Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My rules as a Hunter

This is my I WILL/I WON'T list, I am sure I could add more but these where things on my mind after reading some things on the forums.

I WILL... Follow the pace the tank sets.
I WON'T... Complain if he wants to skip bosses.

I WILL... Wait when the tank pulls before DPSing.
I WON'T... Let myself die as well if tank dies within three seconds. (FD to the rescue)

I WILL... MD on every pull of three or more if it is off cooldown.
I WON'T... MD on single target trash pulls.  If the tank losses aggro it is his fault.

I WILL... Wait for my MD to get off cooldown if I know the pull will need it.
I WON'T... Go out of my way to DPS to early when it is not off cooldown if I know I will pull aggo.

I WILL... Save the healer if they draw aggro with my pet, a shot or a trap.
I WON'T... Save another DPSer unless the battle is almost done anyway.

I WILL... Move out of the fire.
I WON'T... Save the healer is they refuse to heal me from unavoidable damage.

I WILL... Manage my aggro with MD, FD and switching to viper if need be.
I WON'T... Put up with your shit if you blame me for pulling aggro, if I pull, that means you are a bad tank.

I WILL... Be an aggro hog on run away mobs and loose mobs because I can take more damage then a robe wearer.
I WON'T... Be able to tank it myself, so you need to get it back off me once I save the squishy people.

I WILL... Hit every target in order if you mark them.
I WON'T... Be responsible if I hit the wrong one because I used target of target and you did not mark.

I WILL... Lay a frost trap to give us time to move back and let the tank round things up.
I WON'T... Listen to your crap because you still got hit.  It slows them, it does not stop them, you still need to move.

I WILL... Silence the casters on those annoying pulls to help.
I WON'T...Tank them after the silence is over.  Hint for the tank:  After I silence them, they will come to you if you get aggro.

I WILL... DPS as best I can without grabbing aggro to burn the boss down fast.
I WON'T... Expect the tank and healer to realize that DPS can be important too.

I WILL... Say please, thank you and other niceties during a run.
I WON'T... Ever expect to hear the same from others because while all of us play a class very few of us have any class.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hunter Tips: Using recount to get better then #1 on DPS.

Recount is a wonderful thing when used correctly.  The sad truth however is that most people do not know how to look at it.  They see themselves as top DPS (or near the top) and they think they did a wonderful job or they see themselves as the most damage done over all and think that they are doing everything right.  Wrong!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A lost Hunter in the PvP world.

I am not much of a PvP player, never have been.  I only PvP to get achievements for the holiday meta achievement.  That is partly the reason I made the priest that I am leveling through PvP only.  It was a way for me to get a taste of PvP.  I learned something that really made a huge difference when PvPing today and I think that it is because of playing the priest that I was able to make the breakthrough into what seems to be me becoming a much better PvP player.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hunter Tips: Getting that pet from 75 to 80 fast.

Say you have decided that you do not like the style of wolf that everyone is running with and want your own wolf that is different then everyone else you run into or you just want something different.  Usually, unless you take that high level one that everyone has, you are going to have to make 5 levels with that new pet before it becomes raid viable.

Here is a quick and easy way to level the pet and make some gold to boot.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What do you look for in a guild?

While looking around I have seen very few guilds with which I feel there might even be a slight chance I could fit into neatly if I decide to move to another one.  Thing being that right now, as odd as this sounds, hunters are wanted.  How strange is that?

The options.

After an officers meeting last night we discussed the options we have open to us.  As I mentioned in the previous post we do have to main raiders that have alts that can tank.  We also have some up and coming players that can tank if they were more active and geared up some.  But that is the issue.  Even if we helped them with chain running heroics to help gear them up to at least T9 in every spot they would still need to be more active to be productive raiders.

So the options are as follows...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All good things...

Last night we were two people short for our ICC run to end out the week and decided not to try and pug those spots.  Sadly this has been the way for a few weeks now.  No one signing up for it and then either too many show or not enough show.  The not enough show part was more often.  We used a three night raiding schedule and if we got one solid run in per week it was a good thing.  Needless to say it is quite disheartening to be ready to raid and no one shows.

