Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Ports? No Problem.

I will miss them.  Most likely you will miss them.  We got so used to using them to get around it will take some getting used to for sure.  Fear not however because I am here with a trusty guide to help you get around.

Things that will make life easier for you.

If you want to get back to Northrend you have two options. One takes gold and one takes time.

Argent Crusader's Tabard - 50 Champion Seals and this baby can be yours.
Band of the Kirin Tor - It will cost a bunch, less with rep, but it is nice to have if you have the gold.

Once your guild gets moving you can always buy these to get to Stormwind.

Shroud of Cooperation - This one has an 8 hour cool down however.
Wrap of Unity - This one has a 4 hour cool down.
Cloak of Coordination - Is a much more reasonable 2 hour cool down.

In case you have not noticed, and judging by reading the forums most of you haven't, there is still a very useful port in Dalaran.

The Port to the Caverns of Time is still there.  Use it.

Here are some ways how travel got easier in case you did not notice and again, it sure seems like no one has.

The boat from Stormwind goes directly to Darn now.
You can port to Exodar from Darn.  The port is next to the one to the blasted lands.
You can now fly to Exodar from anywhere in Kalimdor, it is now connected like it should be.

When Cataclysm comes out we have even more ways to get around easily.

Potion of Deepholm - Will bring you to Deepholm, might be worth holding on to a few of these while questing there.  Will allow you to keep your hearth elsewhere and use the potion to get there.
There are Ports to the new questing area in Stormwind.

So you see, it is really not all that bad.  Here is how you play it.

1) Get a ring or a tabard in case you need to head back to Northrend for some reason (or need to get to CoT).
2) Start by setting your hearth to Stormwind.
- You can get to Mid Kalimdor by a short flight to Booty Bay and a boat to Ratchet.
- You can get to North Kalimdor by taking the boat to Darn.
- You can get to South Kalimdor by using your ring/tabard and taking the CoT port in Dalaran.
- You can get to the new questing areas from Ports.
- You are centrally located in the Eastern Kingdom so have reasonable access to everything there.
3) When Cataclysm come out you can use one of two options.
- Set your hearth to your questing area and travel back to Stormwind should you need to.
- Set your hearth to Stormwind and travel back to your questing area as need be.
4) Once your guild starts getting achievements and ranks you will have...
- The back piece you can use to port you to Stormwind.
- A 15 minute hearthstone.
5) If you decide you need to go to Northrend you have...
- Your trusty new ring/tabard.
- The same boats that where there before.
- Easy return with your hearth because it will be set where you need to be.
6) If you decide you need to go to Outlands you have...
- The same ports to the blasted lands as before.
- Easy return with your hearth because it will be set where you need to be.

Extra points for you if you are a Scribe (scroll), a Shaman (recall), a Druid (moonglade) or Engineer (wormhole) to add to getting around.  This guide does not list them directly but if you are one of those things you already know about them I am sure. If you are a Mage please disregard this guide completely and just set your hearth to wherever you are currently questing.

Hope you enjoyed my guide.  I made it up on the fly and am sure I missed some things, but you should get the idea.  It might suck a little now being we are still doing things in Northrend, or some of us are, but once Cataclysm hits you will not even remember the ports where there.

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