Friday, May 28, 2010

Deathbringers Will

After 9 weeks of rolling 2s and 4s and 10s with the occasional 25 or 30 and losing everything I rolled on I finally won a piece of loot and I did it in style, with a 100.  In the last 9 weeks I've rolled on maybe a dozen or so items and never came close to winning any of them.  After about 5 or 6 weeks I started joking about my dice being broken.  I would say, I've been saving my 100 for this, where it comes, and then a 2 would show up.  It became a running joke.  I said the same thing this time and the 100 actually did come.

I am glad I finally won something and it worked out the way I had once said I would be willing for it to work.  I once said, I would give up 2 months of rolling privileges if I could just have that trinket.  As it works out, that is exactly what happened.  For 2 months I lost every single roll.  After the 2 months, my hundred finally came.

I guess I will gladly wait for us to down the King now before I get something else new.  Hopefully that will not be another two months away.  There is not a great deal of stuff that I need, just a few items here and there that are small, but nice, upgrades.  All I really want now are weapons from the king and the achievement for downing him.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tips and Tricks: More money making hints

I've been a little off lately when it comes to playing.  Not wanting to do much of anything which means alt time for me.  I have my bank alt character, just like every good money maker should, or any good hoarder like me should.  When leveling I send everything to that character.  While getting my rogue from 26 to 46 a couple of weeks ago I sent everything I could to my bank alt.  Nothing extremely good really.  Just tons of junk.  Most of it that usually would end up vendored by most people.

This weekend, in another bout of boredom I decided it was time to clear out the mail box.  I broke things up into categories of sorts.  After doing that I went to work.  While doing the listing I do I learned a little bit more about money making.  It is always a learning experience.  I'll share what I learned with you.

I disenchanted everything except 1 rare world drop.  The drop was no where on the auction house so I did not really know what to charge for it.  Looking it up on wowhead suggested 50 gold.  I played it greedy and listed it for 200 gold.  It sold nearly instantly. 
Tip: If you are the only person listing a rare or epic world drop, even more so if it is a low level one.  Over price it.  Someone will buy it.

All the disenchanting gave low level stuff as you might guess, it all went on the market and sold quickly with only a 1 silver undercut on stacks of 20.  The things like great mystic essence I broke down into lesser mystic essence and sold like that, which increased the money made by a third. 
Tip: Remember to always check the prices of the essence and the prices of the broken down essence first.  Sometimes it is better to sell them broken up.
Tip: If the broken down essence are selling really fast.  Go buy some of the full ones that are cheap and break them up to sell.  People that are too lazy to check for themselves are your asset.  Use them to make money.

I took all the cloth I did not need and checked the prices on the market for both cloth and bolts.  In some cases the bolts were selling for three times what the cloth to make them cost.  Needless to say, for that cloth I sent it to my tailor to make bolts and listed the bolts instead of the cloth.
Tip: Always check both bolt and cloth costs.  Sometimes the bolts sell for so much more that it is worth buying up the cloth to make into bolts.

One of the other items I came across was a golden pearl.  That was worth enough on its own to be worth selling.  96 gold on my local auction house.  After seeing that I decided to do a scan of gems for some reason when something appeared to me.  Many BC gems that vendor for 3 gold get put on auction for 2 gold.  Yeah, I know, why would someone do that.  But our job is not to question, it is to profit.
Tip: Check for outdated items.  Many items that are not end game seem to get forgotten about and put on auction for less then they are worth.

All said and done, just from the junk I collected from one alt leveling for 2 days and sending everything to my bank character I was able to make 3200 gold.  Yes, that is 3200, I did not accidentally add a zero.  With only drops that a level 26 through level 46 I auctioned off everything and made 3200 gold.  Not to mention, I still have a lot of stuff that did not sell.

Needless to say I had an enchanter and a tailor to help with this.  While I only mentioned the greens and the cloth in here really you always need to make sure to never throw away any uncooked food.  You would be amazed at how much food sells for sometimes.  Stacks of some foods go for around 40 gold.  Not bad for what a level twenty-something that is probably throwing it away or vendoring it most of the time.

Crunching Some Numbers

With my new piece of upgraded gear I figured I would check out how things looked over the female dwarf.  With my current gear and all the best possible buffs in an ideal fight without movement I should be getting 8764.22 DPS.

Now, either there is something wrong with the DPS analyzer over at female dwarf or I am getting really lucky with the RNG.  I know why I am getting more DPS in ICC, because of the buff.  But I am topping 11K on some low to no movement fights and 10K is normally not out of the question.  The thing is, on the run the other day through Naxx, before I got the upgrade I might add, I did 10,400 on Patchwork.  That was with minimal buffs too.  

Now, being female dwarf is so far off I am lead to believe one of three things.  One being there is something wrong with how the DPS is being figured out over there or I am extremely lucky with the random number generator or I am supremely skilled.  Being I am not that good of a hunter and the RNG hates me (yes, that is a fact, it hates me) it leaves only one option.  Something is not figuring correctly over at female dwarf.

If I remember correctly, my DPS based on the site was a lot higher.  I did not really change anything.  I did not log out in my PvP gear.  I think there must be something I am missing. 

I am also starting to wonder, seeing people post recounts, how are hunters doing 14,000 DPS and 15,000 DPS in the same gear I am in when female dwarf says they should only be getting 8764.22 DPS in all the best buff in a no move fight with no lag.

It is too early to try and look into this further.  I hate mornings.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gear, Refer a Friend and Off Topic

I finally got my first piece of Sanctified Gear last night.  Once again it was as a hand me down of course, I still can not win a roll for the life of me.  It was in a VoA 25 run and there was only one other hunter there.  Right off the bat my odds where better.  The 264 gloves dropped and I rolled a huge 32.  For me that is a big roll.  I then get a whisper from the other hunter.  Usually this is where I always get the "I really need it can you let me just have it" message.  I get that all the time, even from people with better gear then me.  He just said Congrats and he did not even roll.  I asked him why he did not roll.  He said, I have it already.  So once again I get my upgrade only because someone else did not need it.

Kind of interesting that the hunter that did not even need the piece of gear I had did about half the DPS that I did.  Makes me really wonder how he ended up getting better gear then me when he is not even competent at what he does.

A friend of mine is going to join me in a Refer-a-Friend so I can get the cool rocket mount.  I really wanted that.  Also wanted to be able to level a couple more characters for profession purposes and the triple leveling speed with the ability to summon each other will really make leveling a snap.  Not to mention, once you hit 60 they might as well just award you 80 because 60 to 80 is a joke anyway.  It takes longer to get from 48-58 so you can move along to outlands then it takes to get from 60 to 80.  We are going to roll characters on my main server and also roll ones on a RP server.  I am looking forward to the RP server one.  It is something I have not dabbled into in a long time.

