Thursday, November 18, 2010


I had seen those seemingly odd letter combinations around a lot lately and did not know what they were.  I notice that it is usually accompanied by some excellent writing of either the fan faction, or original variety.  Mostly I read the stuff over at Orcish Army Knife and was wondering what it was about.

So I did what any self respecting person would.  I hit google.  Sure, I could just ask but asking sometimes seems lazy.  Like all those people that ask "can we fly yet?" after every patch.  Get your lazy ass to any number of sites and take two seconds to look for yourself.  Needless to say I looked for myself.

It is about a writing.  You can check it out here at the National Novel Writing Month website. Seems interesting and I am considering joining in.  50,000 words is a decent amount to tackle for a web writing thing and even more so being I have less then 2 weeks to complete it now if I start but I have done more then that before plenty of times.

The thing is I have two worries.  One being where would I post it?  It would not really fit on this blog or an RP blog.  I could make another one just for it.  That would most likely be the way to go I think.

The second worry is that I would want to continue working on an old horror novel I never got to deep into and left behind.  The thing is the novel is not like my normal writing and nothing like anything I have ever published.  Most of my writing are what could best be considered family friendly.  Even if not aimed at kids it is just the way I write.  No sex, no cursing, no controversial subjects.  My writing is usually fantasy.  So that is simple really.

In this horror story I have interest in finishing there are lots of things that would be considered touchy.  A few friends of mine that I had decided to share it with left me with some doubts it might be something I could post on the net really.

One friend told me, after reading the first chapter, that they were sorry but they could not read any more.  They wanted to help me and give me some advice on the story but the first chapter was just way to much for them and if the rest of the story would be like that they could not read it.  Being it is a horror writing I can take that as a compliment I guess and in truth I wrote the first chapter hoping to have that effect on people.

I stopped working on it when the other friend that was reading it told me the same thing after the fifth chapter.  They said that it was just too real and they felt very uncomfortable reading it and they did not want me sharing any more chapters with them.

From that point on it just went away and I've never worked on it since then.  That was a few years ago.  If I were to write something that is where I would want to continue.  There was something to be said in that book and it was that not all horror comes from some bad guy going around killing people.  There is more to horror then that.  I really felt like I had something to tell and it got lost along the way.

I guess having people to push you along helps you keep writing when you have doubts but having people not want to read it, even if it is for what might be considered a good reason, makes you feel it is not worth continuing with.

As odd as it sounds, where the novel was going does have its place in the WoW world so to speak even if I had started it before WoW was even a game.  Maybe that is a sign?  There is an underlining story of a MMORPG connecting everything throughout the book.  Interesting when you think that back when I started it MMORPG was not even a term yet. Odd, isn't it?


  1. I had the same experience as you a few years ago - WTF was this NaWriMoNo or whatever?? Haha. :D

    Go for it and give it a shot! NaNo seems to be a great chance to finish a long-dormant piece of writing/story and get some really good feedback from other participants. I sort of cheated by doing my project all WoW-lore themed, so I could still put it on my blog, but I imagine a lot of people use separate blogs for this very purpose.

  2. Wow! You've got me really intrigued by the horror story that was so scary it frightened your friends away. Were these friends people who appreciate the horror genre? If not, then that might be why they didn't care for it.

    Whatever you decide, keep us posted.