Tuesday, June 29, 2010

End Game Professions

I've been working on some money making guides for my guild mates to help them in their efforts to make cash.  I got tired of hearing things like "I can only do a few more attempts because I can not afford the repairs I am broke" or "I know the ICC boots are the best in slot for me but I can not afford them."  Things like that pain me.  Sure I can understand it taking time to make the money to get things that are expensive, but try.  Repairs?  You can not afford the repairs for a raid?  What the hell are you doing all week?  Just run your daily dungeon and the weekly raids we do and you can make a profit.  On my main character I do not do much of anything lately as I am working on alts with all my free time and doing just raiding and dungeons I manage to have more money at the end of the week then I did before the week started.  Yes, I profit just raiding.  How can you not even have money for repairs?

Enough of my rant for now.  This is about helping people make money so I do not need to listen to them whine all day about not having money.  In making my guides I noticed that the crating skills like Tailoring, Leather Working and Blacksmith there are all new patterns each time new content comes out.  This means new chances to charge people an arm and a leg to craft gear for them.  Sure, most gear is one time sale.  Not like Alchemy where you will sell the same person an Endless Rage 100 times over and over but still, those three have had things added.  Alchemy, nothing new.  Gathering professions, nothing new.  Enchanting, nothing new.  Inscription, a few more glyphs that no one wants. 

All those other professions where basically said and done as soon as LK came out while the other three keep getting new things to do and make.  It seems a little unfair if you ask me.  At least with Alchemy and Enchanting they are things people will need over and over but with poor old Inscription once someone has their glyphs they are done.  That's it, that character will never, or extremely rarely, need another one.  Runescrolls sell nicely but really, how often do you see a raid without a priest?  Almost never?  Scroll of Stamina sells nicely too, but it is not something you would write home about.

It makes me wonder what they have in store for Cataclysm for other professions.  I know they are adding more glyphs to be used called medium glyphs.  For function I like that idea, but it is a limited gain for Scribes because as soon as someone has the ones they need that is all the buying for them they will do.  Other professions will be maxed out in the first week of release I am sure and that will be that.  For two years they will never have anything else to do.  They need to make upgrades to other professions more often. 

As for gathering professions, they need some serious love.  All others they make sure have increases of some kind that are versatile.  Gathering you are set at what you get and what you get is not impressive at all.  Gathering professions need to be able to make something that you can add to gear to give a boost of some sort to put them on a level playing field with the rest of the professions.  Just my opinion at least.

Even with all that said, from writing them out I have noticed that it is nearly impossible not to make money somehow unless you are completely lazy or a total idiot.  So the next time you hear someone say they can not even pay for repairs ask them which one they are and see which one they will admit to.

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