Monday, June 7, 2010


So this weekend I started out my refer a friend program with a friend of mine.  I paid for the games and time, he supplied us with bag and he said he will help me out leveling my blacksmithing.  I am hoping to get a blacksmith and an engineer done during the course of this.  Those are the two professions I need to work on most as those are the two I really do not want to have to deal with slowly.

For this first set up I rolled a Shaman with Mining and Blacksmith and he rolled a Warlock with Herbalism and Skinning.  We are both horders of sorts so with his help I should have no problem leveling the blacksmith.  So far we are rolling along.  The triple experience is insane.  We did not play what would be considered a hell of a lot.  Spent lots of time learning the new characters (he had some experience in his type) and leveling up skills.  From a purely time spent questing stand point we have not played much.  I am already level 23 and he is 21.  I have heirloom gear on so that might be the little difference there.

Good thing about the triple experience is that if he ever falls 3 levels behind he will still get triple while I will not.  This means that we will always been within 3 because if he ever falls behind he will catch up almost instantly.  The summon to each other thing has been great so far as well.  I am liking everything about this so far and it sure as hell seems like it was worth the investment.  Sadly it is only for 90 days but I would actually be willing to pay $20 per month instead of $15 per month to keep the accounts linked.  In my opinion it would be worth it.

Of course I am saying that from this standpoint where I still need a lot of characters and classes and professions.  Once I get everything I doubt I would really care about leveling so quickly.  Heirlooms would be more then enough should I choose to level another character.

What I hope for is this.  Level my Shaman to 60 with his Warlock.  Have him use the Warlock to grant my Priest 28 levels.  So I can go from 30 to 58 and be outlands ready.  Level once you hit 58 is a joke anyway, even without heirlooms, so that would be enough for that one.  The other 2 levels he can put on my Rogue.  That would get him from 48 to 50.

Next one we do when we hit 60 I would ask him to level my Paladin (if I do not make one) from 23 to 45 and my Rogue from 50-58.  Reason being there is now my Priest and Rogue are outlands ready and my Paladin is past that level 40 barrier that now I can AoE grind to level and fly through the levels.

The Priest is my 2nd Enchanter / Tailor and my Rogue is a Leatherworker / Skinner.  Being at 58 you can learn max profession that is another reason I want to stop there.  High enough for outlands and max professions.  I am sure I can make out those in no time.  The Enchanting for sure.  I have a maxed Enchanter already and have LOADS of stock.  No joke, nearly 2 bank tabs worth of enchanting material.  Leveling will not be an issue.  And being I have a maxed Scribe as well, I will throw everything I make on vellums, which are cheap enough to make, and try to sell them.  Better then just enchanting your own gear over and over again like I was stupid enough to do the first time around.

This leaves me with 4 open spots to work on.  My Paladin is leatherworking and Skinning as well.  I decided that I do not want that, so going to drop them both.  So that opens 2 spaces.  Then there is the other new character I will make.  Mage, Warlock and Warrior are all I have left to make on that server.  I do have a warrior at level 6 but that was just something I did out of boredom one day.  I do not think I set him up with bags and such yet. If I have, then I will not start him over.

I guess what I make next will depend on a few things. If the warrior was set up then I will not make one of those.  So that means either a mage or a warlock.  If he chooses a mana user I will go mage, as that will help us both a lot. If not, a warlock.  I guess if I had to choose I would want to make a mage or a warrior.  Warrior leveling will help me learn some early tanking which I need to learn if I ever want to do some serious tanking later.  Mage would be nice to have for PvP and ports, not to mention, awesome ranged DPS which is my favorite thing to do.  Also, from what all my mage friends say, the stupid easy 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 BS rotation to top DPS meters is nice to do once in a while when you really do not feel like thinking much while playing.  Being Warlock is changing in Cataclysm I might want to wait for that.  I have enough to worry about with the hunter changes.  I do not want to completely relearn 2 classes, even if the warlock changes are no where near game changing like the Hunters are going to be.

So Mage or Warrior it is.  If I had started to deck out my warrior, then Mage is the way I will go.  If I go Mage I will either do Herbalism and Alchemy or Herbalism and Inscription.   If it a warrior it will be either Mining and Jewelcrafting or Mining and Blacksmith.  I already have one of both those combos, but that would be best for a warrior.  Also, at that point I will be thinking more about what works for the character better as I will have one of everything.

For the one (maybe 2 depending on how much time we have left over) character I put on the RP server with him I am going to be a Paladin.  That goes without even a thought.  If I am going to role play it will be a paladin, the same character I have role played for the past 13 years.  Might as well keep with it.  I would go mining and skinning there.  Reason being is I will need to make some money as I do not have any characters on that server already to play sugar daddy for me I will need some skills that can make money for me.  Mining is the best money maker, hands down, it is like stealing money with that profession and I can't do tracking for the two professions (herb & mine) at the same time so the other has to be skinning.

When I get to 80 and make some cash I would like to make the character a Jewelcrafter and a Scribe.  That will come later I am sure as that would be my secondary server, not my main.

It is going to be nice when it is all said and done.  Have all professions (except for engineering which I will likely throw on the reformed Pally) and have all but one class within end game range.  Then it will be the effort of getting them all to 80.  Which, with rotating rest and heirloom gear, should not take a very long time at all.

Wow, how times change.  When I used to read on the forums about people having all classes at 80 I wondered how the hell could they do that.  I have barely enough time to play my hunter and do everything I want to.  Now that I am end game on my hunter, have most of the reasonably obtainable achievements and only sit around waiting to raid with it, I look at it differently.  The other characters are all for fun, and professions of course.  Soon I will have one of each at level 80 on the same server.  That is sick.  I think of it as a way to make me a better hunter however.  The more I know how other classes work, the more I know how I can interact with them to the best of my ability.

Next task after that... saving up for epic flying for 6 more characters.  Only my hunter and Druid have it.  Not even my 80 DK has it.  That and I am going to need another bank character for sure.  My DK is one, might make the Rogue the other bank character.  I do not see myself ever really playing the Rogue anyway.

I am in love with Refer-A-Friend.  I suggest every good geek takes part in it one time or another.  It is worth it.

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