Now for a moment of Off Topic:
I am from New York so I am of course excited that the Super Bowl will be at Giants stadium.  I already told my boss I will not be here the monday after that Super Bowl.  I am going, there is no way to stop that from happening.  I do not care if the ticket costs me 10,000.  I am so there. 

All the morning papers say things like New York wins Super Bowl or Greatest City gets Greatest Game.  That is nice and all, but I should send these people a map and ask them to circle where Giants Stadium is.  If these dimwits can find it they will realize that Giants Stadium is in New Jersey.  So with that said, New York did not get the Super Bowl, New Jersey did.  I really wish the newspapers would have added one word to all their articles to make it more accurate.  New York Area wins Super Bowl.  Now that is correct.

Monday, May 24, 2010

No Tanking in the LFD

With the advent of the Looking For Dungeon it has made doing the daily dungeon a breeze.  Even as a DPS, which sometimes means a 20 minutes wait, it is so much easier to get them done.  Before you had to wait forever spamming trade and hoping that someone picked you up to go with them and hoping that it would not be a horrible group.  So LFD was a god send in that sense.

Another thing that came with the LFD system is people, DPS actually, not wanting to wait and entering the query as a Tank or Healer.  Tank seems to happen more then healer however.  Last night I got in to see a 36K pally marked as a tank, it was Violet Hold so of course this was going to be a cake walk.  Well, it would have been a cake walk if he was actually a tank.

I don't mean a DPS that queried as a tank either.  This guy had the right aura up, all tank gear on and the cookie cutter tank spec.  He was gemmed correctly for a tank and enchanted correctly for a tank.  So the guy apparently did some reading on what it takes to be the tank.  Sad part is he seems to have stopped readin after learning about gear, gems, enchants and spec.  He had no clue how to tank.

Every time a portal would spawn he would end up standing behind me.  Me!  The hunter that stands in the back about as far back as I can get.  Yeap, he was always behind me.  A warrior that was there switched to defensive stance and began to pick up the targets as they came out of the portal.  He was good it seemed, did not really need to switch to tank spec even, the stance was enough.

When the pally saw him doing this he seemed to get the idea that he was supposed to be doing that the DPS warrior was doing now and they went fighting over aggro on every spawn.  I was at a total loss and had no clue who to MD too.  So I just didn't.

Me, The Boomkin, the Shaman healer, the warrior and the pally just went the rest of the dungeon in a game of whoever has the most aggro wins.  We all went all out balls to the wall.  By the time it was done you could realize we never really had a tank, at least not a proper one that wanted to tank like a tank should.  We where 5 DPS, or 4 DPS and a healer on the boss encounters.

They called me a DPS freak at the end, pulled over 8K DPS.  The boomkin had over 5K, the warrior and the pally both had over 4K and the healer had 2.2K.  Hell, my pet pulled over 1K DPS in there.  We had a wall of 20K DPS going at all times.  Nothing lived longer then 3 seconds, so who had aggro was never an issue, things died to fast.  The healer only needed to heal as we were running to the next spawn.

Now that was a fun dungeon.  But the first 4 or 5 pulls were pure stress until we adapted to it.  Funny thing is, no one commented that the tank was not tanking.  We all just went about our day and got the job done.

For what could have turned out to be a complete disaster it went well.  I wish more people would go along with the flow instead of complaining about everything in the dungeons.  One 12 year old and that dungeon would have turned out completely different.

Late Bloomer

When it comes to playing I am really a late bloomer.  As I have mentioned before I only hit 80 when ToC was the end game, right before ICC came out.  Being the guild I was in was not at end game content we were running Ulduar each week.  I was the new player and really under geared so they booked a Naxx run one week so some people could get some missing pieces they might need and so I had a chance to get a few good pieces of gear a bit easier.

We cleared Naxx over two nights.  For them it was old content, for me it was brand spanking new and it was fun.  I had no clue what I was doing.  I listened to what I needed to do and did the best I could to follow the raid leaders instructions.  Guess I did it well enough because we cleared it over two nights.  We even only had 8 people for a couple of the fights and they were not really what you would call over geared for the instance being most of their gear was Ulduar 10 at the highest and they still needed stuff from there.  I must say I love the imagery of Ulduar but Naxx is what helped me fall in love with raiding.

I guess that could be contributed to running the whole thing straight through might be the reason.  I was with a crew of people that knew what they were doing and we even got some of the harder achievements, when at gear level that is.  We pulled off arachnophobia with that crew on my first ever run.  Doing it last night we almost did not make the timer for it in 25.  Sure, we only had about 15 people but we were all so incredibly over geared that it should have been faster I think.

So last night we ran some of Naxx on throwback night.  I admit I did not remember some of the fights at all.  The few I did remember seemed so much easier back then.  Yes, easier.  The thing is, as over geared as we were we went to steamroll everything.  While it is possible to steamroll over lots of the content some of it you still need to pay attention to mechanics.  Back when I was first in there and was told, do this, do that, watch for this and watch for that.... I did.  Now, I just ignored most of it.  And that ended up making it all a little bit harder.

There goes something to say about mechanics.  Even with gear that should make it a cake walk, you still need to follow mechanics to get the fights done.  I kind of like that.  It makes older content easier, sure, but not steamroll easy in most cases.  Have to really love that.  Makes for challenging yet much easier then end game raids, as long as you pay attention to mechanics.

I would love to get into a few more runs for things like that to get achievements.  Got a few last night, which as an achievement whore I loved.  Lead the group on Patch in DPS which is always a sweet feeling.  I did 10,400 DPS which means, in an ideal setting, I am getting a lots closer to my max potential.  I did not have all the raid buffs but a decent amount.  I usually look at it this way.  Check the maximum potential of your gear with no buffs what so ever.  That should be the lowest you ever go in the worst case with buffs even if there is movement.  I am still well below 9800 on many fights in ICC but as I get used to them I am moving up.  I would love the get a patch fight going with all buffs.  I could easily pull 14,000 no problem.  Kind of nice considering I only get hand me down gear because I can not roll worth crap. 

Next week is Ulduar for the throwback night.  I am looking forward to that, never finished that one.  I don't expect to finish it next week either.  People seem to suck at mechanics and think that gear makes up for it.  What a fun lesson it is for them to learn when they wipe in Naxx because they did not remember a mechanic that was easy.  I want to do some more old raids.  It is a nice break from wiping in ICC 10 times a night.  That's for sure.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Have I hit a rut?

I am starting to think I am in a rut game in my game play.  I started an arena team to add some excitement to playing.  I went back to leveling the rogue that sat doing nothing for eight or nine months just to do something.  I actually went leveling my bank character some just for kicks.  All that and I am still as bored as sin.

