Monday, September 13, 2010

UI Jealousy or How do you get away with so few things?

Jealousy - jealous resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another's success or advantage itself.
 Leveling all the classes I have noticed a few things.  Some have lots of stuff they can do while some have very little they need to do.  Many have redundant thing that give you choices but sooner or later a few of those choices will never get used again.

I do not begrudge anyone their success but I am jealous of advantages that some might have just from the selection of things they have to use.  On all of my characters I do not come even close to even half the amount of things I have to use with my Hunter.  Sure, many of my Hunter things are not even keybound as they are rare use things that I just click and it is a waste to keybind them but even if I were to add all the rare use things on any of my other character I would never come close to the amount of things I need to worry about as a Hunter.

I can really see more and more why Hunters get the tag of Huntard because to do them correctly there is a lot that goes into it.  Sure, most get labeled Huntards because they are plain out stupid not using misdirect or feign death.  That is the number one Huntard marker and trust me as I have been playing my Priest I can tell you that 90% of all Hunters I run into with the LFD system are indeed Huntards.

But that is off the subject really.  This is about the UI.  I was looking over peoples UIs and looking at how clean they were.  Not much of anything to worry about, everything was keybound, laid out in a simple and very little space.  I have tried and I just can not do that.  My UI is a living mess on my Hunter.  On my other characters it is nice but on my Hunter it is crazy.  There is just so much I have to keep track of and need at my disposal.

I am jealous of all those people that have nearly no buttons to worry about.  I think to myself about clicking.  A Mage could be a clicker, there is not much that really needs to be done.  A Paladin, the same.  A healer with healbot basically has to be a clicker.  Many classes could be a clicker and it will never hinder their game performance.  A Hunter that is a clicker will be noticed instantly because it is a lot harder to maximize your DPS when you have 301 buttons to worry about.

Do you really want to see what clutter is, well be prepared for a list of things that I have on my many bars. These are just the basic things, nothing special here. Thank god for bartender.

Key Bound Skills (Skills I use most often)
Serpent Sting
Chimera Shot
Aimed Shot
Arcane Shot
Steady Shot
Multi Shot
Kill Shot
Silencing Shot
Rapid Fire
Hunters Mark
Concussive Shot
Distracting Shot
Frost Trap
Explosive Trap
Freezing Arrow
Feign Death
Tranquilizing Shot

Aspect of the Dragonhawk
Aspect of the Viper
Aspect of the Pack
Aspect of the Wild

Other Traps
Immolation Trap
Freezing Trap
Snake Trap

Melee and Utility (rarely used but sometimes needed)
Raptor Strike
Mongoose Bite
Wing Clip
Scare Beast
Scorpid Sting
Viper Sting

Pet Related
Call Pet
Mend Pet
Dismiss Pet
Revive Pet
Call Stabled Pet
Kill Command
Masters Call

Mount and Fun
White Polar Bear - My main land mount
Sea Turtle - For faster water movement
Traveler's Tundra Mammoth - For selling stuff and repairs
X-53 Touring Rocket - 2 seat flying mount, can't beat that.
Violet Proto Drake - I worked a year for this I have to show it off sometimes.
Blazing Hippogryph - Hippogryphs are the best mounts, might as well use the rarest of the best.
Sprite Dater Hatchling - Hey, I like it.
Spring Rabbit - It's cute and even better if someone has one out as well.

Fishing - Keybound as well.
Cooking Fire
First Aid
Heavy Frostweave Bandage
Flask of the North
Endless Mana Potion
Endless Healing Potion

That is 61 so far.  No other class I play has half that many and I play all other nine classes.  I am pretty sure I missed a few and I have not even touched on the macros yet.  Are you ready for those?  That puts me well over 100 different things (counting different key binds for macros) after I am done with those.  Most of them are key bound and used for maximum DPS reasons.  Knowing which macro to hit and when to hit it can be really important.

I will not list them all but to give you an idea of what I do I will give you some examples.

Aimed Shot 1 - Standard Aimed Shot (from above)
Aimed Shot 2 - Aimed and Kill Command
Aimed Shot 3 - Aimed and Kill Command and Rapid Fire
Aimed Shot 4 - Aimed and Kill Command and Silence Shot
Aimed Shot 5 - Aimed and Kill Command and Silence Shot and Rapid Fire

I have the same for Steady, Chimera, and Arcane. (Collectively combined for space but they all have their own key binds)

I have a utility Macro that does targeting for things I need to target quickly.

I have a rotating spot I put utility things in for specific fights, like the rocket pack for gunship or the mount in occulus and the such. Not really a macro but key bound, you get the idea.

I have a spot for a lock health stone. Same as above, not really a macro but key bound.

I have a frost/snake and a explosive/snake macro.

I have a disengage, raptor, wing clip macro.
I have a disengage, raptor, wing clip macro that disengages from the closest target that is not my target.  Awesome for PvP because it launches you in a different direction instead of just backwards.  It does have PvE uses as well.

A misdirect macro is a must for any half way decent Hunter and of course there is one of those.

A masters call macro for focus or mouse over.

There are so many little things I have macros for, some are used often and others not but all need to be ready to roll.  Having to make a macro for a fight seconds before the fight begins makes you a bad hunter.  Do not be a bad hunter.

So what this all comes back to is the fact that I am jealous, fully and completely and seriously jealous that every other class in the game could get away with the basic blizzard UI if they really wanted to and I can't.  Even if I dropped the junk like mounts and professions I would never come close to being able to use the basic blizzard UI.  Even if I condensed some of the macros, which I could do easily, I still would not come close.

Once I decided to see what I could do to have a minimum of things needed on my UI and I could still not get below 40 which effectively rules out a hunter ever being able to use the blizzard UI.  I love our utility.  I love that I am actually getting better of using all that utility.  I am just jealous that other classes could do 10K DPS while only using 3 or 4 buttons (and at the most 8 or 9) and be considered an asset to a raid while I have to manage at the very least 18 different key bindings just for my standard solid priority not even considering utility spells.

No wonder there are so many Huntards out there.  I am guessing that 99.9% of the people that like to call Hunters Huntards would never make it one raid trying to play a Hunter.  Have you ever thought the reason there are so many bad Hunters is because they are actually hard to play well?

I want a nice, small, clean UI and I am jealous at all those people that have one.  It is so unfair.  In the end I have used all my bars, all my macro space, and am still left looking for ways to condense things.

One thing I must say that makes a Hunter's life easier however is how auto attack works.  If I am on a target and hit 3 for aimed shot for example then it will start to auto shoot as well even if aimed shot was on cool down or I had no mana. 

On my other characters I needed to make macros for everything.  Like Stormstrike and Lava Lash on my shaman.  I needed to make macros to start auto attack so if I clicked it while it is on cool down it will actually do something.  Nothing worse then spamming mutilate on your Rogue when you have no energy and it not starting the attacking until you do.  Make a start attack/mutilate macro and that never happens again.  I hate that melee classes will not start to auto attack if you hit a skill on cool down.  Give Hunters a +1 for that.  At least that helps me limit more crap I would need that I had to add on other characters.

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