Last night after our failed attempt a few of us officers from the guild decided to do some old BC heroics for achievement sake and that is when the raid leader (tank) and our other main tank(with his healer wife) along with our shammy broke the news to me and another of the officers that they were leaving.  I can not blame them.  I hate sitting around waiting for people to show too.  Thing is that is two tanks and two healers we are losing.  That is the core.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Of the Nightfall (and the death of old raids, with the perfect solution)

I finally got my achievement for The Twilight Zone (10 Player) yesterday.  It was something I wanted to do being I am what you would basically still consider a new player and never had the chance to do most of the cool and fun achievements like that yet.  I did not start raiding until just shortly before ICC came out and I was in ICC since the day it was released, even if I did not get the first boss down until the second week.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beware the Priest

I made a priest a long time ago and basically stopped playing it.  Some time late last year I was bored and decided to do some PvP with the priest.  It was level 19 so there was not a great deal of stress involved.  Not much could be expected of a Priest.  Throw a few heals here and there and tada, my job was done.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Whispering Fanged Skull

Since ICC was released I wanted to get the Whispering Fanged Skull for my hunter.  I've been rocking a Darkmoon Card: Greatness and a Needle-Encrusted Scorpion for some time now.  It has dropped a few times and I always seemed to lose the roll.  Finally I got it last night because nearly everyone that needed one already had it.  So my odds were getting better.  Only one person to roll against and I was lucky enough to win.

I was one of the lucky ones that got the Needle-Encrusted Scorpion on the day the 5 mans where released, going to show that sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't.  I've read some horror stories of people doing it daily since it came out and still never having seen it drop.  I guess I was lucky that time around.  In about 15 runs I have seen it dropped 5 times.  Three of those five times it just ended up disenchanted.  The Darkmoon Card: Greatness basically did not cost me a thing being I have an inscription alt maxed and made it myself.  So being I gathered the materials in the process of questing and did not set out to gather them for that purpose all it cost me was the time to press create/mill/etc to make the cards. Even at that I still think of it as a 5000G item and still say it is one of the absolute best hunter trinkets.  If I did not already have the mats anyway I would have gladly paid 5000G for it.

Now I find myself a little perplexed. What should I do?  I want to keep using the NES being I am working on an armor penetration build and when it procs I am not far from the cap.  I also feel a connection to my Greatness Card that makes me not want to let go of it.  And it sure does rock even still.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Baby Bear in the Deadmines.

When I rolled a druid I let it sit there for a while.  It was something I made for those times when I got bored and needed something to do.  When the looking for dungeon thing came out it made me love the idea of leveling my druid again so I went back to it with all sorts of dreams that it would be fantastic.

I wanted my druid to be a bear and a tree.  I already have an end game DPS so I wanted to experience the other end of the world.  Not to mention that I think it would make me a better DPS if I better understood what being a tank was like and what being a healer was like.

So I entered the LFD world with bright eyes and after my first adventure I will leave you with one bit of advice.  Never ever use the LFD system under level 80.

I am... A Druid

My second character to 80 was a druid.  I will surely be posting a lot more about that character because that one is, less used, which means not uber geared.  That alone makes for many chances to get grumpy over stupid people. 

While the druid was not the second character I made it was the second character I leveled up all the way.  Most of the time I just give up in the 20s.  Made a DK to use as a bank alt and leveled it to max out professions but over all I was not that happy with how DKs work.  I also made a rogue, a priest and a paladin at some point, all stopped in the 20s.  I might go back to them some day.  The druid however, that interested me.  More so after the looking for dungeon tool came out.  I liked the idea of instant query with my baby bear, but more on that in another post.

Leveling a druid is like is cheating.  Whoever says that hunters are ez-mode to level has never played a druid, that's for sure.  Hunters take a lot more work and effort then a druid.  Don't get me wrong, I love my hunter but if they ever decided to make class changes, I would level a ton of druids and then change them to the other classes.  A monkey could level a druid fast.  Add heirloom items and that monkey will be breezing from 1 to 80 in no time.

I am... A Hunter.

I've been playing a Hunter since I started WoW, not because it seemed to be the default option to start off with but because the hunter first appealed to me because of the pet. I liked being able to have someone, so to speak, with me while I was playing.

Right off the bat I could see the grumpy elf being born. No way to heal myself? What is with this crap. Oh well, I'll just take it slow I guess but this is not starting well I thought. I started just the same way all hunters do. Melee hunter FTW. Not like you start off with much of a choice.