Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Are Two Specs Enough?

I often see people posting on one forum or another about tri-spec.  They want it and they get shot down completely with the usual argument of two specs are more then enough.  I would like to point out something to those people that say two specs are more then enough.  Two specs are one spec to many.  You only use one spec at a time, one spec is all you need.  So saying two specs is enough is mildly retarded.  One is all you need.  The only difference between dual spec is one spec you are not using and tri spec is two specs you are not using.

I personally would love to see unlimited specs.  That way I do not have to keep changing things.  Make each additional spec cost another 1000.  There you go.

I know what you are going to say, I am a hunter.  I am DPS.  I can only DPS.  Why would I ever need more then one spec?  With two specs I have more then I could need.  All I have to say to those people that might come up with a response like that is that they have either A) never played a hunter or B) never played a hunter well.

Now, just a short list of specs I would probably keep if I were able to have unlimited specs.  Mind you, this is not a complete list of possible hunter specs that have their uses.  Just ones I could find use for at least once in a while and ones I would be willing to pay 1000 gold to keep available.

Beastmaster Specs
Cookie Cutter Spec
PvP Spec
Soloing Spec
Extreme Soloing Spec

Marksman Specs
Cookie Cutter Spec
ArP Spec
Ranged Stamina Spec
PvP Spec
PvP Spec v2

Survival Specs
Cookie Cutter Spec
PvP Spec

As you see, that is 11 Specs right there and I did not even list ones that I would not consider using at any regular point. Even at that, I can only see me using 5 of these on a weekly basis.  So at the very least I can imagine needing 5 specs at bare minimum.

So I can only imagine if me, as a hunter, can find 11 useful specs and at least another 15 I did not mention that would have usage, then other classes that are actually meant to have more then one use could have upwards of 50 different situation specs that they might want.

Sure, I could keep respecing but all that is, is annoying.  Even more so if it is something I might only want to test out or use for a single fight once in a while.  Respecing for one fight then going back?  Madness I tell you.

Hopefully being Blizzard has been catering to casuals more and more they will cater to me as well and the many others that want more specs.  If I were only allowed 5 I would already know what they are but I would most likely find a way to limit it to 4 so I have that one extra space to play with.

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