I have not done ICC 10 or VoA 10 in a couple of weeks now.  Why?  I hate finding groups and defiantly do not want to lead one so I will not make my own.  None of my friends seemed to be making groups for them when I was available which means I did not do them.

I run my daily dungeon for my frosts every day even if I do not need them.  I really do not need much at all and when I do run something that has something I need it will either not drop or when it does I will lose the roll.  So basically, there is nothing left in the game for me at the moment.  Doing auction house is fun, when I am in the mood.  Farming for materials is fun, when I am in the mood.  Soloing is fun, when I am in the mood.  Achievement hunting is mostly tedious now being I have all the easy ones done.

Is this really the end?  Less then a year playing and I am bored with the game already?  I think it is just a rut.  I will be into the game again I am sure.  It is just that at the moment there does not feel like there is anything in the game for me to do.  Not saying nothing exists, it is just nothing that I am in the mood for.

I need to try and find a new way to create some of my own fun again.  Maybe RP.  Who knows?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gold Buyers

Reading an article over at OutDPS about gold buyers being the real problem with gold sellers made me think a little about the issue as a whole.  I agree with him that the gold buyers are the problem and not the gold sellers.  However, it goes both ways.  If the sellers where not offering the buyers would not even consider buying because there is no one to buy from.  It is a circle.  Which came first, the chicken or the egg? 

It is simple supply and demand.  Whether someone looked at their gold and said, wow I have so much, let me try and sell some or someone said, I have no time to make gold, I'll ask if anyone is willing to sell it to me, really does not matter.  Someone is offering a service and someone needs a service.  As long as those two things exist then there will always be gold buyers and gold sellers.

The way Blizzard has used to try and stop people is making it against game rules.  For most people, that is not a big deal   They just buy and hope they do not get caught.  Personally I do not buy gold because I am a pansy.  I am not willing to take the chance and lose all I worked for in game.  Most people are willing to take the chance and figure that at the worst case scenario they can always buy a new account that had everything their old one had if they get caught.

That is really where the issues lies from making it against game rules.  If people are willing to break game rules they are usually willing to accept the fact they got caught and they move on.  No biggie, they bought once before and they will buy again.  Making gold buying against the rules does not limit it much. 

It stops me and some others.  But I like to play the auction house and I can make 8K in two hours if I really put my mind to it. Not everyone enjoys that and lets face it, not everyone has the gray matter to understand how to do that.  That is why there is gold buying.  They think it is unfair that I can make gold so easy and they can not.  So they can spend 20 or 30 or 40 bucks and make the same thing I did and we are now even.

So how do they fix the gold buying to make it so they do not feel they have to buy gold to make it fair?  They don't.  Just like someone can get gear from 25 heroic ICC and I can't because I do not have that skill level there should be a difference between me and someone that does not know how to use the auction house.

Blizzard already had a series of checks and measures in place.  You can only get so much gear from buying it.  You can not get top level gear (without letting someone on your account or being carried) with gold.  You can not get top level PvP gear (without letting someone on your account or being carried) with gold.  You still need to work for it.  No matter how much gold you have to spend and gear you bought with it, even if you did let someone on your account, it will not mean you know what to do with it or are even capable of doing it with it.  That alone should be a good enough reason not to buy gold.  Why have top stuff if you do not have the skills to do anything with it?

Blizzard then went to the next step.  Scare tactics.  Buying gold is the reason people get hacked.  That is what they tell us.  There might be a little truth to it, but over all I would say that 95%, if not more, of the people that get hacked usually were at a site they should not have been or downloaded something they should not have.  Most people that get hacked have only themselves to blame. 

If I ever got hacked I would think where I recently signed up at or what I recently downloaded.  I would know it was something I did at some point.  I would not blame the gold sellers, I would not blame the gold buyers, I would blame the person that deserves the blame, me.

So here is my golden tip on how to buy gold without having to actually buy gold or risk your account.  Buy trading cards.  Simple as that.  When the new card set comes out there is a Hippogyph that I would die for.  If I can find the card on e-bay I would pay 50, maybe even a little more for it.  If someone else has it and is selling it in game for 20K or even 25K gold, I would buy it that way in a heart beat.  There you go, buy the card, redeem the code in game and it will give you a bind on use item, sell the item in game for gold.

No one knows your game name or anything when you buy it.  It is just a card.  There is no way buying that card off e-bay or from a hobby shop will get you hacked.  You effectively bought gold.  You did not encourage account thief, you did not give the money to a gold seller, you did not become a gold buyer that fuels the sellers to steal accounts and farm all the areas dry.

That is the next approach that Blizzard needs to go to in an effort to try and stop gold sellers and gold buyers.  Sell things for people to resell.  It already does it with the cards.  Millions in gold has been exchanged buying and selling cards and will continue to happen.

 I have always been against selling gear in game and I hope it stays that way and gear is never allowed to be sold.  However, you can easily sell other things that can be resold in game.  Make them crazy prices, pets and mounts that can be resold.  Talbards and shirts that can be self designed and sold.  Maybe even go as far as to sell easily attainable items like stacks of herbs or ore or leather to be sold.

This will help Blizzard make tons of cash and keeps the gold in the game so to speak.  So what is the big deal that I am willing to farm for a couple of hours and get a stack of frost lotus and someone else is willing to pay 100 bucks for it.  Heck, if he is willing to pay 100 bucks for it and sell it cheap on the auction house it would save me hours of farming.  I can just buy it cheap from him.

Sure, this now goes into the realm of "the kids with daddys credit card" will have everything but it really doesn't.  Remember, money can not buy gear, money can not buy skill and money can not buy you a good reputation with people.  All that needs to be earned and will still need to be earned.

This would remove the needs for gold buyers to risk an account ban and in turn remove the demand for gold sellers.  Sure, there will still be some, but much less then there is now.  Why risk an account ban buying from a gold seller when you can buy from Blizzard and support the game and still get the gold you want.

I see this being the next step for Blizzard.  Now lets hope I can get that hippogryph cheap, in cash for the card or in gold in the game.  Seven more days until it is released.

Another uneventful weekend.

I did happen to get Zul'Aman done.  That means that all I am going to need for my Outland Raider Achievement is The Black Temple.  That might end up being the harder one being most everyone I hear says they do not like that one.  I need that one for rep from Ashtongue Deathsworn too, so that is the one I would want to do the most.

The ICC 25 continuation was crap this week.  Never got past uncle fester.  Thing is, I saw progress.  As long as I can see progress I have no issues what so ever with wiping.  Wipes are how we learn.  Thing is I have not done 10 man in weeks now.  I want to do 10 mans.  It is a good way to learn the fights and it is free frost badges.  Even if I do not need to buy anything with them any more they still get the saronites I can either sell or use to make gear for my alts.  Selling them would be a nice way to build up some cash.  They are still going for 1800 gold on my server and with 282 saved up with nothing to do, that is a lot of gold I am sitting on.

