Monday, August 23, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Nothing.

A friend of mine, the tank I first ran with on a regular basis, is letting his subscription expire next month.  He is not really quitting the game but he is just sick of playing the same things over and over again.  He seems to have lost interest.  He most likely will come back when Cataclysm comes out he said, but you never know. 

My question is this, why let an account expire when it is so cheap to keep it?  His expires toward the end of September and Cataclysm is believed (as it seems at the moment) that it will be out near the end of November.  Personally I think it will be out near the end of October, have thought that for a long time now.  November is only 60 days from September, that is one game card, that is 30 bucks.  Just 30 bucks.

I can see how you can take some time off from playing.  I basically did that this weekend.  I didn't accomplish anything at all.  I also spend less time on this weekend when I had the free time.  I usually spent most of the free time playing, that is what free time is for.  Instead I watched some TV to pass the time.  Admittedly both are complete and total wastes of time but it is about what you enjoy doing.  I just was not in a mood for WoW and it seems my friend is not as well and that is why he is letting his account expire.

I can't see doing that unless I had the intention to quit completely and not come back.  Otherwise I would pay the 30 bucks to keep it running for those 60 days.  Just in case I decide to come back and play.  I really don't have anything else to do with my free time anyway.  So it helps me pass the time.

What exactly would you do if you got bored with a game and you knew a new expansion was coming out?  The old timers know because they have done it before but I am new.  Never been around at this point where an expansion is so close.  I keep trying to find things to keep me busy but it seems like there are less and less people doing anything so I can do things with them.  Most of the things I need would require more then just me.  I'm not exactly prepared to solo The Black Temple nor would I even try.

Everyone and their mother is running around with Kingslayer titles and I still do not have one.  If anything, that would be my reason for taking some time off.  My server is bad, very bad, and yet it still seems that I see Kingslayer around more then I do Jenkins.  I think that is the reason my friend is planning on taking time off.  The constant failure over and over can drain a person.  It has completely and totally killed me and my desire to play most of the time.  I stick with it because someone has to lead the raids and I feel it is my responsibility to do so. 

The problem is we are always helping people gear up just so they can go some place else.  It has happened over and over so often and now that it is the end of the expansion the only people left are people that either need gear or are so horrible that they could not get it even if they were carried.  So what does that say about me? That most likely explains why he is leaving. 

It sure explains why I am considering working so hard on my Priest (which did the first 3 bosses of ICC this weekend with only a 3600 gear score) and not really caring about my hunter any more.  Not saying my Hunter is not my main, it still is and will remain my main but the problem is I am not getting anywhere with it.  Range DPS is a dime a dozen and even if most people that know me consider me one of the top 5 Hunters on my server and I've been offered to run with some teams that do Kingslayer runs every week in only 1 night my Hunter is tied to my guild.  It is about honor and that is where he belongs so that is where he stays. 

So I am Working on my Priest as healers always seem to be in great need for raids.  Also my Priest is Disc and a Disc Priest is almost required for 25 man and even more so in hard modes for 25 man.  So if I put as much effort into my Priest as I did into my Hunter I will get Kingslayer with my Priest.  Not exactly what I wanted and mildly disheartening but at this late stage in the game before the coming expansion that seems to be the only option I have.

I have not been working on it as much as I should.  I have still not even fixed up my tool bar to be a completely healing set up yet being I am still questing and doing dailies whenever I do play it and I need the offensive spells available.  I think I might work on that today some.  It just bugs me a little that I needed to go out of my way to make another character that I should have been able to get on my main with no problem.

Maybe I can see why he is quitting for a while.  I just do not understand why you let your account lapse for only 60 days in the process.  I guess for as much as I do understand in the game there is a lot I don't when it comes to people in the game.

Being gear score is all these people care about I am keeping track of my Priest's gear score so I can know when it is good enough to start pugging myself into 25s.  I am still a long way away being I have not been doing my dungeons like I should have but I am up to 4200 gear score now.  If I at least did the daily dungeon I could get that up to 4800 in a week and get into some 25 PuGs because as I said, healers are always in need and a Disc Priest is almost a requirement.  Maybe I will have better roles with my Priest then I do with my Hunter and then I can get a sweet gear score in no time.

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