Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ports Gone from Shat and Dal?

I am all for change.  I might bitch about some of it and even get to the verge of irate but that is because I am the grumpy elf.  It is my job to be grumpy and I am usually good at it.  Not like it takes much skill to complain about everything.  That is why I am so good at it.  It is not hard.

Speaking of hard, people always say the game was harder back in the day.  It was harder because mounts did not come so soon and it was a lot harder because there were no central hubs where people could port to every major city all over the world.  Those hubs made the game so easy is their claim.

Hell no they don't.  What are those people smoking and more importantly why are they not sharing?

I've said it before and I will say it again.  Making things take longer does not make them harder.  It makes them more annoying.

Let us take one example and let the people decide which is "harder".

You are at the Argent Tourney doing some jousting and need to get to Darn.

With Ports:
1) Fly to Dal
2) Port to Darn

Without Ports:
1) Fly to Val Keep
2) Board boat to SW
3) Board boat to Darn (yes, in cat the boat goes right there)

So is it really "easier" with ports.
It is one step simpler, sure, but does that really make it easy.  Is there more "skill" involved doing it without ports?  Of course there is no skill involved in using a port.  The need for skill is what separates easy from hard isn't it?

So with no skill needed either way the only real difference is time.  Doing it with a port means you get from the Tourney to Darn in roughly 2 and a half minutes.  Without ports you are looking at, roughly of course being I do not want to waste that much time trying it, 15 minutes worth of travel.

So you are talking about a 12 and a half minute difference with and without ports.  Neither of those journeys take any skill so they are both "easy".   One just gives you a chance to play the game more whereas the other just lets you.... travel?  Is that supposed to be fun?

Now lets give you the choice.

You have 30 minutes to play today.

Which are you going to do?
Use ports and travel for 2 1/2 minutes and play for 27 1/2 minutes?
Go without parts and travel for 15 minutes and play for 15 minutes?

I know which one I am going to chose.

Leave the ports and let the people enjoy the game with travel taking less time.  Let things that are actual game play take time.  Make raiding take time.  Make grinding rep take time.  Make grinding gear take time.  Make leveling take time.  Make earning gold take time.  Make leveling professions take time.  They are all actual game play things that you gain something from so taking time makes sense.  You gain nothing from it taking longer to travel.

Leave travel short, which means having more ports, not less.  You gain nothing from travel being shorter except maybe more time to actually play the game.  Isn't playing the game what it is supposed to be about?

Some solutions to relieve the stress people seem to be having over it being removed.

The ports are in high level cities as a bonus for being that level, make them act as that.
Make the ports in Shat have a use level of 65 and the ones in Dal a use level of 75.  That way they become a perk of level as they should be and not a hub for alts to use. (although I love using it for that)

Let Scribes have the option to make scrolls to port to different places.  They have their scroll of recall why not a scroll of SW, IF, Darn and Exo (and their horde equivalents of course).  Being they are trying to destroy the glyph market this would be a nice buffer for them to compensate.

Let Alchemists make potions of transport for all the cities.  Would be a nice addition to their sales and it does make sense and there is some prescient for it.

Let Mages make transferable ports for single use.  However this one is one I am against.  No other class has a way to make money like mages do already, adding to it will just give them more money.  Lets professions make the extra money I say.

Last but not least. Make ports from every major city to every other major city.  That way if you make SW your home you can get to the other 3 alliance cities easily, Shat (once you are 58) and Dal (once you are 68).  Now that fixes the problem with overcrowding in cities because people will be happy to make Exodar their home as no one uses it much and it still can get you anywhere you need quickly.  People would split up.  I like this idea most.

One more comment on the people that complain about lag in Dal.  If Dal lags it is not Blizzards fault it is your fault.  If you want to stop the lag buy a better computer or adjust your settings.  You hold the way to fix this problem in your own hands.  Stop complaining about something that is in your own hands to fix.

For the moment I will reserve judgment because I have faith something will be done to correct this horrible idea for change but I will not hold my breathe, I am still waiting for the replacement to volley hunters where promised.  And do not say Multi Shot because if that is your answer you apparently have not been playing WoW long enough to make an informed comment.

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