Just imagine how many I would have if I had been doing ICC 10 and VoA 10.  I've really been slacking lately.  I guess not needing them and more so only wanting them is why I am not doing them.  I would like to. 

While on my bank character yesterday I got the sudden urge to level it some.  I do not do much with it.  It is a maxed enchanter and a maxed scribe.  It was made for its skills and to me my bank character.  So leveling it has never been something I work on.  More so something I do if I am bored here and there.  Went from 70 to 72 yesterday in a short time playing it. 

It reminded me of why I never really liked playing a Death Knight.  Stupid easy.  While that is fun for a day like yesterday where I wanted to basically do nothing it really is not a fun class to play.  Put your 4 buttons here.  Hit them at random.  Watch things die. Never go below max health.  Woohoo.  Did they really need to make a character that takes less skill to faceroll DPS on?  It was perfect for what I was doing yesterday.  BSing on vent and doing a few quests.

Now I am left to think if I should buy epic flying for it.  I mean, it is a bank alt, I got flying and cold weather.  Do I really need to waste the gold on epic for a character that has no gathering skills and is not often used.  The only reason I see for epic flying is to make questing faster or gathering.  I am in no rush to level it and it does not gather.  I don't think I will waste money for a character that does not really need it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I finally got some loot.

It was only a matter of time before I got something.  Now all I need to do is win something.  One of the raid members won the roll after I had rolled my highest number to date.  I was second and he was kind enough to pass to me being I was second.  I was not expecting it.  If I were not second I would not have taken it.  It if were something huge I would have not taken it.  I want to actually win to get something.  The guy who passed to me won two items last week and one item this week already when that happened.  He was just being nice.  I appreciate it.

It made my week to finally get something even if it was from rolling second.  I told him so too and thanked him for his kindness.  I guess what they say is true.  Sometimes being nice is a good thing and comes back to you.  Earlier in the week he was trying to get the things together to get the crafted 264 boots.  I gave him the 12 eternal earths for free.  Not to mention a flask for free during the raid.  One good turn deserves another.  It restores my faith in humanity.

I would still like to actually win a roll one of these days.  In a way it is almost getting fun losing.  Not fun fun but funny fun.  Every time something drops that I can roll on I joke it is my time and I roll like crap.  Rolled a 24 on the bow last night.  One of the other hunters said I am getting closer.  Only 2 more people need to get it before I can have one.  When the one guy passed to me and I got the wrists I joked that my luck had been so bad that I would have taken a hand me down tanking piece if it would mean I got something.

Like I mentioned before I am still new to the game compared to most that I run with.  So this dry spell is really wearing on me some.  Seven weeks running so far without one decent roll.  Well, decent enough this time around to be the second highest so I could get something passed to me.

With my luck the way it has been, taking a pity piece of gear was my only chance of getting something.  The time will come when my luck returns and I will most likely be on fire for a while.  That is the way it works.  Maybe if I get lucky that will happen the the lich kings crossbow drops on 25.  Being I do not see that happening for a while it gives me time to get a new pair of dice.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Leveling For Profesions.

There is a point to this that comes into needing two more maxed professions and wanting to get the refer a friend flying mount, but first a little background of how my weird mind works.

My first character was a Hunter.  I took Alchemy and Herbalism because it seemed that having the healing would help and the potions would help as hunters did not have any way to heal themselves.  All was going fine and dandy.  I took leveling slow for the most part being I did not know what I was doing, like everyone else the first time around.  After getting to 55 I needed a break from the same old hunter and wanted to try something different.  More so, I needed some things so decided I would make a Death Knight to help with things I needed.

For my Death Knight I decided inscription would be a good thing, as I needed glyphs and was gathering herbs anyway so I would have all the stash I needed. I figured I was getting tons of greens so enchanting would be good as well. So my Death Knight became a Scribe and Enchanter because of that.  Ends up that it worked well.  The Scribe made the vellums for my Enchanter so I can enchant my own items.  I saved (and made) tons of money from that combo.

As I leveled I noticed that I was always needing other things.  Having a leatherworker would be nice to make my hunter gear.  Having a jewelcrafter would surely save me money as that is the single most expensive part of the game it seems, outside of enchants.  Having a tailor to make bags seemed like a nice idea as well.

So what happened was this.  Mind you, I did not think this out very well.  I made a Paladin with skinning and leatherworking (so I could make myself armor), an a rogue with skinning and tailoring (so I could make myself bags and pick all those lock boxes I got).  Yeah, I know, what was I thinking.  Either way, both went the way of the wind shortly after making them, never leveled either of them past 27. 

I started to do some research after that point being by now my hunter was 80.  Jewels were the single most costly addition.  Good thing I was an alchemist.  That saved me a lot of money because I made my own epics.  When the time came to start up another support character I knew it would be a jewelcrafter.  Instead of having to hunt someone down every time I needed a gem it would be under my control.  I made a druid with the idea of being a bear tank so it fit with mining and jewelcrafting.  Leveling a druid to 80 was so stupid easy it makes it seem like that was my best idea ever.

After a while I went back and created a Priest, one I decided to level through PvP only, and made her an Enchanter and Tailor.  This was not for the professions as all my other alts had been.  So in reality, this was my second real character.  I had a tailor (the rogue) even if I had not played it in forever and I had a maxed enchanter (the death knight) already.

The Priest got put on the side when they took out the daily PvP for low level characters.  I left it as is and that is where it still sits.  I was bored last week so looked to my level 23 rogue sitting in some out of the way inn for the past 8 or 9 months.  I figured I wanted the lockpicking skill and after all it was one of the reasons I chose to make a rogue to begin with.  Being my Priest would now be my tailor and really tailoring made no sense with a rogue I dropped the tailoring and picked up leatherworking.  A week later my rogue is now 45.  I'll grind it to 80 one of these days, no rush, I mean it was just sitting there forever anyway,

Now to the actual point of why I am writing this.  I want to get the rocket mount.  Which means refer a friend.  I already have someone that is willing to do it.  I will buy the disks and the first 4 months of service for him.  We will level up some characters while connected.  Might as well right?  For me however, this is a chance to get those missing professions done.  Blacksmith and Engineering.

Now to decide what to make.  He likes to run healers, so I can run a tank and together we can do dungeons and probably fly through to 60 with at least 2 characters each in the given time.  I have to check with him.  He might want to do something different but it should be fun.

Leveling two characters to 60 each will give us both 60 levels we can grant.  So basically I can have 3 more level 60 characters after that.  So I have a nice selection of things I can train them to do.  I am thinking that maybe I will use the 60 levels he can grant me to get my Paladin and Priest up.  I will have to switch up the Paladins professions of course, now that I know better. That will mean 4 level 60 characters.  Nice, and getting from 60 to 80 is so easy a caveman can do it.

