Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A world without Sin.

Well, for my faction we are not quite there yet but we took to Sindragosa as a learning experience and it sure seems like we came away with a lot of learning.  One thing I noticed more then anything else is that it was not quite as hard as people kept talking it up to be.  I am not sure why that is. Either I am becoming better at picking things up or the mechanics for this one sounded a lot scarier when it was talked about as compared to when it was in function.

Either way, we did not down her.  He got her to 3rd phase 2 times, got her under 50% 5 times and all that out of only 8 tries I think.  Not bad for a crew of 10 that I was with that had never been to her before.  Heck, we needed to tell people to head over to tank spot because some of them never even saw the video for it before.  With that in mind and a less then ideal team set up I think we did fantastic.  We had 3 pallys and 2 death knights.  No druids, which would have been really nice.

The thing is, this is what progression is and I am proud of the 9 others I was with.  None of them cried to change bosses we were working on, none of them said they had to leave after a few wipes, all of them were in it to learn it and that is the number one thing you can ask from any good player.  A good player is someone that will take the time to learn it even if the learning hurts a little bit.  A good player, a team player, will wipe a few times if needed.

Over all I think we did fine.  The whole time I was thinking "we got this" and I really believed that.  Unlike Rot and Fester when we first got to them and where wiping over and over.  I did not feel like we were ready for those.  This one seemed a ton easier.  I wonder why everyone says that this is a killer and super hard.  It sure as hell did not seem it.  The times we got to the 3rd phase we did not even get the 5 minute berserk warning yet even.

Our first wipe was more of a case of everyone seeing everything for the first time.  We did amazingly well for a team that never saw it before.  Made it through the first set of ice blocks and the second set of ice blocks before it fell apart.  I can damn near bet you that 95% of the guilds did not do that well on their first ever try.  Oh, did I mention we were also doing this with only 9 people at first?  Make it seem a little better on how we did right?

I made a few stupid mistakes myself.  Twice I died super early do to my own fault.  Stupid line of sight is quite literal it seems.  I was behind the block just as I was supposed to be but I guess my big toe was sticking out a little bit and I got hit.  Oops.  That is how we learn.  I did not mind it happening once, that is learning, when it happened the second time, well, no sugar coating that, that was my own fault 100%.

As odd as this sound I think our biggest problem was DPS.  Not as you might think.  We did not have too little, we had to much.  With the exception of twice, once when we were clueless and one of those WTF moments, all of our wipes where from breaking down the ice blocks to fast.  One run we had going we were below 50% and everyone was alive and the two blocks come out.  As normal we took our time to start.  Blast one falls, blast two falls, we burn down the block on the left and break it just after blast three falls and everyone moves to the one on the right.  Barely tapping it waiting for blast four to fall and oops, it breaks just as blast four lands.  Oh crap!.  Nearly everyone dies.

That was the story of our wipes basically.  I think only 3 times did someone die from the deathgrip type thing, so everyone got that down pat once we knew it was coming.  I decided to play with it some being the hunter that I am and I ended up as one of the 3 death from it once because instead of doing the mouse turn and run I was going to try something different and by habit mouse turned and disenganged..... right back into her. ~LMAO~  Oops.

I noticed a few things from a hunter perspective.  Or any ranged really I guess.  I can out range that effect and keep dropping the pew pew while everyone else is running for their lives.  I will note, I do not have the hawk eye skill.  That is standard range attacks that I would range it with.  I also tried the keyboard turning thing.  Only because I am one of those people that get annoyed with everyone calling keyboard turners bads.

Needless to say I never died once even while keyboard turning.  You can keyboard turn and get out of range WAY ahead of time.  Actually, after trying the 4 ways I did it mouse turning is the last of the four options.  Option one, out range it.  Option two, Disengage from it.  Option three, keyboard turn. Option four, mouse turn.  Yeap, I just said that.  Mouse turning is the worst option for that.  Contrary to what everyone seems to say online whenever I read about it.  Mouse turning, unless you are prefect at it can sometimes leave you on a weird angle.  I ran into the wall once.  Was far enough away but I do not like running into walls even if it does not hinder my play.

There is a problem with all four of these options.  Sometimes out ranging it does not work.  Do not ask me why.  I have no clue.  Sometimes I was at the edge of my range and did not get pulled in, sometimes I was.  Disengage works nicely if you hit it fast enough.  If you do not plan right and a global just started you need to move to option three or four.  Four I mentioned already, sometimes you can go a little more or less with it.  Not a big deal, just annoying.  For me at least.  I pick my one spot and I always like to go back to that same spot.  Keyboard turning gives easier control of direction even if it does seem to cut it close if you are not quick enough. I think in future attempts I will try to out range and if I get caught keyboard turn.  I will not even worry about disengage or mouse turning.

I think with the experience we had last night if we can just learn to stop DPSing the ice blocks, then we will finish it no problem.  I never thought I would say something like this but with that fight we have to slow down our DPS big time.

All in all it was a nice attempt and much easier to grasp then I had expected.  I think the more I play I am also learning that most people that talk about fights really like to make it sound harder then it was so they can feel better about doing it themselves.  Never trust anyone that says something is amazingly hard.  Same as never trust anyone that says without mouse turning you will die on that fight.  Both those people are plan out morons.

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