Thursday, September 16, 2010

Badges for Gold?

With Cataclysm coming out they are exchanging some of our old badges for gold.  I am forever hearing people complain about not being able to afford epic flight and it honestly annoys the crap out of me.  Someone in my guild recently said he could not afford epic flight.  I asked him what his skills where, he said mining and jewel crafting.  I said then go mining.  After you are done, mine some more.  4 days later he now has epic flight.

The thing is he just did not know better.  He was taught and he did what was needed to be done.  He is the exception, not the rule.  Most people are just to damn lazy.  I can not tell you the amount of people I have handed out advice to on how to get their epic flying and yet they still do not have it because they are not willing to put in the effort.

Now, roughly half of those people can get epic flying easily.  Why do I say half?  Because half of those lazy people are only lazy when it come to making money.  They are not lazy when it comes to raiding and doing dungeons and the such.  For those people there is a number you need to know about.


That is the exact number of badges of triumph/frost that will translate into 5005 gold if you trade them down to Conquests.  Otherwise known as epic flying. 

For many of those people that will not put in the effort to make any gold because they either do not want to or do not understand how to this can be a god send.  Some of those people, one friend of mine I have in mind, have 1000s of badges they have nothing to do with.  I've told them to turn them into gems and sell the gems for cash but they refused to even do that for some unknown reason. 

This effectively makes life easier for them if they are willing to do one thing.  Trade all those down to Conquest.  Now these are the same people that do not want to trade down to get gems so not sure if I can convince them to trade down to conquest but that is free money.

I think keeping the triumph/frost badges and having them turned into justice points will be useless for a few reasons.  One being we will still be getting more justice points as we run dungeons anyway and another being that all justice points will be able to buy is starter 85 gear (NOT the tier 11), you know the stuff we can get crafted or dropped from dungeons.  So it is not like they will get you anything special.  With that in mind, the gold becomes much more attractive then the gear you could get.

For many of the people that have those 1000s of badges stocked up there is nothing to buy.  I've been using mine to get saronites to sell or craft gear for my fresh 80s.  I even stopped running randoms on my main ages ago because I do not need frosts any more.  I do not run ICC 25 any more or even try to get into VoA 10 and 25 any more.  I might join if I am on and invited, but I no longer make an effort to join.  If I had kept doing them and had kept doing my randoms and did not buy upwards of 40 saronites I would easily have 2000 emblems of frost left over.  Thing is, my friends, the ones I mentioned with 1000s of badges did not stop doing things like I did, that is why they have 1000s.

So now for those that are raid-a-holics that were never able to make gold, it has finally paid off.  You can get your epic flying and your 310 flying should you need it because you raided.

I mentioned that is 1/2 the people.  What about the other half?  Well, the other half that are to lazy to make gold are also to lazy to run content.  Those are usually the ones complaining how hard it is to get gear in the same breath that it is too hard to get gold.  If you can't run one heroic a day and make at least 1 raid night a week then you are not really into getting gear and with that lack of commitment you are also not really into getting money.

For those people I only have one thing to say.  You do not deserve epic flying.  You are the last step of the casual player.  So casual that even casual players look hard core compared to you.  Lets just hope that Blizzard never gets so far down to catering to you as well. Get off your butt or stop complaining.  Blizzard just gave the ultimate gift to people that do not like the make their own gold and you made a choice not to pick up your gift.  Deal with it.

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