So that gives me these options.  Warlock, Mage, Warrior and Shaman.  Which of those two will I do?  I guess I will talk to him and see what he says.  I think, with his experience, and my recent leveling, together we can level pretty darn fast.

Maybe, depending on how fast it goes, we can even level more then two characters each.  If I doubled up I would make another Druid before anything else.  Even if the hunter is my favorite class, the WoW world does not need any more hunters.  There are already to damn many of them. Druids on the other hand can fill any role in the game well.  Also, who does not love watching a bear dance?  I would level a druid again just to dance with my bear.

In the end however, I want to do this not only for the mount but for the professions.  Professions mean money and makes life easier .  I like money.  I like easy. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Old Time Hunter Loot

I finally got a chance to run Serpentshrine Cavern for the first time and I was glad for that.  It had two of three possible T5 drops I was looking for and ending up getting both of them.  Next week on throwback night we are going to run Tempest Keep.  I had gotten one of the T5 tokens last time I ran it so only need one more from there.  Maybe I will get lucky with that.  Once I get that one and the one from the cavern that did not drop this run I will have all five of the T5 pieces.

You might ask why I want the T5 set.  If you are a hunter you might know, if you ever looked into serious soloing then you sure know why I want it. Just check out the Pet Healing from the two piece bonus.  That is 15% of all the damage I do that heals my pet.  That is insane.  Now think of it in terms of the damage I can put out now based on the damage things used to hit for back then.  If I can keep up a solid flow of damage while my turtle holds aggrro I can effectively heal it through anything old school.  I am loving it for my soloing.

I want to get all 5 pieces of the T5 set even if I do not need more then two and there is a very solid reason for that.  I never know what my gear will look like and which two pieces I should use.  At the moment with all T10 (and crafted legs) it is not much of an issue which 2 I put on when I go soloing.  However, when the time comes where I get some marks and upgrade a few of the pieces I will pick and choose which two T5s I will be using.  Having all 5 of them gives me options.  I like options.

A friend of mine said that my bad luck is over being I got the two T5 tokens.  I told him, it does not count being they were given to me.  If I had to roll for them I probably would have either lost, or wasted my good roll I had been saving up.

Now I am thinking of looking around for some more classic hunter loot.  Must have hunter loot.  For use or just to have.  I have the bow, quiver and the 3 pieces of T5 so far.  So what is next?

Friday, May 7, 2010

What is Deserving?

In my last post I mentioned the word "Deserving" in reference to being deserving of gear.  It got me wondering what exactly makes someone deserving of anything.  All 25 people worked to get that boss killed so aren't all 25 people equally deserving?

All in all, on an even playing field the answer to that question would be a resounding yes.  But there is never really an even playing field.  We all have our skills and weaknesses.  We all have our good days and bad days.  We all have our own idiosyncrasies.   Like me, I am grumpy.  I fake it and most don't really know it but in the end I can usually find something to be grumpy about even if there should not be anything.  It is like a thrive off of being grumpy.

In a team effort you have to look at things in the points of a whole team and not the single pieces of the team.  Looking at single pieces should be secondary.  A team should work like a machine, each member of the team is another piece that makes that machine run smoothly.  When upgrading your machine you look at the pieces that need improvement and the options available to you.

In the case of our team we are going to use the "all things being equal" idea and work from there.  The tanks all have enough life and avoidance that they can live without fear of possible spike damage.  The healers make sure everyone lives without running out of mana.  The DPS are doing more then enough damage that it never even gets close to the enrage timer.

From what I just described there really is no need what so ever to upgrade any of the parts of this machine.  It is working perfectly, as it should really.  If something that would upgrade any part of the machine drops it is really not needed.  It is wanted.  Everyone that can use it wants it but by getting to it they proved they did not need it.  There is no NEED there, only WANT.

That is where we get to who is deserving of it.  The ultimate fair way to decide who gets it is with the luck of the roll.  The roll however does not address who deserves it.  Remember what I said, no one needs it.  So using the standard "whoever needs it most" is bullshit.  If they downed the boss they really did not need it.  The might need it to down the next boss, but at the stage you are currently at, loot for that boss, they do not need it.

What do you use to decide who needs it?

Person A: Shows up late.
Person B: Shows up on time.

Person A: Shows up without flasks.
Person B: Shows up with flasks.

Person A: Never brings any supplies.
Person B: Brings enough for him/herself and enough for others.

Person A: Always needs a summon even though they knew a week in advance where they were going to need to be.
Person B: Is waiting there 10 minutes before start time to summon those people to lazy to make their own way there.

Person A: Needs fight tactics explained.  Every time.
Person B: Knows the tactics of the fight.

Person A: Need a bathroom break, a cig break and then a phone break between every boss.
Person B: Might ask for 2 minutes once every hour or two.

Person A: Has a high gear score and does well.
Person B: Has the same gear score and does exceptional.

Player A: Does not stop what they are doing to assist elsewhere.
Player B: Will do whatever needs to get done if help is needed elsewhere.

Player A: Never even notices that something is happening around them.
Player B: Is completely aware of their surroundings.

While looking at those things you will notice that Player B sure as hell seems more deserving of it.  However we revert to need once again.  Neither need it.  Both want it.  Just because Player A is not deserving of it does not mean he wants it any less.  Their want levels are effectively even.  Even with all that you can make an argument that Player B deserves it more.  But it would be only a slight argument.  If anything and there is one spot left to invite to the raid, looking at that, Player B gets the raid spot.  That is what that example shows. Sure Player B put in more effort and is more of the team type of player you want to see but is that enough?

If judging who deserves it, I say yes.  I would like to move on further however.  Looking at things from a purely DPS perspective now.

If giving a piece to Player A will up his/her maximum DPS potential by 500 and giving it to Player B will up his/her maximum potential DPS by 300 would that make Player A more deserving?

Only if you look at the DPS output based on potential.

Lets say Player A has a maximum DPS potential of 8500 and is currently doing 4500 he/she is only doing a little more then 1/2 of his potential.  So giving him/her something that ups their DPS potential by 500 you would have to figure would mean they are roughly going to gain a little more then 1/2 from it based on performance.

Lets say Player B has a maximum DPS potential of 8000 and is currently doing 7000, that would mean they are working at near 90% of their potential DPS increase based on past performance.

So, while Player A has a higher maximum potential then Player B and Player A would gain more potential using the item then Player B it is not that black and white.  The item, when giving to the most deserving person, would be given to the person that will do the most with it.  Which in turn would mean they are the person that brings more to the team. The person that brings more to the team is the person that is doing the best percentage based on their maximum potential.

Now this is where I sit and think about it. 
Am I really the more deserving person for things sometimes?  Ab-so-fucking-lutely.
Would I ever take something that was just given to me because I was the most deserving?  Nope, never.

