Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thrall: Aspect of Earth?

Looks like I was right.  Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects is coming out on June 14th and it seems as if it will detail how Thrall becomes the Aspect of Earth. 

Many months ago I started telling people that Thrall would be the next earth aspect and all I heard was "you know nothing about lore" or "he is not a dragon so he can not be an aspect".  All I have to say to those people is this, you are playing a fantasy game in a make believe world, anything can happen. 

Warcraft is one of the most cliche writings I have ever seen and I've seen a lot.  Heck, with the wealth of fantasy material out there everything is cliche now-a-days it seems.  This was coming without a doubt and you could see it from a mile away.  While some might be upset with it I happen to like it a lot.  I find it quite fitting actually and I am glad they kicked all those lore-whores in the balls on this one and made a non-dragon an aspect. 

If anything, Thrall not becoming the earth aspect would have been a minor surprise.  It would have not bothered me if I was wrong but it would have been a bit of a shock.  Blizzard has not been very good at creating any twists in the game since I have been playing at least. 

Just wait until you see what will be happening next.  Anyone that has been doing all the old world quests would or should be asking themselves about Demon Hunters about now.  I think I know exactly what the future holds for them, do you?  Maybe someone will make a list of some of the demon hunter related quests so people can play catch up.  They are worth doing for sure even if they turn out to mean nothing.

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