Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tips and Tricks - Raiding for Idiots

Just like all the "for Idiots" books there should be a raiding "for Idiots" terms of use that you need to read and check before being allowed into a raid.  But that would never help because no one ever reads them.  They just check the check box and click agree or accept or whatever they name the button that basically means "get this crap off my screen and let me play".

In truth there are not really a ton of rules to make raiding easier for you if you have never stepped into a raid before.  No matter what your class is they are all basically the same too.  So this version or tips and tricks can help any class or any race get ready to step into that first raid and not look like a total noob.

1) Know what you are going to be raiding.
- Don't just respond to a trade posting asking "LFM VoA25" and then ask what is VoA.  Sure, you might get in but that is a not a good way to start your life raiding.  You where an Idiot for asking.  People will remember that.

2) Know what to do in the raid you are going to be in.
- No matter how boring the explanation of the fight is from your raid leader you must listen to them.  If you really want to impress, watch the video too.  You can watch the video while they are explaining it too(with the volume off of course).  It will give you an idea what you are looking for. 
- Saying you do not understand the fight is fine, most people know that everyone had a first time.  Saying you do not understand the fight because you were in the bathroom after the raid leader just spent 15 minutes explaining it and answering all the question makes you an Idiot.  People will remember that.

3) Know who your leaders, tanks and healers are.
- While some classes need certain information more then others, like my hunter needing to know who to misdirect to, everyone needs to know who the leaders are.  If you have a question, you ask the leaders.  If you get a mob on you then running to the tank with it can save your life and if you need a heal being close to the healer will get it for you a hell of a lot quicker then if you are out of their range.

4) Do what you do best.
- Believe it or not this needs to be said.  If you are a tank then tank, if you are a healer then heal. If you are a DPS then kill stuff as fast as you can.  But there is a little more to that.  Do it was well as you can.  Just because you can pull threat off the tank doesn't mean you should.  Just because you can wait for someone to get to 10% life before they die doesn't mean that you should.  You get the idea.

5) Be aware of your surroundings.
- Fire under your feet?  Move.  It really is that simple sometimes.  People that continue to die from stupid things are Idiots.  Don't be an Idiot.  With deadly boss mods it is even easier then it was in the past.  The damn thing starts screaming at you to move.  I personally think it should change the warning if you do not move within 2 seconds of the warning to say "get out of the fire you fucking idiot"

In the end of the run, even if you did not do a fantastic job you will not be one of those people that stand out as someone that you do not want on your raids.  As a raid leader I will tell you one thing for sure.  If I have a spot to fill and it is the choice between you, that followed the rules, and someone else much better but a total idiot I will take you.  At least I know you will 1) know where we are going, 2) know how to do what we are doing, 3) know who to pay attention to, 4) give it 100% and most importantly 5) know to get out of the fire.

Even if you are undergeared you will get accolades, invites and make friends if you can follow those five simple rules.  As simple as they are they are things that are still required from a raider with 5 years experience and you can follow them even without that type of experience.

Now go out and get some gear and do not be afriad to join in on that first raid.  Just make sure you follow the rules and you will be just fine.  They might even invite you back again for another raid in the future.

Happy raiding.

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