So if I would not take it if it were given to me why would I waste all this time being grumpy about it?  Well, being grumpy is what I do.  That and the fact that when I sit back and call another person undeserving I would not do that just because I am upset I lost a roll.  Losing a roll I can deal with.  It happens.  I just feel it is a kick in the ass to lose something to somebody that does not deserve it.  Being I explained what deserving it means I am being factual and not just plan old grumpy with my bad rolling.

So when I actually call someone undeserving I would not be like the jerks that got geared up and left saying they did not want to help gear up people that were undeserving.  When it comes to deserving, the one true way to make yourself undeserving is to not need it.  How is someone else getting something bad when you did not need it anyway?  You were undeserving of it.  Not them.

Funny thing is this.  I forever run other people through things I need nothing from to help them get items.  I have no issues gearing people up.  Deserving or not does not make a difference if I don't need it anyway.  Never once have a ran something that I needed nothing from and it got me to the point I could consider quitting.

Yet I sit around now considering quitting because I did not get something I deserved.  The exact opposite of the reason they left.  They left because they had everything they wanted and did not want to help others gear up.  Helping people gear up is fun, not a reason to quit.  I help other gear up even if I do not have what I need.  I wonder something about all these people that won these things.  When they get to the point they need nothing from there are they going to keep going so I can finally get it?  I doubt it.  They will have what they want.  Why should they help gear me.  Yeah, it pisses me off.  If I got it, I would run it with them until they did.  But when they get what they want they leave me out in the cold.

I might be a grumpy elf, but I have damn good reason to be one.  In general I really hate people.

The Game has Offically Lost it's Fun

It is getting crazy now with raiding.  It has gotten to the point that I am not having fun.  I am wasting 3 hours of my life for absolutely nothing.  My streak of bad luck can not go on much further. I keep saying I will wait it out, I will be a team player, I will do what needs to be done and I do keep doing that. 

Finally had a night where some hunter loot actually dropped and what is more amazing, there were two things I really needed.  Like best in slot needed.  There was one other thing I might have liked, but those two things were what I have been hoping I was being punished with all my other rolls so I could get them.  You know, like karma.  I always roll like crap or straight out pass to others that can use it but when the time comes when something drops that I really need I will get it.  Nope, still rolled like crap.  At least I got double digits this time.  Still lost.

As much as I try to be the nice guy there is only so much the nice guy can get shit on before he says fuck it and just gives up.  Now the guild wants to make sure all the tanks and healers get marks first before the DPS.  So lets see, my luck with rolling is shit, I never win anything.  Hunter loot rarely drops to begin with. Now add to the fact that the warrior, hunter, shaman mark is going to be given to tanks and healers before DPS. 

Lets see, we have 2 warrior tanks and 1 shaman healer.  That means, best case, 12 weeks before I can get a mark.  But wait, 12 weeks would mean at least one drops every week and I have only seen 3 in the last 6 weeks, so that means 24 weeks.  In 24 weeks I won't want the fucking mark.  I'll be wearing Cataclysm greens that are better most likely.

It is just not worth the effort any more.  I show up on time and ready.  I wait for an hour for everyone else to show and to fill up because many people apparently can't tell time.  I come prepared, with flasks and end up giving other people flasks because they forgot to get them.  How is it that I give flasks to the same people every fucking week because they always forget to bring them?  They know they are raiding that night.  Buy a few flasks before you come damn it.  At least pretend like you are being a team player.  Stop relying on others all the time.

The biggest kicker is the two pieces I really needed went to some timers.  The people that are late for raids or just do not show sometimes.  Sure they say they are sorry, but they are still not dedicated raiders in any way, shape or form.  Now I am starting to feel the way the people that left felt.  I fell like I am just running to gear people up.  People that don't deserve it.  Thing is, I have an argument.  I still lead the DPS charts and I have not gotten one piece of gear, at all, whereas they where getting geared up. 

If anything, there is an argument that giving me the gear will put it to better use being apparently I know what I am doing and they don't if they can not beat me even if they are all in better gear then I am.  Think of it as we are all one big machine.  Oiling one part of the machine ups productiveness by 2% and oiling another part of the machine ups productivity by 5%.  Now think of it as you can only oil one part, which part do you oil?  The part that gives the most productivity right?  Well lets see, say one piece of gear is a 300 DPS upgrade.  Who should you give it to, the person that will make the total team DPS go up 30 DPS using it or the person that will make the total team DPS go up 300 DPS using it.  You give it to the one that will get the most from it because it makes for a better team over all.

The basic point is the game is supposed to be fun.  Sure, we all lose rolls but at some point it becomes to much to deal with.  Each week seeing people get upgrades I need when I still destroy them on the DPS charts, I still need to give them a flask because they forgot it and I still have to sit around waiting for them, it is just to much.  They do not deserve the gear.  Yeap, I said it and I never have before, but they do not deserve it.  Never have I considered gear as something that someone would deserve but that was basically because I was new, I never experienced this for an extended point like I have.  Now I am beginning to understand why some guild have the hard ass rules.  Thing with me is I am still morally against those rules.

The game has just lost all fun for me.  It is about the point where I just give up.  If I am going to keep running I am not going to give a crap about trying to do the best I can because apparently that is not required, there are people that warp me in gear doing over 3K less and they get gear all the time too.  I am going to stop bringing flasks and expect others to bring them for me.  I am going to start showing up late just so I can make everyone wait. (okay, I am just being grumpy there, I would not do anything of that you know)

Maybe once I start acting like the people that win the rolls I will start winning some rolls.  They say nice guys finish last.  That has been my case.  Been too nice.  From now on, fuck everyone else.  I am going to start being a jerk when raiding.  Rolling on things I do not need just to deny others from getting it.  But that will never happen, I won't win the roles anyway.

All I want to do is have fun with the game and that has not been happening.  I am a strict 10 raider.  Not one piece of gear from 25 man.  Problem is, I've been doing 25 man forever.  No one can roll this bad for this long.  The game has lost its fun.

If it were not for the fact I was tired, and in some pain from dental work I had done earlier that afternoon I might have pulled one of those internet rage moments and quit the guild.  I am glad I didn't.  It is not my style, I really just post it here to vent it and then I fell better and move along.  I am just really not having any fun at all in the game lately.  One win per month at least would be nice.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free and Easy Gear

I always say that gear is easy to get if you are willing to put in the effort.  Grinding heroics for T9 gear is not much of an issue.  It just takes time and if you happen to be DPS without a pocket tank or healer it can take a fair bit of time.

Thing is, if you put in the time and effort you can get all T9 no problem.  Add to that using your professions.  If you use your professions to their maximum abilities you can make a lot of money.  With that money you can easily fill out many of the other spots in your gear.  264 items in many cases.  So lots of 264 gear, a full T9 set, T9 trinket and a greatness card trinket and you are decked out.

