Friday, September 24, 2010

Glory of the Hero & Possible (bad) World First

Finally I got Glory of the Hero done.  It took what seemed like forever to get it because of one thing only.  Less Rabi.  I can not even begin to tell you the amount of times I got screwed out of that achievement.  At least half a dozen for sure.  So many time he died as he was mid cast and it never registered as the achievement.  So it was a matter of getting lucky more so for this achievement.  Last night I finally got lucky.

How we did it was me on my Hunter, a Warlock, a Mage, a Paladin Tank and a Priest Healer.  The Paladin Tank was tanking for the first time ever on that character.  Nice way for someone to learn huh?  The Priest turned Shadow for the fight and then we all went at it balls to the wall.  First transformation I silenced him, second the Mage counterspelled.  That was all that was needed.  The first transformation did not come until near 30% health, the second instantly after at around 18%, he never had a chance to even try a third.

I think that is why it worked this time and not all the others.  All the others we killed him mid transformation so it did not count.  This time we killed him after the second was countered but before the third started so there was no way the system could screw me over this time.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

Last night we were on Sin in ICC and we wiped.  No big deal, wipes happen right?  We all release and start to head back in but we get what I will only call is a World First for ICC.

Okay, let me set the scene.  In ICC, 11th boss. Go in, start fight.  Oops, 2 DPS die right off the start do to something stupid.  With that we might not have enough to down it but we continued just to see how far we could get it.  About 3 minutes later it is a wipe.  One of the healers is one of the last to die.  The DK is one of the earlier ones to die.

Now for what could quite possible be a world first.

We release, we all come back in except the healer.  He releases and tries to get back in but he can't.  Someone says for the healer to release. He says, I did release but it will not let me back in.  They say, but your body is still on the floor here.

Yeap, the healer released and tried to come back but could not.  So he was alive and well outside the entrance now while his body was still laying, and targetable, in the instance looking as if it never released.  We try to revive the body, it will not let us.  We have a lock try to summon him, it will not let us. When you click on the priest it shows the picture of a ghost as if they are still dead, but he is not dead any more, he is outside and now back to full life but his image when you click it is still a ghost.  There are now officially 2 copies of our healer.  One dead in the raid and one alive outside of the raid.

Now, how do we get our healer back in?  Any one of the two of them will be nice.  Someone suggests the healer check their raid ID and they do that and guess what.  The healer has a different raid ID then the other 9 of us.  How the hell did that happen?

We fiddle around a little and decide to call it a night, we are not going to continue with a different healer for the last 2 bosses.  So we will do Ruby Sanctum for now and put in a ticket so maybe we can continue this on Monday but now is where another problem comes in and the reason I mentioned the DK earlier.

The DK can not get out of ICC.  He can not walk out the front portal, he can not use the port to dalaran inside there and he can not hearth out either.  We even try summoning him and that does not work either.  He is stuck inside ICC.  Time for another ticket.

So we ended up with a healer that could not get into the raid even though his dead body was in there and a DK that could not get out of the raid.  Bugs galore.

Maybe it was revenge from the system for finally letting me get Less Rabi without it bugging?  Either way, I am sure that has to be a world first for ICC.  A 10 man raid that has 11 men.  2 of the same healer, one dead inside that can not be revived and one alive outside that can not enter and a DK that can't leave, he is stuck in ICC forever.

I know who the new Lich King is... Our DK.  He is there forever now, locked in ICC, destined to take the place of the fallen king.

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