Monday, June 21, 2010

Did some serious leveling this weekend.

I got my hunter alt that I rolled on the RP server up to 20.  The other 2 1s are still sitting in goldshire waiting for their day to come.  I just made them so they can build some rested experience.  Makes life a bit easier for when I decide to level them.  My DK on that server that will be mining and jewelcrafting is still sitting around.  Did not start working on that yet.

On my main server I did some work on my priest and mage.  I had not intended to work on the mage.  I was just going to walk him to an inn so he could start getting rest experience as well but being it was the gnome starting area I figured I might as well do the quests in the starting area first before going there to park him.  I was level 6 when I got there and decided, well let me go pick up my professions first and then park him.  Then notice there were so many herbs all over the place and said to myself, self, lets just do some quests while I grab all these herbs.  Low and behold before I knew it I was level 20 on him too.  All because I decided to make him a herbalist and that area was just covered in herbs. 

Needless to say, if you want to start a herbalist go to the ironforge area and start grabbing, you will be over 100 in no time.  The place is littered with herbs.  I'll have to try and remember that if I ever make another herbalist.

So here is how my current roll call on my main server looks at the moment.  One of each class of course.

Hunter - Night Elf - Male - Level 80 - Herbalism & Alchemy
Druid - Night Elf - Female - Level 80 - Mining & Jewelcrafting
Death Knight - Human - Female - Level 80 - Enchanting & Inscription
Rogue - Night Elf - Male - Level 48 - Skinning & Leatherworking
Priest - Human - Female - Level 40 - Tailoring & Enchating
Shaman - Draenei - Female - Level 38 - Mining & Blacksmith
Paladin - Draenei - Female - Level 23 - Undecided (ditched old ones)
Mage - Gnome - Male - Level 20 - Herbalism & Alchemy
Warrior - Dwarf - Male - Level 6 - None yet
Warlock - Human - Male - Level 1 - None yet

That leaves me with one of each and I plan to get them all to 80 some day.  I have several professions still not maxed but working on it and one that I have never even thought of touching, engineering.  I currently have 6 open slots for professions as I am going to be dropping the Paladins skinning and Leather-working.

At the moment this is what I am planning.  Either the Warrior or the Paladin will end up being the engineer and will have mining to go with it.  The other, which ever it may be, will end up being mining and jewelcrafting.  So that leaves the Warlock undecided.  I plan to do tailoring on that one being a warlock on a flying rug just seems too good to pass up.  As the locks secondary profession I am not sure yet.  It can be anything as I will have 1 skinner, 2 herbalists and 4 miners in my stable to work with.  Actually, if anything I might drop someone of those miners when I get to max level and just keep one as a miner for gathering.  I just like having gathering professions while leveling.

There is also another option for me.  When my Mage hits 80 and is a maxed herbalist then I might drop herbalism from my hunter and make that one engineering.  Being that is my main and engineer will give me lots of useful things for PvP that does seem to be a fantastic option so far.  It is the way I might go.  If that is the case, I might go something different on either the Paladin or Warrior.  Wow, so many characters and so little time.  I am sure it will be figured out.  As long as at the end of the day I have all classes at 80 and all professions maxed out.  I don't really care.

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