There is one thing about that.  You actually need to work for it.  Sure, if you make the effort it is easy to get to but you have to make an effort and not just a stand there and do nothing, it is a work your ass off effort.  That gear set up does not even consider that you will be getting frost badges as well.  That would go toward later updates.  To gear up like I just mentioned you need to do work and much more importantly you need to succeed at it.

The more I PvP the more I realize how insanely easy it is to get PvP gear.  PvP gear that is actually better then the PvE gear I mentioned (for it's intended use).  The big difference, well, let me rephrase that, the HUGE difference is that you do not even need to succeed at PvP to get any of that gear.  You can suck more then anyone has ever sucked at sucking before and still find yourself decked out in full PvP gear.  And if you only suck mildly you can even find yourself in full T10 gear in still less effort then was required to get T9 PvE gear.

PvP just gives away the gear basically.  It is so much easier to build a PvP set then a PvE set.  Let us compare.

To get top end Enchants:
PvE: You need to grind Ebon Hand and Sons of Hodir to exalted
PvP: You need honor

To get that reputation/honor:
PvE: You need to actually complete quests and actually kill things that grant reputation
PvP: You just need to be near people in battlegrounds when they kill things and even more if they win

To gear T9 gear:
PvE: You need to grind heroics and down bosses
PvP: You need to grind battleground for honor

Failure results of those:
PvE: If you do not down bosses, you get nothing
PvP: If you do not win or kill anything you still get honor

To get T10 gear:
PvE: You need to grind frost emblems and without raiding that means only 2 per day
PvP: You need to get arena points and rating as well as honor

Failure results of those:
PvE:  If you do not finish the dungeons you do not get anything, if you miss a day you get nothing
PvP: Even if you lose in the arena you get arena points, even if you suck at the battleground as long as the rest of your team doesn't you get arena points, if you miss a day at battlegrounds you lose out on only 25 arena points but you lose nothing for missing a day at arena

Bottom line is this.  To get geared as PvE you need to actually DO things and SUCCEED at them.  To get better gear in PvP you just need to fail.  You never even need to be decent at PvP to get geared in all T10 PvP gear while you need to at least be good enough to not get kicked from groups to get T9 PvE gear.

The fact might remain completely true that you need to have a lot more skill to be a good PvP player but that does not change the fact that you don't actually need any of that skill to become a geared PvP player.  Anyone that fails that badly at PvE will get left behind and kicked from groups and will never get to max gear level.

So to all those PvP players that love to blast PvE players for having an easier route as they only have to deal with scripted encounters you need to remember something.  The PvE player needs to actually kill that scripted encounter to get the chance at getting something that he still needs to get lucky enough to see dropped and then lucky enough to win a roll for and if he is really bad he will never get that chance because the group would kick him.  In PvP you do not have to be any good at anything.  You can run around slapping your hands on the keyboard doing nothing and if anyone kills anything you get honor and if the other players win you get even more honor.

Getting geared for PvP takes no skill what so ever.
Getting geared for PvE takes at least enough skill to fake it.

And remember, that PvE player that needed skill will still be way undergeraed when compared to the PvP player that slapped his hands on the keyboard like a spastic monkey. The mildly skilled PvE player will find himself in full T9 with a little bit of effort.  The skill less PvP player will find himself in full T10 gear.

Gearing up for PvP is way to easy.  Not that I mind really, made the trip to PvPing for me a lot easier.  Sad part is that now that I am doing it more I feel I am behind the curve for my gear.  I am working on top level gear with low level skill as opposed to being a top level PvE player in low level gear all because I have not gotten lucky with rolls.  Makes me wish that I could by PvE gear with honor and arena points.  It would make gearing up so much easier.

So remember, when it comes to gear, PvP is easy and takes no skill or luck and PvE is hard and takes both skill and lots of luck.

 PvP: So easy a caveman can do it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I finally stepped into the Arena.

It was exciting.  Only 7 our of 10 men for ICC 10 continuation showed up so we decided to do some other things.  Helped a few gulidies get their Childrens week PvP stuff done and then decided to try an arena team out.  The two people I was with, a Shaman and a Mage are both very experienced in PvP and both have some solid Arena experience as well.  So basically they were carrying me and teaching me along the way.  We did 23 fights last night, won 10 and lost 13.  Not all that bad for a team that had a beginner, namely me, in it.

Add to the fact that many of the oft used things in Arena I do not have key bound and that lead to a ton of mistakes, bad timing and slow reaction.  Mind you, if you read my blog you know I know better, but it was a spur of the moment thing.  Trial by fire so to speak.  I am a reader, I read up on everything I can and try to absorb as much information as I can before doing something.  Then I do my best to learn by doing.

Kind of like how I learned to kite.  I read up as much as I could and then went around kiting anything I could find.  Practiced running and shooting while going around in circles in Dalaran shooting freezing arrows every 28 seconds.  Sure, none is really ideal but when the time came for me to kite I did not totally suck.  I only partially sucked and I've gotten better since.

I try to be prepared.  To be prepared you read, you watch and you practice.  Practice is somewhat easy.  You can play Arena techniques in battlegrounds.  Again, not perfect but it helps learn reaction time and shot placement.  Even if you only go at it thinking CC only and not damage so you can learn that end you might not help the battleground so much, but you learn.  Oh well, there are other people doing the job of winning the battleground and I am alliance anyway so I expect to lose 80%-90% of the time.

The issue with being prepared is the reading part when it comes to Arena.  I looked everywhere, high and low, under rocks even, and there is nothing to be found anywhere online that teaches anyone in Arena.  Sure there are some awesome sites like Arena Junkies which I spent a ton of time at and other places but all of them seem to have the approach that anyone asking a question has been doing arena for years already.

Someone asks a question that I had and I see a response like, "Well if you are facing an ABC then do this move and that move to start off and if you are facing and XYZ you will not have to worry about this so don't do that.".  I read it over and over again and really have no F'N clue what they are talking about.  I do not know what an ABC team is or an XYZ team is.  Sure, they might be common slang for people doing arena forever and know what it is but I am new and do not know. 

Why does everyone on any arena site I go to think that only people that know everything there is to know about arena go there?  I would love for an arena site to teach me as if I am a complete idiot.  Or at least have a guide that tells me the basics like an ABC team is these 3 classes and an XYZ team is made of these 3 classes.  I might be a quick learn and might not be an idiot, but sometimes it is nice to have things laid out for you when you want to get a foot into something you know nothing about.  Would it really be hard for them to have a beginners guide to Arena slag?  That is all I ask for.  I can gather the rest of the information reading the forums if only I knew what all the slag meant.

