones they have are morons.

Needless to say, it worked itself out and Blizzard still stands by the idea that it is a user issue.  Yes, you are right Blizzard, every single user on the East Coast all happened to have a problem at the same time.  If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

And now for something completely different...

Okay!  I can not tell you how sick I am of seeing that as my option when Blizzard screws up.  You have been disconnected from the server [Okay].  Nope, it is no okay.  Can I please have another option there.  It is not asking a lot.  It is just frustrating to have to click okay when it is not okay.  It is a matter of choice of words.  Change it to [Acknowledge] and now we are in business.  It is not [Okay] but I do [Acknowledge] it.

And now for something completely different...

I was working on leveling my bane this weekend.  The Rogue.  I still say it is the worst design in the game.  It is way to squishy and when dealing with multiple packs you might as well just consider yourself dead.    It is also the most dependent of hit rating of any class because without making contact you have no combo points and not special power moves.  Every other class, even if they miss some, have their power moves they can use.  Rogues are screwed without combo points which means you start missing and you are dead.

Something happened however when I hit Northrend and when the talent changes came.  The Rogue became mildly less annoying to play.  I can mow things down at a reasonable rate now and my survivability has gone up a great deal.  My Disc Priest was still 100 times more powerful then my Rogue however and could heal as well.  What does that say about Rogues?

With that said I did the impossible.  No, not 80 yet but 76.  76 is as good as 80.  Anyone that tells you otherwise is not a very observant player.  I've leveled so many characters through that point now and being you can get flying at 68 even your first time through now there is no reason for leveling through Northrend to take any time really.  76 to 80 is the easiest leveling in the game.  If I actually put in the work for it I can make 80 this weekend.  That thought alone is amazing being how much I hate playing a Rogue.

And now for something completely different...

I've never PvPed on my Rogue.  That is the one strong point of being a Rogue.  PvP.  Even more so since the patch.  Rogues are just way to OP in every sense of the word when it comes to PvP if the person at the controls is even half way decent.  Mind you, that is not me.  I never tried to PvP on my Rogue so I do not have ace PvP skills for sure but I did manage to grab my first Honorable Kill this weekend and my first Wintergrasp Victory as well.  Not bad at all for a baby Rogue in a world of 80s.  Of course they did all the work.  I only took pot shots so to speak.  Either way, did not die once and racked up a couple of achievements.

You might ask why I do not PvP on my Rogue and I will be glad to answer that.  I consider playing a Rogue in PvP to be as close to cheating as you can possibly get.  Beating someone that can not fight back is not exactly what I can fun.  I like battles.  I like them to be long and drawn out and to require a ton of thinking and moving.  Stunlocking and killing is not fun. 

Kiting a Paladin on my Hunter while he is trying to catch me is fun.  When I PvP I do not mind if I win or I lose I just want to have fun.  I do not think the concept of walk up behind someone, stun them, kill them, and repeat is fun.  That is boring as sin.  Then add to the fact that if you mess up even one button now you went from instant boring kill to instant I can't even fight back death.  There is no in between for Rogues.  Instant kill or instant death.  Both boring.

And now for something completely different...

When I kept getting disconnect I did experience some interesting stuff.  One of the times when I got disconnected I was still in game but just could not click anything any more.  I could click it, but it did not do anything to be more exact.  This lead to a few interesting things and the best one was flying.  I was on my bird when it disconnected but kept me in game.  I tried to dismount and that worked.  Sort of.

My bird disappeared but I was still flying.  It looked awesome.  I was superman.   I would go on the ground and be running at 100% speed then I would jump, do the night elf flip up in the air and take off like superman.  It looked awesome.  They should make an alchemist potion that allows flight like that for 2 minutes or something.  Nothing major but a fun item to have in the game. 

And now for something completely different...

I died two times because of disconnects.  I am thinking of putting in a ticket asking for them to reimburse my repair costs just to be annoying.  The first time my body was roughly 100 yard from where I was DCed.  Weird, sure, but not the weirdest.  That was reserved for the second time I died.  My body was half way across the zone.  Not even close to where I was questing and for that matter a place where I had not quested at all.  How the hell did I get there?  How did I die there?  How exactly do you die in a place where you have never even been?

And now for something completely different...

I lost my BoA bow on my Rogue too.  It just disappeared.  No sign of it at all.  No biggie, I put in a ticket and went on with my questing.  About 20 minutes later I went to put some new poisons on and noticed my bow was back.  Interesting.  Where did it go to?  Went out to lunch or something and forgot to leave me a note? 

Needless to say I canceled my ticket.  There were more then a few choice words in it too.  Maybe that is for the best.  I am a rather level headed Elf really.  For me to start throwing out nasty words you can tell it was getting beyond annoying.  I think I was annoyed mostly because Blizzard kept saying it was nothing on their part.  Yeap, it was every user on the East Coasts own fault. 

And now for something completely different...

I only need one more ingot to finish up my Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest line.  Lets assume for a moment that they are not changing the world on Tuesdays update.  That means I will be able to get this done this week and finish off the greatest quest line ever.  Even at 80 it was a trek and a half.  I could only imagine this having been hell back at 60.  You would have really had to have a support system of lots of very good players to get this done and most likely they all wanted to do the quest too. 

In a way I am glad I was not around then.  I would have been pissed if I were not able to complete the quest line and had to compete with my own guild mates to get it done.  As everything was only one person could do the quest at a time that means that only one person in each guild could possibly get it done and get the mount.  Of course I would have wanted to be that person.  I can see this quest having destroyed some guilds because a few people all wanted to be the one that finished it.

Epic quest line sure.  Bad design that only one member in a guild could get it done, bad design.  Did Blizzard want to force people to choose who got it for each guild?  Did they want to cause internal turmoil in the biggest, best guilds that were capable of doing this as quick as possible?  Sure seems it from my point of view.  Glad I was not there for this.  I could see this being a reason to quit the game, not only quitting a guild.

And now for something completely different...

Being it seems all but assured that my Rogue will be hitting 80 this coming weekend if I decide to throw 5 or 6 hours his way I have to think which way to go next.  On my main server that will give me seven 80s with three left to level.  One of each class of course.  I've got my 60 Warrior, my 52 Paladin and my 40 Warlock.  While it is not out of the realm of possibility that I can get another character to 80 before Cataclysm hits it is not something I am aiming for.

When considering which to level next I am weighing a few things.  My Paladin is my gatherer.  It is skinning and mining and really just there to do gathering for me.  My Warlock is a Tailor and Herbalist.  It will lose the herbalism when it gets max and pick up Alchemy.  I had taken herbalism so I could get the HoT from it but it seems like the HoT is useless now so it is basically useless for my Warlock now.  I am going to keep it however being it now gives experience which will help the leveling process. 

That puts me to my Warrior and his professions.  He has the only skill I have not maxed (or capable of, still working on leather working on my Rogue).  Engineering.  He is that and a Jewelcrafting.  I already have a maxed JC and that is my Druid which will be the 3rd character I bring up to 85 being that is my 3rd down the line behind my main hunter and second priest.  However, the Engineering part does have me thinking that working on my Warrior next would be my logical move.

The Paladin really is just repeat of other gathers I already have and my Lock has things others already have and even if I change him to alchemy I already have two of them maxed so really do not need a third.  Looks like from a professions standpoint the Warrior is really standing out.  Not to mention having another JC is not a bad thing really should they have limited things I can do once per day like they did before.

And now for something completely different...

Wow that is a lot of babble for a Monday morning.  I'll leave my random thoughts to think a little bit on their own for now and call it a day.

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