Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tanking Pet Peeves Return.

I don't do a great deal of tanking because of my pet peeves about how everyone else in the game acts in general but being the Brewfest Boss is around I offered up my tanking services for my guildies.  I figure it helps them get it done faster, the fight will never last more then 2 minutes even with a pitiful DPS core, and if they are gearing up a character this is a great way to get trinkets and trinkets are sometimes hard as hell to come by.

So here is the story on my bear.  I do not use it often but while it is not ICC geared it is geared enough for most anything else.  Unbuffed I am over 40K hit points and I have high avoidance.  Which basically means I could most likely tank ICC because of the 30% buff.  I played the bear a bunch (with guildies) and I read bear stuff all the time even if my bear does not leave the zoo all that often.

I stopped tanking randoms for a reason.  I sometimes remind myself of that reasons and amazingly enough for such a simple event like this many of the things came back up once again.  How do you really get on this bear's nerves when it is a one shot boss that usually takes 60-70 seconds to down?

1) Pulling For the Tank.
- Yes, even in this it happens.  One time we port in and some asshat mage walks up the the boss and starts him.  I was not in bear form.  How did he know I did not need to switch specs?  You do know that a druid can be a tree or a chicken right?  I could have tanked it in cat no problem but even at that you have a 50/50 chance that you are about to go splat to a lame ass holiday boss because you pulled for the tank.  Don't do that.

2) Focus Fire.
- There is one fucking boss.  How the hell can you miss him and start killing other things?  I grab the boss, do my bear like things and keep the guy mad at me.  I swipe like crazy, because you know that is what us bears do, and that is more then enough to keep the little guys from being drawn away by healer aggro or AoE.  For you to pull one of those non elite, inconsequential, will despawn when the battle is over, sort of adds from me you had to be focus firing it.  Why the hell are you focus firing it?

3) I Don't Need Any New Friends.
- Why do people have to go and aggro the whole fucking instance when in there and bring them back to me.  Sure, one swipe kills them all and if not two surely does.  Why do you have to go collect adds?  At least you brought our new friends to me, I will give you some credit.

And people wonder why I stopped tanking.  If I can run into three different pet peeves in just about 10 runs in a super simple single target 1 minute fight imagine what tanking randoms was like.  That is why I do not do it.

On a side note, they are making tanking harder in Cataclysm?  I do not want to do it now when it is easy why the hell would I do it if it was hard.  Great way to get more people interested in tanking Blizzard.  Who is the moron in charge over there?  Not sure who should be fired, the idiot that said "lets make tanking hard" or the idiot in charge that thought that might actually be a good idea.

How about nerfing all DPS to do less damage and lowering the hit points of the mobs.  That way, no huge numbers even from crits and much harder to pull off the tank.  There you go, you fixed everything and made it so people might actually want to tank.

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  1. *shrug* I am inclined to think they did it to discourage all the DKs/pallies who THINK they are tanks. I'm a DK tank, and I thought when I started out ("Hey, guildies, I think I'm going to seriously give this tanking thing a try." "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, good luck with that.") that the people who had warned me about class hate were kidding. They weren't. And now I can see why...