Monday, August 2, 2010

And a Priest goes Ding!

I got my Priest to level 80 last night.  Leveling was the easy part.  Now to get into healing a daily to start working on frost badges and to chain run some heroics so I can get some decent gear to start getting some PuG invites.  The good thing is that healers are always in need on my server.  All day I see people looking for more and usually it is always 1 heals or 2 heals. 

So often I see ICC 25, LF 3 heals then gtg.  Seems that no one heals or at least once healers start to gear up they never run anything any more just for the fun of running.  I'll find out if indeed it is because it is not really fun or if they are just being jerks.  I know there are always lots of healers around it is just that they never seem to want to run.  I guess healers more then any other class are the type that will run only to help a friend whereas DPS will run whenever they can.  Looking at the need for healers everywhere I guess that is what makes them have the ability to be that selective.

I know I will get a lot of invites also from that theory.  So often I've seen people say to invite so and so and another says, but their gear score sucks to only get the reply, but they are a healer and we need one.  Healers get cut a lot of slack because you really have no choice.  I also hear a healer say I've never healed this before and get people saying just do your best.  If a DPS says that they will usually get the boot unless they are friends with someone there or have a huge gear score that people (wrongly) think will make up for the lack of knowledge of the battle.

As long as I do my best I am sure I can gear up 100 times faster then I would be able to with a DPS.  Not only do healers get dragged along more often and have quicker query times in the LFD but a healer is usually one of only a very few in a raid and with that have less people to roll against.  I am actually looking forward to the gearing up process now.  Something I dread with DPS characters.

First things first.  I need to rearrange all my key binds now.  I had mostly offensive stuff bound because I was solo questing and only had some healing stuff bound.  Now I need to switch that around and find a layout that will be comfortable for me while still keeping some DPS stuff around for when I do dailies.  Should not be all that hard, I already have some ideas in mind.

Wish me luck because you know how people in the LFD are.  Some will cut me slack, others will rip me apart.  Mostly I am hoping I get stuck with a group of people that are overgeared so we can run them fast and all I need to do is drop a shield on the tank once in a while.  Have to learn different mechanics however.  I noticed when I first tanked some of them that there were things I never even noticed where happening that were important as a tank.  I am sure there are things that happen that I never noticed as a DPS or a Tank that will have an impact on healers.  Either way, this should be fun and I am looking forward to it.

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