Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tripping the Rifts

The pre-launch event for Cataclysm started yesterday and of course I needed to get that done before I went back to doing my AQ stuff.  I figure if all goes well I have at least 2 weeks left for the AQ stuff, or at least I hope, so let me get this stuff out of the way.

The quests are basically boring as hell, go talk to this person, put up this sign, put on this costume, blah blah blah.  Nothing more then a little back story is all.  Be warned however that all the quests are not live yet.  There were many more quests I did on the PTR that are not live yet and some of those are actually interactive so at least they are better then these are.

The feat of strength Tripping the Rifts was the only thing that you actually needed to do something for. What you do was basically find a spawning point and wait.  Boring.  Not only boring but annoyingly so.  It gets you no achievement points.  It has no lore to listen to.  It is not a challenge.  It gets you a daily quest, that is all.

They should up the respawn timer.  I did it in three hours because I was lucky enough to get two spawns one hour and then one each for the next two hours.  For something that basically gives you nothing worthwhile it is really just a time sink.  Good games make productive time sinks.  Bad games make you waste time for no reason.  Nothing is gained here, this is boring.  Bad design on Blizzards part I say.

If you are going to make people wait around like idiots like I did at least give us something for it besides a feat of strength.  Even if it is something stupid that clutters my already over stocked bank.  A trinket that turns you into an elemental for 5 minutes and can only be used every 4 hours.  Completely useless, but something that would actually make you feel like you did not waste hours for nothing.  I know, I did not need to do it, but I have a compulsion where I need to do these things.

Being they are not giving anything but a feat for our efforts then they should have the timers respawn more often or make more spawning points.  That is all I am asking.  Not like people that want free epics for nothing.  I just want it done without wasting time.  There is nothing gained from it except the ability to say, woohoo I wasted 4 hours for no reason.  I guess I got lucky, I only wasted 3.  Woohoo, go me.

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