Friday, November 5, 2010

The Beast is a Beast

I mentioned that I tamed the Beast the other day in my previous post.  The thing is I've not tried to raid as Beastmaster yet so being the Beast was now 80, and he still shows a skull, I figured I would try to do some raiding with him last night.

We did not have enough, even with alts, to do an ICC run last night which is really sad.  The closer it gets to the end of the expansion the less interest people seem to have in raiding.  I figured I did not want to call it a scratch so what could we do with only 8 people?  Less is More (10 Player) seemed like the ideal answer.

So that is exactly what we did.  I went as BM.  I figured I have no experience raiding as BM since the change but this would be easy even with 8 people so my lack of fluid play will not be a hindrance to the group.  That and I got to use Beast in action for more then just doing some dailies.  Not saying dailies are a bad thing.  That is how I leveled my pup to 80. 

I am switching for Oracles to Frenzyheart and do only those three each day.  Took less then a week to level him up.  Most likely because every day I have to kill 50 Oracles.  That is a ton of experience for a up and coming boss level corehound.

After doing the run, which went well but was really clunky for me getting used to it, I noticed something I thought was interesting.  My pet did 53% of my damage.  That was the first time that I ever remember my pet doing more damage then me but that is not what came as a surprise to me. 

The Beast has 21 talent points.  Yeap, not 20 like all other exotic pets do but 21.  One extra point for being a boss maybe?

Yesterday I said if you where going to have a corehound why would you ever choose a different one then one that showed as a boss now I have even more reason to say that.  If you are going to get a corehound why would you ever choose one that had 20 talent points when you can get one that has 21 talent points?  You would be a complete fool to choose a different corehound.

The Beast is no doubt a Beast.  If I pop Kill Command and Bestial Wrath at the same time he seems to be able to almost solo any elite I ran into with me only getting in 3 or 4 shots at most.  The Beast is completely insane and I love him.

Now if only I can figure out to make a Ancient Hysteria macro so I can keybind it I will be okay.  I tried clicking it on the pet bar.  Nothing.  I tried dragging it to my bar.  It won't move.  I was stuck opening my spell book and having to click it manually.  That made me feel so... dirty.  I'll have to try and make a macro for it.

Get yourself a 21 point boss corehound before they make him untamable, you know that is going to happen sooner or later.  Every time there is a kick ass cool pet they stop us from getting it any more.  The slime, the Worgen, and soon the Beast.  Get it now.


  1. I love the 21 points that the Beast has. So nice. Is it a bug? Who cares! Let's enjoy it!

    For an Ancient Hysteria macro, you can just make one quickly:

    #showtooltip Ancient Hysteria
    /cast Ancient Hysteria

    And done!

  2. I tried that and did not work. Maybe I spelt something wrong? Quite possible knowing me and it wouldn't be the first time. Thanks for the tip.

    Sure hope they do not take that extra point away. Nice little unexpected bonus but I won't complain if they do, I understand it is not supposed to be there.

  3. He has an extra talent point because at max level, he's technically 3 levels above you. Ergo, he has an "extra" point that you haven't leveled into yet. At least, that's the theory.