Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Loremaster No More?

I have the Loremaster title.  I have completed 5568 quests.  If there is a quest somewhere I do it or at least attempt to when I have the time to.  I like to quest, what can I say.  Yet now I feel like a complete noob all over again looking at all those undone quests floating all over the place as I went collecting all the new flight paths yesterday.

I will still wear my Loremaster title with pride but I do not feel as if I deserve it any more.  I have so many quests to do and looking at the achievements I have a lot of work ahead of me.  I will not feel right until I get them all done and once again earn the title.

Here is what the future looks like for me, hopefully I can get it all done before cataclysm.

Eastern Kingdoms
Arathi Highlands 0/18
Badlands 0/35
Blasted Lands 1/35
Burning Steppes 0/40
Cape of Stranglethorn 0/60
Duskwood 2/45
Eastern Plaguelands 0/70
Hinterlands 2/30
Loch Modan 8/45
Northern Stranglethorn 0/50
Redridge Mountains 0/40
Searing Gorge 0/35
Swamp of Sorrows 1/25
Western Plaguelands 0/45
Westfall 0/35
Wetlands 1/40

Silithus 19/19
Ashenvale 1/70
Bloodmyst Isle 59/60
Darkshore 2/90
Desolace 11/55
Dustwallow Marsh 6/60
Felwood 3/55
Feralas 1/40
Stonetalon Mountains 0/60
Southern Barrens 0/50
Tanaris 5/40
Thousand Needles 1/60
Un'Goro Crater 1/45
Winterspring 0/60

Don't know about you but from the looks of it it appears to me that I've done basically nothing.  Holy crap I have a lot of questing ahead of me.  I will not feel comfortable until I get all those quests done and can really be a true Loremaster again.

I did make sure to get my pet from Peacebloom vs Ghouls however.  Made a pass by there while collecting flight paths even if it was a little out of the way.  Going to be fun having my Singing Sunflower follow me while I do all those new quests.

So can anyone guess what I'll be doing when I play this weekend?

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