Monday, September 13, 2010

10/12 ICC +Lots of Achievements

Finally got to 10/12 on my main, my Hunter.  Came away with Portal Jockey and more importantly The Crimson Hall yesterday.  The greatest part of that is that we one shot the prices and the queen.  I have not even tried the princes in months and had never been up to the queen so it was nice to get it done so quickly.  It was in a complete PuG at that, most of which where not uber geared and some of which that had never even experienced these fights.  It goes to show you that people that know what to do are more important then anything else.  Everyone listened to the mechanics, had seen the videos and followed them and things went by smoothly.

The reason I have not run in ages on my Hunter was because I have been working on my Priest.  It is dual purposed because my guild needed another healer and I wanted to give it a shot.  I got into my first 25 man on my priest even if it was only VoA.  I ended up walking away with Toravon the Ice Watcher (25) but no one wanted to stick around for the fire boss which upset me being I actually need gear from that one.  Needless to say, my Hunter luck passed over to my Priest.  Nothing Priest dropped and I was the only Priest in the run which would have meant I would have won it by default.  BTW, the Hunter PvP 264 legs dropped.  I had never seen the Hunter legs drop before of any type.  Only makes sense that they dropped when I was on my Priest.  My Priest also walked away from the weekend adding a slew of achievements as well including: The Wyrmrest Accord, 5 Exalted Reputations, Volazj's Quick Demise, 500 Stone Keeper Shards and Got My Mind On My Money.

My Shaman got a whole slew of beginner 80 achievements, 23 of them to be exact.  While I am tempted to list them all I won't.  Most where doing dungeons for the first time and getting the easy achievements from 5 mans that we all love seeing pop up when we go through with fresh 80s.  I got my first piece of tier 9 on my Shaman now and more importantly I got my blacksmith skill maxed as well.  That is actually how I ended up getting all those dungeon achievements.  Having a DPS as a gatherer is the best idea being you know you will be waiting in query for a while you can gather while doing that.  Multi tasking is what it is all about.  Maximize your time by doing two things at once.  In this case, gathering required goods while waiting for my dungeon.  It is putting my time to better use instead of numbing my mind reading trade while waiting in query.

I made my rounds around Icecrown while in query and ran about 5 dungeons.  In that time I got a bunch of titanium (which where sent to my jewel crafter to be prospected) and more saronite then you could imagine (which after being turned into bars was sent to my transmute master to turn into titanium bars) not to mention the amount of eternals I ended up with was insane.  With all that gathering, and lucky rolls on orbs (to trade in for fires) in the randoms, I had enough material to make enough titansteel bars to craft the last 3 items I needed to get the last 3 points in my blacksmith skill.  That was my intention for the weekend.  Run randoms while gathering until I had enough to up my skill to max.  Amazingly it took a lot shorter of a time then I thought it would.

So now where my professions stand is Tailoring is still 5 away from max, Engineer is still low as are Leather working and Skinning.  Every other profession I have maxed.

I am going to put the hard press on my Rogue next.  Yes, you heard me right.  As much as I despise leveling that piece of crap it is currently my highest non 80 character sitting at 65 (was 63 before the weekend) and it has 2 of the 3 professions I need to work on, Leather working and Skinning.  That is the reason I am going to work on it.  However, before I put the press to 80 on my Rogue there is another little task I need to get done on my Warlock.

I need to get my Warlock to 35 for a few reasons.  One being I am being overloaded with cloth.  Once my Warlock is 35 I can use that cloth to level my Tailoring on it some.  Perfect way to get rid of it and not have to deal with sending it back and forth all the time so I do not lose it like I lost 1200 frostweave cloth once. Side track here, they really need to up cloth to stack to 1000 like arrows and bullets do, this 20 per stack crap does not cut it.  Also, once my warlock is at level 35 then all my characters will be over 35 and once you click 35 you can max out first aid.  A warlock making frostweave badges will really be helpful when leveling.

Then there is the preparation for the Pilgrim's Bounty in November.  Yes, I know November is still a bit away but I always plan in advance.  Cataclysm will be out by then and I know I will not be playing around with alts, I will be working on my main and my secondary main for sure but I will want to take advantage of one thing that the Pilgrim's Bounty offers that no other world event offers.  Cooking.  Cheap and fast leveling of cooking.  You need to be at least level 35 to train past skill level 300.  With the supplies that are offered during the event you can power level cooking from 1 to 350 for less then it costs of a level 80s repair after a bad raid night.  Who in the right mind would not take the chance to level cooking from 1 to 350 for nearly nothing?  All my newer characters I have barely if ever touched cooking on for this one reason.  I will power level during the Bounty for a near nothing cost.  Now that is thinking ahead.

Then, when the time comes, from all the meat and fish I have saved up in my guild bank on my bank alt I can easily level all my characters from from 350-450 and possibly more being Cataclysm will be out by then.  It will all depend on if they are keeping it that you can max out with only being level 35.

It was another eventful weekend for my stable of characters and it felt good to get my Hunter out for some fun again.  I missed playing it and it felt good to have something to do with it again.  The way I figure it is that there are only 7 weeks left until Cataclysm so there is still so much more to do before then on my Hunter.  One is ZG for the mounts and rep.  Only 14K rep left, but I will still keep running it for the ever elusive mounts.

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