Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reading Up

I think it is time to read up on some things so I can move forward.  I did a random on my Rogue yesterday and did a horrible 325 DPS at level 63.  I've already expressed my complete dislike for Rogues and their mechanics as a whole.  They are, without doubt, the worst class in the game in my opinion.  There are things I dislike about all classes but with all classes there are things I do like.  All except the Rogue class.  There is nothing I like about them. 

I made a Rogue to be my lockpick being I heard that leveling blacksmithing would be difficult.  I am sitting on 408 blacksmithing now on my Shaman and have had absolutely no issues leveling it so I really have no clue what people are talking about when they say it is hard to level blacksmithing.  Leveling a Rogue's lock pick skill however is hell.  You have to pick a million and one pockets and then maybe you might get 1 box you can open for a skill up.  Then it is back to picking a million and one pockets to get another one. 

Rogue's are slow.  I mean slow as in slower then a healer wanding something to death.  I joke that leveling my Priest was slow but at least my priest could A) always do something and B) never took damamge and C) could handle multiple mobs with a little bit more effort and D) could take out any eliete it's own level and some higher even. Whereas the Rogue spends most of its time A) waiting for energy to do something and B) needing to eat after every battle and C) would die in a heart beat to multiple mobs even if they were 3 levels below it and D) couldn't handle an elite even if it were stunned for 10 seconds first.

All this makes them so slow, then add to the fact that they have to stealth and sneak up on everything making things even slower.  I think I am still doing it because I just want to get it done so I never have to log on to that piece of crap again.  Also, it is my leatherworker, so I need to level it up if I want to have someone at top level leather working skill.  I think I will give up on leveling the lock pick skill for now.  It is not worth the time it takes.  I can come back at 80 and most likely do it faster if I really wanted to.

With all that said I think it means I am doing something horribly wrong with the Rogue. There is no way that it can really be that bad is there?  It would explain why you never see any Rogues around really as no one would want to go through that hell but I still think it has to be better then it has been for me.

That brings me to needing to read.  I am sure if I read up on it some and put some effort into I can I get better at doing it.  The thing is the desire.  The whole energy thing has my desire level so low it is crazy.  Having no energy to do anything nearly all the freaking time is want makes me not want to play one.  I have to work on that, if focus works out wrong I will have to get used to it with Hunters too and I expect that to happen.  Blizzard is making all efforts to turn Hunters into ranged Rogues.

Another thing I will have to read up on is Tree healing.  Now that I have dungeon experience with my Priest and I see that once you start getting some gear that healing is a piece of cake in heroics for the most part.  So if I do dungeons on my Druid in my Tree spec I can get frosts for my Bear gear and roll on both bear and tree gear.  I am going to use my healing spec to gear up my tanking spec being healing is a ton easier then tanking, from my experience at least.

The thing is, as a healer if you get an over geared tank you can just coast through healing.  Not even really paying much attention.  Even with the one stupid DPS, and there is always one, that just means you need to heal 2 people instead of 1.  Not much of a big deal.  With tanking however, even if you get an over geared healer it means nothing.  Sure they can heal you more but that one stupid DPS, as I said there is always one, could very well make your life hell.

The beauty of healing also is that you can get a heroic geared group and have a super easy instance as long as they all know what they are doing.  I had one yesterday on my priest.  The tank was the highest DPS at only 2200 DPS and the instance was still a breeze.  Healing it was still easy.  If people know what they are doing then the job of a healer is always easier.  You can say that about any role really.  If the tank can hold aggro then being a DPS is easier.  If the DPS are not AoEing before you have threat then being a tank is easier.  The big difference is, even if everyone knows what do to is that a tank still needs to tank and a DPS still needs to DPS whereas a healer needs to watch people battle with throwing the rare heal here and there.

So I have to read up on my tree so I can get my healing rotation down and know exactly what stats I am going to be needing.for gearing up and I can roll for both types of items and use the Frosts for my bear gear.  Best of both worlds really.  I already have a healer for working on end game in my Priest, a DPS in my Hunter and soon a tank in my Bear.

To Do List:
Read up on Rogue
Read up on Resto Druid

Now I am off to do some work.  Wish me luck.

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