Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ruby Sanctum

It might be really late in the game to get the achievement but over all it is not for me.  I went into a Ruby Sanctum run last night for the first time since it came out and got my achievement.  The Twilight Destroyer (25 Player) in the books now.

The last time I was in the Ruby Sanctum was the day it was released.  The guild went in and we were the first guild on the server to make it Halion.  We did a few attempts at it wiping each time of course as we where learning.  We had gotten it down to about 20% before raid time ran out.  If we had kept running we easily would have gotten realm first.  No one came even near as close as we did on that first night.

Realm first came about 2 weeks later on my server believe it or not.  No doubt we would have gotten realm first even if we had even continued the next day or the day after.  We were so close.  The downfall of my groups were always follow ups.  We never went back to continue it.  Hell, we never went back there at all, ever.

Last night I was invited to a PuG that was doing it and we almost one shot it.  We only had 2% left when we wiped.  How much does that suck?  We downed it no problem the next time.  Not bad for a PuG over all and killer for a server like mine which sucks big time.  Half the raid even got the achievement showing that it was a first time for many of us.

For an idea how bad PuGs on my server are, if you go 4/12 in ICC it is considered good.  I often only try to run with guild mates or friends of guild mates when we run.  We do not PuG often.  On the rare occasion that we PuG it is usually with alt runs into ICC.  We make 6/12 with ease even with alts and I've been told by a few PuGs we picked up for them saying that it was the best PuG they had ever been in.  That is actually high praise being PuGs on my server suck big time and we are all on alts.

All this goes to prove one thing for sure.  My crew is good.  It almost had realm first on RS but then gave up.  It runs smooth 6 or 7 boss ICC runs on alts in less then 2 hours.  So why can't we ever get anything done ourselves?  I just wish more people would show.

It is getting really sad that I am the raid leader and have to go join PuGs to get my achievements because my own raid members will not even show up for their own raids.  I am hoping this changes comes Cataclysm.  I keep saying we just need to recruit more people but it is really hard to recruit anyone when they see the horrible turnout that you have to start off with.  No one wants to stay.

Oh well, I'll keep plugging along and doing what it is I can do.  Makes me upset however that I did the right thing and healed an alt run for my guild for ICC when I had been invited on my main to go on an ICC 25 man that one shot the whole place the same night.  All I need for my 25 man achievement is the blood area and LK.  I choose to stay with my guild.  Sometimes I think I am an idiot.  Why do I go out of my way to help people that will not even show up more then once a week to continue a run?

Sometimes getting an achievement is depressing when you realize it should have been done a long time ago with your own crew but your own crew can't even show up for a raid 2 nights in the same week.

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