Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Ruby Sanctum

So yesterday I got home and The Ruby Sanctum had been released so my guild was throwing together a group.  It was not ideal in any way shape or form either.  We usually do not raid for another 3 hours so most of the hard core raiders, you know the ones I am talking about, the ones that come prepared, the ones that most likely watched the videos weeks ago, the ones that knew the fights and were ready for this, well, none of them where online.  So we rolled with what we had at the chance of a realm first.

We didn't do all that bad.  Wiped on a trash pack once because we didn't know the one guy gave extra power to the others.  Once we know that, we split them up, no problem.  Thing with videos and guides is that they show you boss fights but sometimes trash can have a little trick it would have been really nice to know about before it wipes 1/2 the raid as a surprise you did not know was coming.

All in all I really liked running a raid without Deadly Boss Mods.  I had gotten so used to being told everything.  Move now, something is on you, do this now.  All that stuff makes life easier.  Easier is not always fun however.  I think I had fun actually trying to watch mechanics and react in my own time.  Sad part here is, we were in a group that was not prepared to begin with.  Now you needed to tell people to look for things that they don't have a clue what they are and they do not have a mod to tell them to.

It caused some issues but not many.  The second boss that I needed to tranq shot was my wake up call.  I was so used to tranq shot now popping up whenever I needed to use it that I was stupidly waiting for it.  The first time he enraged he one shot someone.  Oops, okay, now I know what to look for.  He was never enraged for more then 1 second after that.  I adapted.  That is what I think I good player does, not to toot my own horn.  I tranqed his ass every time he was about to enrage that I was timing it that it hit him as he was enraging.  So there was no delay what so ever.  He was never capable of getting off a hit while enraged.

The first boss was the only one we wiped on.  A few times too.  At 200K left, at 180K left and at 90K left.  How sad is that.  Oh well, no biggie, we got him down.  We got the second guy down in one shot even if I missed the first tranq shot, no one else died except the boss.  The third guy was sort of learning as we go as there was no good guide.  I kind of jumped in seeing what was going on and decided the perfect tactic was MT on boss, OT pick up adds, after adds are down, tanks switch.  After next set of adds where down, tanks switch.  So forth and so on.  That way no one had the debuff get high.  Toward the end when he was low I told the OT to grab the adds and everyone to keep o the boss.  We downed him.  So 2nd and 3rd boss where one shots.  Not bad at all figuring we were with a team of people where none of them had any clue what anything here did.

With that in mind I think we did awesome over all.  We got our asses handed to us on the last boss.  In several attempts we got to phase three but called it before finishing it as everyone was getting tired and frustrated being there so long.  Phase two was the killer for us.  We never lost a person in phase one.  We had a few wipes do to bad timing.  Two from healer disconnecting.  One, almost from a tank disconnecting.  He came back with 1 second to spare.  Talk about excitement.  I died a few times to my own stupidity. In the shadow world I stood just to the side of the dragon as close as I could get to the tank without being in the cone of damage.  Three times I got a little too close.  Oops.  One time while running in a circle (strafe of course, so I could still shoot while doing it) I walked right where someone had just been purged and the circle appeared right under me.  I was always low on life so never got out in time.  Bad luck there.  Same for one when it was on me.  Was already on low level, when it was purged off me I died instantly.  Got hit by the line twice.  Yeap, lots and lots of wipes but over all, I think we made a lot of progress.  We could have downed it if we tried a bit more.

I am sure by now someone has realm first, but we were so close.  Getting a first does no matter all that much to me really but it sure would have been nice to say I was part of the team that did it.  With the group we assembled quickly to get into it I think we did fantastic.  Would have been nice if they had see videos beforehand so we did not have to explain everything more then a few times but what can you say.  It is not like they were expecting it.  Oh wait... we where.  I wish some people would be more prepared.

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