Tuesday, August 24, 2010

List of things Volley was once good for.

Here is a list of things that a hunter loses with the loss of Volley.

  1. Helping a tank get aggro on more then 3 packs. - Misdirect + Volley.  I've used to to help dozens and maybe even 100s of new tanks I've run into with the LRD system.
  2. Redirecting pats that are about to have a healer for lunch. - Be it taking the aggro myself as I am not as squishy and can give the tank more time to come and get them or misdirecting them to the tank.
  3. Helping out lowbies in low level dungeons. - Lowbies have an aggro range of Texas and sometimes as you merrily go on your way killing they grab the attention of 6 or 7 packs.  One volley and the mobs where dead, not the lowbie will be the dead one as we have no way to kill that many mobs that quick even if they are all only 2K hit points.
  4. Annoying people in PvP that are trying to grab the flag in EotS. - A Volley will keep resetting them trying to grab the flag.  It helps in all situations like that where there might be a few people trying to grab something and this stops them all.
  5. Getting to people/mobs under you. - In wintergrasp you can stand on turret and someone is hiding under you so you can not shoot them.  Get as close as you can with a volley and it gets them too.  Works in PvP and against mobs just the same.
  6. AoE at Melee range. - Even if they make multi shot better it is still ranged.  Volley can Volley right on top of yourself to get mobs.  Without it we have no Melee AoE whereas every other class does.
  7. Playing stupid in PvP. - Someone sneaking up behind you in PvP and you do not want them to know you see them?  Volley them, being you never turned they will never see it coming.
  8. Grinding low level mobs for drops or rep. - Run around and grab up 20-25 mobs, volley, profit.  Now we have to kill them one at a time?
  9. Soloing instances. - The misdirect volley trick is something every hunter has used when soloing instances where you have a hard pull.
  10. Distractions. - Never found a use for this in PvE but in PvP I have often seen a healer go to heal a mythical target while we killed the one target we were focusing on.  Some people are so easily distracted by things.
  11. Preemptive attacking. - Mobs coming your way.  Start the volley before they get there.  Either get more damage in before they see you or misdirects them to whomever you wish to.
  12. Duck and run. - A soloing tactic for dealing with lots of mobs that would be hard, or take forever to down.  Put your pet somewhere on passive.  Gather up some mobs then MD + Volley them to the other side where your pet is waiting to basically die.  Run all the way up the hall, find a safe place to hang out, deterrence if you need a few extra seconds, FD, after the pet dies, stand up and revive him.  Just passed 20+ mobs you now do not have to bother with at all.
There are many more uses, if I think of any I will update this list of all lost abilities I will miss from having volley.  Those were just a few off the top of my head.

I'll miss volley, hope they replace it with something that is as useful and not some stupid buffed up multi shot that can't do even half of the things I mentioned there.

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