Thursday, September 2, 2010

2 Weeklys

Yesterday my guild had enough people on to run 2 of the weekly runs which was good for a lot of people, even more so the few undergeared people in the guild.  We have 2 new members that have just started playing after a long absence so they have a bit of catching up to do.  The first run had a few mains in it for the few people that wanted the frosts on their mains or only had one level 80 character.

I healed on my Priest in the first one which worked perfect for me being I need the frosts on my Priest big time.  I had no issues healing it being it was only patchwork and even a rookie healer can handle that one.  Works out well for me being I still consider myself a rookie healer.

The second run we went with nearly all alts.  I tanked on my Druid and one of our DPS warriors threw together some tanking pieces to be the other tank.  So we really had two fresh tanks in there.  We also only had 2 mains in there, both DPS, so that was sure to help some.  One main died less then 10 seconds into the fight which seems to happen a lot when a main goes with undergeared alts.  They tend to have a higher life total and patch likes people with higher life totals.  They also tend to be rather squishy being they are not tanks.  Outside of his untimely (or is it timely being I told he he would die) death we had no problems.  Me and the other tank held aggro the whole time and it never even came close to being an issue and we killed him fast enough to get the achievement for under 4 minutes.  Not bad for a 9 (being one died so early it does not count) man run with alts.  We did not even do that on my Priest run with a lot more DPS.

Of course we did not have enough for a third run so my Hunter never got a chance to do it but I do not mind so much.  I have not really run much of anything with my Hunter in such a long time that I think I am beginning to forget how to play him.

After that battle I was able to get my Druid her first piece of T10 gear which was a nice little surprise.  I have not really played her in ages so she does not get a great deal of love when it comes to gear.  When looking I saw I am only 6 away from my second T9 piece as well.  Might need to run a couple of randoms just to get that, will help gear wise.

My Priest, with her most recent addition, is now geared enough for ICC 10 based on wow-heroes.  It is in the area of raids I should be focusing on.  Not bad at all being I never went crazy trying to gear her up.  Goes to show what I always say.  Gearing up does not take long at all.  I do not think I have even played a total of 12 hours at 80 yet and I went from fresh 80 to ready for ICC.  I never want to hear someone say it takes a long time to gear up.  It takes a long time to gear up enough for those gear score nut jobs that think you need a 5800 gear score before you can even step into ICC 10 normal, but not for normal non elitist assholes.

A friend helped me finish a quest in the Stockades yesterday and ran my Lock through it a few more time so I could get some experience and some wool cloth.  Wool seems to be the most expensive cloth on every server in wow.  I only need to make 15 more bolts of wool so I can make enough items to get out of the wool stage there and only need another 7 points in first age to get out of that stage.  When that comes I have enough silk cloth saved up to cover all of the united states, twice probably.  Might explain why silk cloth is basically worthless on every server I've ever seen.

So I got a lot of stuff accomplished yesterday and am really totally excited about getting both my other 80s into the weekly to finish it.  I do not count my DK as an 80 even if it is because it is only a bank character and I have no intention of ever using it for anything except low level dungeon farming if need be.  I've never even run a dungeon with it and do not plan to, at least at the moment.

I did my daily run on my shaman yesterday too.  Been doing just that and 2 dailies every day on my Shaman.  Trying to let rested build up and the dungeon only uses about 1/2 the rested that my day in dalaran saves up each day.  So I am getting experience, getting triumphs and getting rested all at the same time.  Can't beat that with a stick.

I am thinking of trying to get my refer a friend buddy to power level to 60 this weekend and then get my lock to 30 so I can be all done with that.  Then with whatever time we have left we can do some time on the character on the RP server.  We might have a week or two left at most.

If that does not work I might try to power level my shaman to 80 this weekend but without 100% rested it will not be as quick as it could be. 76-80 takes absolutely no time at all but you need to be rested for it to work the way I do it.  Those few quest lines will take you all the way to 80 and you will still be on rested.  Without it, it will take longer.  I do not like longer.  76 and still less then 4 days played on my Shaman.  Time management is key when leveling.

Looks like I have a fun weekend ahead no matter what I choose to do.

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