Monday, August 30, 2010

Things I Learned From Healing

I've been doing my daily dungeon on my Priest every day.  I know, amazing right, never got into that on my Druid and stopped running on my Hunter ages ago unless I am bored one day.  In that time running my Priest I have made a few observations.  Little things that I never noticed before.

Paladins and Death Knights are aggro whores.  Seriously, do they ever have anything to help with their aggro?  My Pally is only 40 and my DK I soloed to 80 and it has not left a city since then, it is my bank character.  I don't know if they have something to reduce aggro or not but if they do I have rarely ran across a Paladin or Death Knights DPS that didn't end up needing more healing then the tank did.  Also, it seems Paladins are squishy for someone that wears plate, they grab aggro, I shield them, throw a renew and a flash heal if need be and go back to the tank.  By the time I get back to them they are dead.

Hunters, most of them, really do deserve the term Huntards.  I would say a good 80% of the Hunters never use Misdirection.  Trust me, I am a Hunter main, if they where using it I would see it.  They have no clue what they are doing. I had one ask me to revive his pet for him yesterday.  I said, you have a revive pet option.  A few seconds later he was standing next to a pet with low health.  I did not even ask him if he knew what the Mend Pet skill did.  I just healed it.  What the hell did this guy do when his pet died?  Did he always go out and tame a new one each time?

Bear tanks take a while to get good AoE threat.  Seems like I am the only person in WoW that knows this.  Every time I get a bear tank there is at least 1 DPS beating on crap before the bear has one lick of threat on it.  Your job as a DPS is to know your tank.  Do your freaking job.  Know that your tank needs to swipe before you start your AoE. 

Paladin tanks can tend to be an issue to heal when they are over geared.  Over geared means less damage, less damage means less healing, less healing means less mana, oom Paladin Tank means mobs all over the freaking place.  I have changed how I heal them to compensate.  I no longer shield them at all.  I do not even renew them.  If they are over geared I let them go in and get hit and then just spam flash heal whenever they take a hit.  Helps some but sometimes not enough.

Death Knight tanks seem to think it is okay to have their backs to the mobs.  Their reasoning is that they do not use a shield so they do not need to be facing the person to block, so facing them is not as important as long as they can keep aggro on them.  Dude!  First rule of tanking, never show them your back.  What the hell does a shield have to do with anything?

Warrior tanks, at least at 80, are all the same.  They never stop moving, god forbid I need a drink.  While over all they are the easiest to heal when they know what they are doing they are always in a rush.  It is like someone is holding a gun to their head and says, if you go below 50 miles per hour the bus will explode.  Oh wait, that was the movie Speed, but you get the idea.

Mages seem to grab aggro nearly as much as Paladins and Death Knights but at least they all seem quick to ice block.  I've almost gotten to the point that Mages are way low on my heal order list for that reason.  It seems that whenever a Mage takes any damage they ice block.  Is there some sort of addon that I do not know about that automatically ice blocks them if they go below 75% life or are they all just scared shitless because they are always getting themselves killed early on that they jump the gun to quickly.

Shaman and Priest DPS might as well just not exist in instances.  If the Shaman never drops a totem I would not even know they where there.  They seem to fly under the radar most of the time.  Priests are the same way.  On rare occasion do I even notice there is another one in the group.

Rogue?  What are those?  I think in all my runs I have only seen one of them and he died on the first pull and I revived him saying I was sorry, he just went down so quick.  He said, no worries, I will give your revive a work out.  He died 3 times that run.  Every time with 1 shot even though I keep a shield on him the whole instance.  That was the only one I have seen in a run.  I think Rogues are more a myth then anything else.  (for my reasoning why rogues suck and no one uses them check my post earlier today, 2 back)  Seems like I am not the only one that thinks Rogues are beyond useless.

Never run with a Druid Tree of course being I am the healer in the group, same goes for a Holy Paladin and Resto Shaman so I can not say anything about them from a healers perspective.

All the others, kitty and chicken druids, warrior dps, warlocks all seem to be average, no stereotype I can hang on them.  There are good ones and bad ones, none of them stand out more then the others. 

If anything I can note is that there are not a great deal of warlocks that trade health for mana.  Maybe it is an 80 thing with such high regen rates.  At lower levels I see them doing it all the time.  In 80 dungeons I am ready to keep dropping renews on them but never need to.

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