Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love idiots... I hate idiots.

Okay, it is more of a love and hate at the same time thing.  Mouse Turning vs. Keyboard Turning arguments are at it again on one of the forums I read.  I never post there but I read it all the time.  I should say something because some people are not only stupid, but they are beyond stupid.  There is just no real word to describe it really.

I am not talking about taking a side here.  I have done both and continue to do both.  I personally believe that both have their time and place.  Since I downloaded heal bot for my priest I have been doing more keyboard turning personally.  More so out of functionality then anything else.  I might just be a complete spaz but I find it 1000 times easier to keyboard turn when using heal bot.

I will quote a few comments that just got me thinking that some people should really keep their mouths shut sometimes.

Here is one of the lines from some half wit's comment.  Again, not siding with him or against him, just pointing out that he really made himself look like a fool because apparently he did not think before he wrote.

"But don't think just because you can play a certain way it's the most efficient. It isn't, acknowledge it and acknowledge that you don't use it and move on. The best players mouse turn and keybind. Accept it and move on."

Now lets move those words around a little bit here.  "The best players mouse turn and keybind." and follow it up with his very own logic "don't think just because you can play a certain way it's the most efficient."

You can't tell people that their opinion doesn't not mean they are right and then give your opinion as proof they are wrong.  If you are going to try and prove someone wrong at least give a reason.

And not a bad reason please... like this example.

"Tell me you can keyboard turn out of blistering cold and defile effectively and I will call you a liar."

This guys just invited himself to the world of "Here's your sign".  Just because you can't do it does not mean someone else can't do it.  So how is someone a liar if they say they did it?  Because they were skilled enough to do it and you where not?

I read an article not so long ago where one of the first groups to down the king was interviewed and someone said that mouse turning was required to get out of blistering cold and another of the members said that if you know when it is coming you really don't need to but it makes it a hell of a lot easier.

That part, "you really don't need to but it makes it a hell of a lot easier" proves that previous comment maker is a total moron, not to mention a complete asshole for calling someone a liar because of his inability to do something.  It also, in effect, shows how to make an argument, something the first quote needs to learn how to do.

The turning argument on the forums is always one I find enjoyable. It seems like people come out of the woodwork to comment on it.  I sometimes read them and think that half of the people posting insulting keyboard turners are most likely keyboard turners themselves and just doing it so they look "leet" to everyone else that reads the forums.

You can almost always tell who is really a mouse turner and who is trying to pretend they are a mouse turner.  A mouse turner will almost always say that mouse turning is more effective.  A keyboard turner will not be that forgiving while he is pretending to be a mouse turner.  It is usually, mouse turning is all win and you are all fail if you don't mouse turn.  Then of course they will justify it with some sort of bull crap like, because I can kick any keyboard turners ass in PvP.

I would love to see what the actual numbers are of keyboard to mouse turners are.  It would not surprise me if 90% or more of the people that play WoW are keyboard turners.  I would say there are a lot of players that keyboard turn and are just afraid to say they do because they do not want to be insulted.

I freely admit that on most fights that I would rarely need to move I do all movement with my keyboard.  If all I need to do is side step one way or another to avoid the fire there is really no reason to ever be "turning" to begin with.  There are (outside of PvP) maybe 2 or 3 times per raid that "turning" is ever an issue.

Now kiting or heavy movement.  I find mouse turning helps me.  Jump shots with keyboard turning I screw up 80% of the time.  So I don't do it.  I do not mouse turn when doing it because it makes me "leet".  I mouse turn when I do it because it is easier... for me.  Those last 2 words are the key.  FOR ME!

I personally don't give a rats ass if you mouse turn or you keyboard turn.  Is the boss dead?  Did everyone live through it?  Are we rolling on awesome loot?  If the answer to all three of those questions are yes then how you did your job doesn't mean anything to me.  What means something to me is that you did the job.

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