Monday, November 15, 2010

39 - One More To Go

I did the grind to 39 exalted reputations this weekend.  I was at 34.  Had been 35 but I am in the process of switching from Oracle to Frenzyheart so that dropped me to 34 again.  The five I grinded were Keepers of Time and the four goblin factions.  Over all it was not as bad as it might seem.

I ran Black Morass eight times to finish off Keepers of Time which was rather easy.  Did not even need a tanking pet for it being it was only one heroic, the rest where normal.  The wait between the phases where the only time when it got frustrating waiting.  I hate doing nothing.  So I went around killing spiders, crocs and cats while I was waiting.  Just for the hell of it.

The goblins where more of a task.  I did some grinding by Ratchet.  I did some grinding by Gadgetzan and I did tons and tons of runs of Dire Maul.  Grinding by ratchet was super easy.  The mobs are all over the place and the the respawn rate means you never stop moving and never stop killing.  I was not even looting and I never stopped.  The problem was that they do not give any ratchet rep past revered.  So Gadgetzan was the highest I had to I moved there to grinding being getting no rep for them would not be a big deal.

I mixed this all up with runs of Dire Maul to do the Free Knot quest and get some Ogre Suits as well.  The thing is I have no luck.  As in none what so ever.  It seems to be a standard thing for me.  I was running them at a 50% rate of getting the key.  You read that right, half the time I did not even get the key at all.  I even did full clears and never got the key.  It did get better later on but never all that great.  I had a nice streak of eight in a row where I got the key and I thought things where looking like they were going my way.

Looking at my rep I needed 1000 more for Ratchet which was the last one.  That meant three more runs.  When you get the key to drop it is a quick run.  You could do 7 or 8 in an hour if the system would allow it.  When you do not get the keys it starts to take time.  Once I saw I only needed 3 more I hit the wall.  Five full clears, zero keys.  I hate my luck.  During those 5 runs I did get the ogre suit however, so that added up to me only needing 2 more runs.  After those 5 full clears with no keys I got 2 keys the next run.  Freed him, went out, reset, went right back in and freed him again without even needing to kill anything and then hearthed out of there.

Now all I need to do it wait until I am done with my Frenzyheart dailies and I will have my 40 exalted reputations.  I never thought it would be possible when someone told me that the goblin reps do not count.  I knew that meant I would need lots of old raid reps and getting people for old raids is not easy.  Now, I can take my time getting old raid rep being the goblins do indeed count.  I am so happy they do.  I get to finish this off before they change it to needing 45 for the title instead of 40.  However, now it will be easy to get to 45 from 40 being there are new reps to be added in cataclysm. 

I wonder if I will ever catch up and have a time where there is something I am not working on grinding out.

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