Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It Takes Money to Make Money.

That is a very old saying.  "It takes money to make money" is something that has been said as far back as anyone can remember and there are a lot of arguments saying that it is untrue.  I agree, it is untrue.  You can reach gold cap starting on a level one character and just selling the few pieces of gear you start off with and heading to the auction house and getting to work.  I am not saying it is easy but it can be done.

The "It takes money to make money" I am talking about here is for the super lazy people that sometimes find themselves with a small fortune.  That small fortune can be 500, 5000 or even 50000 depending on what you happened to come across to get it.

For this example of "It takes money to make money" for the lazy people that never leveled any professions, can't be bothered with farming and do not want to download auction house addons or even pay attention to the auction house on their own.

I am going to give a few examples of some things I saw on the auction house yesterday that can make you lots of money without the need to download any addons.  Without the need to need to farm.  Without the need to really get off your lazy ass.  You can troll trade chat all day long without ever needing to leave a main city or even work hard to make your money.  You will be sitting there counting your vast fortune laughing at the people that worked to level professions because you can now make money without ever doing any work all because you had a little bit of money to start with.

I really only need to give you one example on how to make money this way and you can figure it out yourself but I will give a few examples because if you were capable of figuring it out yourself you most likely would have no need for an article like this being all I am going to be showing is common sense.

I brief look at my servers Auction House yesterday I saw things like this.

Cardinal Ruby - Listing for 98g each.  A stack of 20 listing for 1500g.
Okay folks, no need to break out the calculator, that means a stack of 20 was 75g each.
Buy the Stack, relist the singles for 97g each.
Pure profit and you never needed to leave your home city to do it.

Abyss Crystal - Listing for 38g each.  A stack of 20 listing for 400g.
Yeap, 20g each for a stack of 20. 
Buy the stack, relist the singles for 37g each.

Titansteel Bar - Listing for 83g each.  A stack of 20 listing for 1400g.
That is 70g each by the stack.
Buy the stack, relist the singles for 82g each.

There are literally dozens if not 100s of items you can do that with.  All you need is some money to buy the stacks so you can break them up and sell them.  "It takes money to make money" might be untrue as you can make money without money but when you do not want to work for it then you need money to make money the easy way.  Those three I listed alone mean a 1000g profit, for nothing.  It took you all of 90 seconds to buy and relist all of those things.  Most likely you spent more time traveling to the mail box to get them and then back.

You can also do this with lower priced items.  Meats are a good thing to do that with.  Many people need just 5 of a meat to level their cooking so those hard to get meats that sell for 5g each on the market in stacks of 20 you can buy and resell for 7g each single.  You would be amazed how someone will spend 7g each for 5 of them but not spend 5g to buy 20.  Personally, when I do that, I buy the stack, use the 5 and resell the 15 extra to make the money back that I spent.  Essentially making my meat free in the end, or damn close to it.

Here are some Tips to help you out when doing this.
Don't just go to the stacks of 20 to see what is cheapest.  Sometimes there is someone selling 5 or 7 or 12 of something and their listing is the cheapest.  Actually, this is more common being most people look for the single price and then the stack price.  Not as many people look to the middle packs.  I've personally picked up some middle packs for nearly 50% of what they were going for as singles.

Don't think that only the "main" items work.  Lots of odd ball items can be a much larger profit margin but they just take longer to sell.  There is one ink seller on my server forever listing singles of darkflame ink for 20g.  You can usually pick off a stack for 100g once in a while.  Most people that buy it either need it for power leveling a profession or for the glyph they need made.  It is cheaper to buy the items and have a friend make the glyph then to buy the glyph so they will never look to buy more then one.  You buy them, list them for 19g under the 20g guy and you just made a 14g profit.  It will just take longer to make all that money back from the non main stream items but the profit margin is sometimes much larger.

There is one Advanced Tip I can offer for this buying and reselling.
Buy low... Sell high. <--- I know, does not sound advanced but most people do not understand it.

End game enchanting materials and gems sell for more on the raid nights, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Buy them on weekends, sell them on raid nights.  Even more profit there. Warning: Be careful of changing markets.  Some servers are filled with people doing this and the profit margin dies because of it.  If you notice this is the case on your server then adjust to it.

Leveling materials sell better on weekends.  Leather, gems, ore, herbs, even the lame stone you get when mining.  Anything needed to level a skill sells like wild fire on weekends.  Buy it up during the "raid days" and sell it on the weekend when those raiders are paying to power level the professions of their alts.

Tons of gold in no time at all and your lazy ass never needs to leave your home town.  You can relax on your butt and count your coins all day long now.  Have fun.  Stay the hell off my server with that however.  I have enough competition already.

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