Friday, August 6, 2010

Didn't run 25 again last night.

As a matter of fact, we did not run anything.  I prodded the co guild leader to do something.  I told him as clear as day that if we did not run anything this week the guild would end up breaking up.  He said he does not care.  If we have to PuG people it is not worth doing.  He is in a guild so he does not need to PuG.

While that logic makes sense, that is why people are in guilds, he has to realize that we no longer have the active membership to run a 25 man with who is in the guild.  We need to recruit more.  To recruit more you PuG the left over spots in the 25 you run and hopefully pick up some new people.  He would not even tank it.  He did not care.  He didn't want to do a 10 man even.  He did not want to do Ruby Sanctum 10 or 25.  He did not want to run something old school for achievements.  He had a ton of members online looking to do something and he didn't want to do anything at all.

That, to be as kind as humanly possible, is not leadership.  I have so many more choice words for what they is but it sure as hell is not leadership.  So one of the members messaged me yesterday telling me that he was leaving.  Most people talk to me because they know I try as best I can to do things on my own to keep things together.  I am just not good at it really.  I never pretended that I was.  I can lead, I just do not want to.  I have no issues being a support player but that is where the problem is.  The leadership, all 2 of them, do not want support.  They want everyone to do what they tell them to do, to be there when they tell them to and to act just as they tell them too.

Sorry, that is not me.  I am the #1 DPS there and in most runs it is by a long shot.  I can not even begin to guess how many times I was #1 by over 2K DPS.  Not to mention, even on the days I am not #1 over on the DPS charts if you where to look at the total damage done I am #1.  I think only once have I ever raided with them since I was there that I was not #1 and that was my own fault because I died of something stupid at the beginning of a fight and they ended up downing it.  Meaning that the #2 person has enough total damage from that one to pass me over as I was totally useless that fight because a dead DPS is no DPS.

I do what needs to be done.  I know the fights before we start them.  I will play any role they need me to do.  I can kite, I can ranged tank, I can crowd control.  Whatever is needed I do.  While I love my big numbers I am in no way a DPS whore.  I do whatever is needed to get the boss down. If it means I am kiting slimes because the OT died, then so be it.  I want a dead boss.  I do not care if I am #1 or not.  However, the first time I am told what I need to do I basically say fuck you.  I do what I am asked to do.  I tell you to go screw yourself the moment you tell me to do it.

After talking with a lot of the people there it seems that after this weekend the guild will be a shell of what it used to be.  We will all be gone, most of us going back to where we came from and reassembling there.  We wanted to run 25s and this team is no longer even making an effort to run 25s so it is useless now.  Heck, they are not even making an effort to run 10s any more either.  Of anything.  It is a complete and total joke lately.  Bad luck is one thing, but totally disregarding what your members say and not listening to ideas or gripes with some appearance of caring makes for a bad place to be.

With the leader being obsessed with the new Starcraft game and the co leader not wanting to run without him we are a guild with no leaders because they refused to ever make anyone else an officer.  You do not need a lot of officers to make something work.  But you do need at least 2 active at all times to make raids and run them otherwise it is no longer a raiding guild.

At least that is how I see it.  Who knows.  I am still a WoW rookie in my mind so there is a lot I do not know.  One thing I do know is that I hate being someplace where we never do anything.  Sure, I love leveling my alts but that is something to do in my down time from raiding.  The last few weeks it has been a full time thing because I no longer raid at all.  It is sad.

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