Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No More Volley

Volley, the only AoE ability that a hunter has is going to be gone from Cataclysm.  This is disappointing on so many levels.  First off, AoE grinding with volley rocked and doing low level dungeons for mats or to run friends lived off of volley.  Grab a ton of packs, volley, everything is dead.  Now a hunter needs to single target them all?

I do not like this.  I do not like a lot of what I am seeing from Cataclysm lately.  I was not all that upset with Focus even if I had huge fears of being focus starved but the early returns seem like it will be manageable.  That is all I ask.  Something that I can work with.  I hate playing my rogue because 70% of the time I am auto attacking because I never have energy.  I did not want that to happen to my hunter.

The change to Misdirect seems like it will really put pressure on a tank big time.  Being the threat generated passes back to the hunter after 30 seconds now it gives the tank 30 seconds to build a nice threat lead before the threat done is passed back.  It will take some getting use to and I do really hate it but I can live with that.

No volley?  No AoE what so ever?  No way to do packs and grinds?  What the fuck?

I hope they reconsider removing volley or at least offer us something else in return for the loss of our only AoE spell.  And if they are removing our only AoE spell they better really hike up our single target DPS to be completely off the charts compared to every other class in the game.

If every class is topping off around 10K DPS (for example) and they all also have AoE who would you take with you?  Someone that can do 10K DPS on single target and 25K DPS on packs or someone with 10K DPS single target and 10K DPS on packs?  I do not know about you but to me the choice is obvious.   If you are both doing the same single target I will take the one that also has something to offer for multi target as well.  It is not like they will need us for misdirect any more being it is no longer as useful as it was. Over all the hunters usefulness has been completely depleted to the point where there is no need to bring one along any more.

So to make this fair, on a terms of DPS at least, using the above example, if everyone is doing 10K single target and 25K with large packs and hunters are doing the same on both you need to adjust the hunter single target to be 50% higher.  So a Hunter would be doing 15K all the time, single and multi whereas the others are doing 10K single and 25K multi.  That would be fair and might make bringing a hunter a little more useful.  No AoE means no groups.  I have a hard enough time getting into groups now as is because there are so many DPS players out there.  Gimp my ability so that I am no longer capable of competing in over all DPS with everyone else in the game and now I am not only just another DPS, I am not just another fail DPS with low DPS.

I do not like this at all.  If they do not give a hunter something to offset their loss of usefulness in a raid I am seriously going to have to consider making something else my main.  I mean who the hell would want to bring me along if my MD is useless, my AoE is non existent and everyone else in the game does the same DPS as well on single target.

I am one very grumpy elf right now for sure.

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