Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Still No Spirit But A King

Being I have been switching from Oracle to Frenzyheart recently I've been trying to get some new pets to level while doing this.  Picked up the Beast from UBRS a short time ago and leveled him just by doing the daily quests.  Lots of killing going on and I really do not even need a pet to help me for any of it so it is perfect for leveling.

Being I'm flying around the Basin doing those I've been doing it as BM so if I get lucky I can tame a Spirit Beast.  I make the passes around the spawn points every day but do not make a concentrated effort to camp one to tame.  If I get it I get it.  That is my attitude.

I've yet to see a Spirit Beast.  I did see the bird on my Mage but never on my Hunter.  I have also never seen King Krush.   Basically, while on my Hunter, I have never seen a trainable rare spawn.  That is until yesterday.

King Krush was just there hanging out so I figured what the hell, let me try and grab him.  I read that he is really hard to tame being he fears.  The shorter Tame Beast however will make it easier. 

So I went in for the Tame.  Landed, dismissed my pet and ran up to him at max range to start my tame.  He walked up to me, about half tame now, and whacked me for 2700.  Not bad, I have 30K health and I can easily take a few hits like that.  Then he feared me.  Blah, forgot to try on my PvP trinket, I should have known better.  The fear runs out and while I was being feared I came to thinking someone is going to kill him on me.  I've read 100s of Hunter horror stories.

So if someone is going to kill him I am going to make sure I get the loot at least.  I sting him and whack him once when he gets into melee range just for good measure.  Now at least he is my loot if someone wants to kill him on me. I start my tame and he hits me again for 3K, then again for 2800, then he fears me again.  But guess what?  I resisted.  I did not even know you could resist an NPC fear.  I thought that was only for PvP from another player that had diminishing returns.  I am not about to complain.  1 second after he tried to fear me he was mine.

Now I have another leveling pet while doing my Frenzyheart dailies.  I still hope to get a Spirit Beast at some point but I will not go crazy looking for one.  This is my first rare tame.  I needed a devilsaur anyway to fill my stable up.  Now I have my walking critical buff. 

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