Friday, August 20, 2010

Reputations and Mounts

I finally got Honor Hold to exalted last night which gave me 30 Exalted Reputations and it kicked off my achievement ambitions again making me want to get back to doing a few.  Maybe I can take some time on my main again instead of spending all my non raiding time on alts for a bit.

I've been looking into some other reputations that I can get easily to try and work my way to 40.  I need a ton of the BC ones still, that will get me to 35 easily when I finish them.  I have the 4 goblin ones to do still and they are just grinding kills so that is more of a time effort then anything else. 

I also want to go for the 2 switch factions.  The Aldor/Scryer and the Oracle/Frenzyheart ones.  I have Oracles already so getting Frenzyheart will not be much of an issue.  Just did to do that one kill again and choose the other one and just do the dailies.  Time is all it will take, it will not be much trouble.

I am working on Aldor now and only need about 6K more.  I should get they just from drops while doing the other BC ones.  In that same time I am saving up Scryer ones which will make getting the Scryers up once I go for the switch no problem at all.  Not to mention all the ones I already saved up leveling 3 other characters through BC and 2 more characters that are presently there leveling.  All the others have never chosen a side so all their goods can go to my main.  The one thing I will have to make note of are the Dampscale Basilisk Eyes that I am going to need to switch from Aldor to Scryer.  I am going to need 200 of them and only have about 12 so far.  So I will need to grind them or keep an eye on the auction house for them.

Speaking of the auction house I will have to keep an eye out for things like Dark Iron Ore, Core Leather, Fiery Core, Lave Core, and Blood of the Mountain for Thorium Brotherhood reputation.  With all the ones I just mentioned it should take me to 40 no problem.  At 30 now, the goblin towns will make it 34, the two BCs will make it 36, the one LK will make it 37, the Thorium Brotherhood will make it 38 and then any of the other BC ones I need, Lower City, Keepers of Time, Scale of the Sands, Ashtongue Deathsworn or The Violet Eye will finish it off.  That makes 40 without doing any of the major grind ones.  Lower City and Keepers of time seem to be the easiest ones of those and will most likely be the ones I go for first.

Another one of the achievements I am getting close on that is a bit of work like the reputation one is the mount one.   I got myself up to 93 mounts last night on my way to trying to get to Mountain O' Mounts.  I still need 2 of the PvP ones which will be easy enough to get.  A days worth of grinding if I really wanted to and I can get 100K honor needed to buy the last 2.  There are also 6 more I still need from the Argent Tournament which cost 100 seals each.  I am sitting at only 41 seals.  Those are one of those ones that I will need to do the dailies every day to get to it and I have not done them in 3 months.  It only takes 15 minutes. I guess I can force myself to do it if I really want the achievement. 

I also want to get the Baron one but that is really about luck.  There is the Ashes one and the MT one as well, but they are luck too and I can not solo either of them.  At least I do not think I can, never tried to be honest but it does not seem like I could.  There is the one in Kara and two in ZG as well I can go for but again they are luck.  Both of those I can solo and know I can being I have done it before.

So with effort or luck or some of both getting the 100 mount one will not be an issue either.  Not to mention there are still a few expensive ones I could bring myself to buy that I have not bought yet.  That is always an option.

Then there is one thing that would help in both the Reputation and Mount department that I have always kept away from because of not only time involvement but a horrible drop rate.  The Wintersaber Trainers would not only get me an exalted reputation but it would get me a wicked cool mount.  +1 for each at the same time.  I always love doing things that have multi purposes.  However, looking back at it, I can get both achievements without ever touching them.  That won't stop me in the end.  I think I really want that mount so I will have to go for it either way.

In retrospect I can probably get both of those achievements finished this weekend if I put a ton of effort into it (and gold to get the expensive mounts).  Will I however?  Lately I have been liking leveling my alts on weekends.  I will have to consider it however now that I see how easy this can be having written it out.  It always seemed like both where so far away for me but once you see it written down it seems so much easier.  I might start on it this weekend and try to put a dent into it.

BTW:  Just to mention.  With Blizzard having problems last night and no one being able to log in we had to cancel last nights raid.  Talk about backfiring.  We are not raiding on Tuesday now to avoid this crap so Blizzard decided to ruin out Thursday raid instead.  Sometimes I think someone has it out for me.  You know what they say about the best made plans right?

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