Monday, August 9, 2010

Going Back Home

I am going to head heading back to my first raiding guild soon.  I want to talk to the guild leader before I leave.  That is just my style.  I've never been the type to just leave even if I were pissed at someone.  Maybe back in my drinking days I would have done something like that without thinking first.  Sobriety and age seem to change things like that from happening.

Why do I bring up drinking you might ask?  Well, my old (current as it may be) guild leader did not drink.  However it sure seemed a lot like that sometimes.  He would jump quickly to make a decision and then even if he later regretted it he would defend his action.  Such as people getting kicked from the guild because they did not bring their mains on the weekly that the guild does on Wednesdays.  After kicking people for that very reason and then defending that reason he turns around and says people can do the weekly whenever they want but we will still run one on Wednesdays for those that need it.  See, a quick knee jerk reaction.  Something you would expect from someone that had been tipping his elbow a bit to much that day.

That was increasingly becoming the feeling I was getting from him on many occasions.  He was very confrontational at points.  Even getting verbal about kicking peoples ass in real life.  Come on man, this is a game, go play tough guy some place else.  I was slightly bothered by that but I just chalked it up to him being a bit self conscious or something.  Most people that act like that online are usually the ones that were forever getting their ass kicked in school and this is how they made themselves feel better.  But adding things like that with other things made me think that for a man that does not drink he seems to have all the symptoms of someone with a drinking problem.

The kicker was just recently when people started to leave in droves like I had told them would happen if we continued to not run he threw a temper tantrum.  Among the things he did were blaming us for us not raiding when he was the one that was not there and did not even put it on the calender.  He also deleted the guild website in a fit of anger.  He said it was accidentally, but I've been there before, I used to be that drunk person that acted like that.  It was not an accident.  He deleted it because it was pissed that everyone was leaving him and he could not stop them.  So by doing that he was able to take control.  It was the "I deleted the web site, you didn't leave" thing.  A way for him to take control again and it makes a great deal of sense to someone that is drunk. 

I was pissed because I wrote a ton of tutorials for that site and I did not have them backed up.  How did I know some idiot would go delete it because he had a hissy fit.  Then he starts a new site and tells everyone they need to go there to re apply to the guild.

Re apply to a guild I am already in?
After you deleted all my hard work?

No thank you.  I do not care if you where the best player in the world and could single handed carry 24 other people to ICC 25 hard modes all by yourself and no one else doing anything.  You are still not that important that you can let things go the way they did because you were not around.

I think that was the undoing of the guild.  If the guild leader was not around we where not allowed to run.  He made runs for when he wanted to run.  Being Starcraft came out and he was all obsessed with that he did not want to run, so we were not allowed to run.

As a person he is not a bad guy.  Even funny and helpful at times.  As a guild leader, he leaves something to be desired.  If I were to leave him with one word of advice it would be that next time get some officers so that when you are gone things still get done.  Stop thinking of yourself as being so important that you can run everything yourself and if you are not there we can't do anything without you.  <--  Another sign of a drinker.  I've been there too.

I doubt there will be a great deal of raiding in my old guild to start off with but then again I have not been doing a great deal of raiding in the last weeks anyway.  I would rather be around friend doing less raiding then being in a guild where things are set up and never done.  That is more stressful then doing nothing.  Doing nothing when you have nothing planned is okay.  Doing nothing because the guild leader does not feel like running and doesn't want us to pug it is another.

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  1. The destruction of the guild website sounds horrid, let alone anything he did before. It really was the ultimate childish gesture. Anywhere else would be a happier place. Hope you enjoy your new home.