Friday, August 13, 2010

Not a Bad Start

The first run back at the old guild as a guild only run did not go bad at all.  We only did the first 6 but we did them fast and there were really no issues.  We went for the professor after rot and fester and wiped of course.  We had a whole slew of people that had never seen the fight before so it was expected.  First time up we made it to phase two which is an accomplishment in it's own when people had never even watched the video before.  Second attempt we were 300K from phase three.  Now that is absolutely amazing. 

My first time through there with a great crew we wiped at least seven or eight times before getting that close to phase three.  The beauty of that is once you make phase three the fight is basically over.  The end of the fight is basically a tank and spank even back before the buff, with the buff it is no problem at all.  So we were basically a few seconds worth of DPS away from finishing it on the second try with a lot of people having never been there and some having never even watched a video.

I am not sure if that is a testament to my raid leadership or a testament to having good people there at the time.  Maybe it was a little of both.  I did my standard approach to explaining it.  I forgot what everything was called and just gave general descriptions on what to do.  I never bog people down with too much information unless they ask for it.  I think that is the downfall of many raids.

I am looking forward to sunday when we continue.  I think I can lead these people through that, dreamwalker and sin with no problem.  It is nice to be doing something again.

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