Thursday, August 5, 2010

Now it is gear up time for my Priest.

I basically geared up my hunter before the LFD system when it was actually much harder to do.  A DPS, even more so a new DPS, has a bitch of a time getting into a group.  Healers however are seemingly loved universal as long as they are trying even if they suck.  So getting a group back then would have been no problem, just like getting one now is no problem with one in the LFD system.

I ran a few heroic randoms last night and the over/under for good to bad is about 3 to 1.  For every three good ones I run there is one bad one.  Sometimes that is my fault and sometimes it is not.  I am a new healer and I make to assumptions that even thought I read what to do that I can do it well yet.  I am getting better, that is really why I am doing the dungeons, to learn.  I can afford to instantly get my a 5K gear score from the auction house but what is the fun in that.  Not to mention, I would not have practical healing experience which is what I really need.  Anyone can have gear.  It takes effort to become good. 

I had mostly good runs with averagely geared tanks.  No super tanks but some skilled ones.  They never lost aggro, they pulled LoS when needed, they did what they needed to do.  I healed through everything.  It is a lot easier when people around you know what they are doing.  A renew once in a while here and there and a shield when I know something is coming.  That is all I needed to worry about the DPS.  Binding heal has become my favorite for when I need a spot heal being I heal myself and the tank at the same time.  Can't beat that with a stick.  Not to mention it hit for nearly triple of my flash heal.

When I get a lame tank it all goes down hill fast.  Really fast.  I have still not gotten used to working in panic mode.  Panic mode is when everyone has aggro on something at all times except for the tank. Who to heal, what to heal them with, who is the tank trying to get back and such.  If the tank is about to pull a mob off someone then I do not need to heal them all the way, I can worry about others.  So knowing that is important.  Sad thing is that most tanks are unpredictable so I never know who they are going to save.  Make healing everyone a little harder and I am not doing well working in that situation.

Perfect example is on one run we get to the final boss and the Rogue grabs aggro instantly.  Ever heard of tricks?  I was so tempted to ask him.  But I had not time to type.  I was healing him as if he was the tank.  6K, 11K, 8K, renews, shields, everything I could throw out at them and I keep them up for a pretty long time but sooner or later, with others taking damage as well he went down.  The tank never had aggro for even 1 second until the rogue died.  I ended up dying as well just as we downed the boss, but we did down him so that is what matters most.  Running with people like that make life difficult.  I am a rookie, I can not handle that.  I doubt even a pro could have handled that.  Actually, a pro would have let him die if he wanted to be an aggro whore.

In the 4 runs I did we had a Warlock in each one.  I've gotten used to throwing a renew on the warlock after each pull.  No biggie.  I can't see why some people complain about that.  Even as a hunter, and I do love my pet, I do not heal pets.  It is another spot on my healbot bar and that is not needed.  Yet I have never seen one pet died since I have been healing.  Smart heals always seem to get them.

In the end I got only a trinket for an upgrade and it was a huge one going from a 105 to a 200 trinket.  Trinkets are the hardest to find I think.  I also got enough to buy me my first piece of T9.  Question is, when the time comes, what am I going to do about T10.  I think I will save up for the offset pieces first.  Things like back and waist.

I am willing to do my daily dungeon as a priest now that I have tried it a few times.  I just hope I do not get any more unskilled tanks.  All greens and unskilled makes it impossible for me to learn.  I wish new tanks would make the effort to at least get normal item before jumping into heroics like I did.  I did not spend cash on the auction house.  I went and ran dungeons.  I do love the healer query time.  Much better then my hunters time.  I am just wondering if I will ever do the heard press and knock out a ton of dungeons to get geared up faster.  Only time will tell.  All depends on how well my runs go.  They go good, I keep running.

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