Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Gnome in ICC

My little Gnome Mage made his first adventure into ICC last night.  Mind you it is not well geared, heck, I am still using BoA trinkets if that gives you any indication of where he is at.  It was still fun.  I had some nice DPS on a few fights, some horrible DPS on others.  I guess it is about learning. 

Not like he is ever going to be in ICC again.  This was most likely the last alt run there that we will ever do.  Next time I see ICC on an alt it will most likely be in a flashback raid. 

One thing I can say for sure is that kiting as a Mage is so easy.  Once I got into the rhythm of things with my Hunter kiting became easy.  It took some practice and learning and really sucks now without mana but I become pretty good at it over time.  With my Mage there was no learning curve needed.  Mage kiting was just run and shoot while running.  If something gets close, blink.  Holy crap.  Why do they always ask Hunters to kite when it is really a Mage's job.

Hunter kiting takes skill, Mage kiting takes anyone with an IQ of at least their shoe size to be at the keyboard.  I probably could have kiting that blood beast all over the world and back again and it would have never even came close to touching me.  Never would have needed to worry about jump shots, turns to disengage like I need to do on my Hunter, or running out of mana.

Next time I need something kited and there is a Mage in the group I am going to say let the Mage kite.  Seriously, why even ask a hunter to do it when it is so much easier for a Mage to.

We only did 5 bosses but we had no wipes except one of trash.  Always seems to work that way right?  We had a first time healer, first time in ICC, not first time healing.  A few alts and people in off specs.  We had two mains however in DPS, so that took a lot of the pressure off me of course.  I liked running ICC as a different character just for fun.  Wish I had done that more often.  I have to remember next time around to just have fun a little more often.

Maybe we can come back after we first get to 85 and get some alts into ICC for an easy run, so to speak.  I have set up the first raid the last week of December.  That gives people 3 weeks to get to 85 and get themselves some gear.  It should be ample. The Mage however will not be one of them.  On the grand scheme of things my Mage will most likely be the 6th character I get to 85.  So he goes into retirement for now it seems.  At least he went out on a good note.

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