Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Raiding Schedule

Making a raiding schedule is like making food.  If you put too much of one in or not enough of the other it will not come out right.  The recipe needs to be followed exactly, or damn close, or else it will not taste like it was expected to.  Raids are somewhat the same in a sense.

So often I see problems in guilds when a raid gets canceled and things blow up and people get upset or when you run without people that are normally some of the best people that make sure they are always there when it is time to run.  Usually you can handle the situation yourself or pass it on to someone else if you are the raid leader.  If you can't make it you tell someone to cover for you but what happens when the server can't make it?

That is what I am getting at.  Tuesday maintenance tends to bring about problems that are not normal, problems that can not be easily handled.  If maintenance gets extended sometimes you do not run at all and that upsets people.  Not like there is much you can do about that as a raid leader.  If you raid is set to start at 7 and the server is not up until 8 then you cancel the raid.  It is rather simple.  Sad part is that seems to upset a lot of people.  I've seen people leave guilds because a run was canceled do to extended maintenance.

Then you have the perennial perfect player.  Good attitude, good attendance, always prepared, knows the fights before you get to them, you know who I am talking about.  The perfect raider, the one where if you had a whole crew of them then you could clear anything the day it comes out.  You also know those people are few and far between.  Sometimes even those people get frustrated when the server is down.  They do not sit there trying to log in every five minutes.  They do something else. Go to the bar, watch TV or even god forbid spend some time with the family.   If the server comes up and you decide to run anyway even if it was late and that person shows up after you filled all the spots you have a very angry person on your hands.

So many problems come from Blizzard being extremely undependable when it comes to getting their servers back up in a timely manner.  That is why this time around my guild is no longer even attempting Tuesday runs.  Nope, none at all are put on the schedule.  I might add something for "if you want to" type of thing but not the end game raids.  Not the progression raids.  Not anything of importance.  To many bad things can happen that breed bad blood to make running on a Tuesday even an option.

I wonder if other guilds have come to this conclusion as well? While I like to run on Tuesday I hate to see it canceled or delayed.  Not to mention all those follow up runs that got canceled because we did not run the Tuesday one.  This way we will totally avoid all those problems.  I hope.

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  1. I can live with that. I appointed you as my raid leader and figure I will support your decisions to the best of my ability.