Sure, reading as much as I have I have figured out what some slag means by seeing them mention specific things that I know only certain classes can do.  I figured it out.  But why do I need to read 10 posts on ABC teams to try and figure out what an ABC team is.  I am making the effort to but wish they would just have an index that said and ABC team is this.

I think the reason so many people shy away from Arena is exactly that.  There is no helpful place to start out at.  There are no "Arena for Idiots" guides out there.  It is almost like they do not want anyone else joining them in Arena out of fear that person might end up beating them one day.

Either way, despite the fact that it seems no one in arena wants anyone else to join I am still reading and I am still learning and I will get better with the help of friends but it could have been so much easier and so much more enjoyable if the Arena community where more user friendly to new people.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Gearing up others?

Who hasn't helped someone gear up?  Or for that matter, who hasn't had others help them gear up?  It is part of the game.  Some people are further along then others.  What really matters is that people have some respect for the other people that play the game.  We recently had someone leave our guild because, "He didn't feel like gearing up others".

Lets examine that for a moment before I explain what happened after.  He did not want to gear up others?  I need to gear up.  I am lacking in gear big time lately being I can't seem to even roll anything double digits, nevertheless something large enough to win.  However, I still top the charts on DPS, I do the "little things" that most hunters would not even think to do for a second because it would hurt their DPS.  Like doing Rotface the other week when the tank that was kiting the ooze died I was instantly on the big ooze using my uber awesome kiting abilities.  Okay, I am exaggerating the uber awesome part, but I knew when it comes down to it Hunters are indeed capable kiters being they have the skills needed for it and while I am not in any way great at it, I was capable of doing it.  We ended up wiping anyway but the fact remains that someone stepped up.

So he left because he felt like "he didn't feel like gearing up others".  I am one of those others, I need gear and not to sound rude or anything but I damn well deserve to "get geared up" because I am decent at what I do and I help the team and I do everything within my own power to get better when I can.  But I can not beat 25 man content alone to get better gear.  Basically, whoever wins the roll just got helped by 24 people to gear up didn't they?

It is not just about me, we will move on, he has already been replaced with someone with 5 years experience in raiding.  The person that is replacing him is the original tank from my first guild.  He geared me up when I started.  He is what a team player is.  Sure, he is part of the reason we broke up that guild because he wanted to move along, but when he was there he had the right attitude.  If someone is willing to do all they can do then he had no problem helping them get better because helping them get better helps the team get better.  I don't care how great any one person thinks they are, they can not gear themselves up at the top level.  They need help.  So hearing "he didn't feel like gearing up others" really makes me a grumpy elf.

What makes this a kicker is the fact that he was the main tank.  The off tank would pass on stuff to "gear him up" because he was the main tank knowing that the second drop that comes he will get.  So we geared him up.  He didn't want to help others gear up when we all helped him gear up?  Selfish little fucking lowlife prick.  And that is the nicest way I can think of saying that.

Him, with his "gearing up" comment caused us to lose two decent up and coming players because he made them feel as if they were useless.  They were not undergeared either.  They were fine for ICC10 and close to ICC 25.  And with the solid DPS we have we can easily carry 2 or 3 4K-5K DPSers and not even sweat it.

He made people leave by being a prick, then left because he is a prick and then his friends followed because they agreed with him for being a prick.  One of those friends was the hunter that has won 2 marks and 3 other items in the last few weeks while I lose rolls left and right.  How was  he helping people gear up?  We geared his ass up and he left?  And I still whipped his ass on the DPS and total damage charts even if his gearscore was way higher then mine with all those upgrades.  Not to mention he was not capable of being a utility player.  He was one of those people that would have laughed if you asked him to kite.

I look at it this way.  Help people gear up and you help yourself.  But only if those people are team players, dedicated to success and willing to earn it.  Otherwise, you just get assholes that ride with you until you gear them up and then move along to another team that is more progressed.

Do you notice a trend here?  They are not leaving because they "do not want to gear up other people", they left because they wanted to have someone carry them to gear them up.

Odd that people that whine about carrying people moved to a group that is now going to have to carry them.  Some people are just so stupid it amazes me.  If you are going to complain about something at least make sure you are not the guilty party you are complaining about.

You might have read me bitching about not winning rolls and other people getting more gear and such but you do not see me going anywhere.  I know my time will come and I know as long as I do the best I can with what I have I can be an asset to my team.  That gives me the right to bitch.  They had no right to complain and they sure as shit had no right to leave because someone else might get some gear.  Someone else needing gear has to be the worst reason ever to leave a guild.

"I do not want to gear up other people" <-- Let me translate that for you.

"I am a complete and total prick and I only care about myself, I do not care if you need something, I won it last week and no longer need it so I am not going waste my time running it again so you can get it."

Maybe if he had not gotten all he needed it would still be around?  But like in real life, a user is a user and once they get what they needed from you they move on.

An all around interesting weekend.

I finished up all the childrens week stuff right away.  Did not take all that long, a few of the PvP things took time, but that is about it.  Had a friend pass me the flag in eye of the storm so I could get that part.  Died at the exact same time I returned the flag in warsong gulch and ended up getting Arathi Basin all star in route to getting that one.  Also, got my first ever Alterac Valley win as well. 

On a side note, maybe I missed something but I read everywhere how AV is alliance bias and alliance always wins.  I had never won that one before yesterday.  So I might either have the worlds worst luck or people on the forums are all retards.

Every holiday season I always see people listing things at high prices.  I was on early and greed got the best of me so I gave it a try.  The Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream that was needed for an achievement and a quest was cheap and was also oddly absent from the auction house.  Cha Ching.  I bought a bunch of them, listed them for 10 gold each and sold 14 before someone started posting in trade chat to not get ripped off and to buy them from the vendor.  No biggie, I really did not think any would sell.  I wonder how stupid people can really be sometimes. 

I know I have over paid for things a few times from being lazy but those are things that would have required me going out and hunting them down.  They would take an effort and the price was cheap enough (even if expensive) to convince me not to make the effort.  This case is just a case of people being both lazy and stupid.  The gnome that sold them is in between the inn and mail box in stormwind.  The auction house is only a 3 second walk from there.  So I made 140 gold because people did not want to waste a 3 second walk.  Have to love those lazy and stupid people.

Over all I had an achievement filled weekend again.  I am starting to run out of achievements to do.  Got all the requirements for For The Children done although I never got to do the northrend part as that quest does not show for me.  So no pet wolvar for me. I am quite sad.  I got a slew of PvP ones such as capping the flag in Eye which I had never done before, and the previous mentioned ones.  I went crazy with BC raids this weekend too collecting my firsts for Mount Hyjal, Sunwell Plateau, Magtheridon's Lair and Gruul's Lair.

I'll post part two if my interesting weekend later being that is more of a grumpy post and does not fit well with all these fun achievements.