Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Baby Hunter

I only played for a few minutes last night.  Had a raid to do, so not much time to work on my new hunter.  I do not mind really.  It gives me a chance to get some rested experience so when I do go out and kill something I get more for it.  I am not going to rush leveling this new hunter.  I want to try different things and have a little fun running around the old world being it will all be gone soon.

I have noticed one issue so far with leveling.  I keep forgetting that I am a skinner.  I am not used to that with my hunter.  I guess I need to pay more attention with it.  On my rogue, which is a skinner, I love skinning.  Whenever I see other peoples kills I run around following their path skinning everything they left behind.  Hey, free money, can you blame me?  I'll get into that habit with my hunter I am sure.

I have been leaving my cat in stealth all the time.  Different from what I originally did.  I am doing things a lot different.  I used to attack and my pet would go in or send the pet in first and attack.  Now, I do it different.  I attack, let the creature come to me, as it gets close I send my pet to attack.  The growl makes the creature change its attention instantly and I never take a hit.  I never have to worry about my pet playing the dancing game with the creature and running back and forth half way through the zone and I never have to worry about my pet running up to it and ending up with 3 mobs instead of just the one at a time I want to do.

It is a sign that I have really grown as a hunter I think.  Stupid little things like that.  Things that maybe I should have realized when I first started playing but I didn't.  It seems like a slow process but it has been effective so far for me.  I guess that most of those things would escape a new player just as they did me.  I also notice that reading all the hunter sites that none of those beginning tactics are mentioned.  Everyone mentions how to play a hunter, how to do rotations, how to spec, how to gear, and a million other how to's.  I do not think I have seen any beginning hunter tips like the stuff I am doing now.  Maybe if I get the time I will write them up as I notice myself doing them. 

At level 11 there is only so much you can do, or some would say almost nothing, but I can tell you that so far I have noticed there is indeed a hell of a lot I can do.  A lot more then I thought I could do when I first started.  Who would have ever though of a level 11 hunter pulling from a pack of 10 level 12 and 13 murlocs would treat it as a heroic dungeon pull.  Yet I pulled only one murloc at a time, I killed them all without being hit once and I had fun playing the strategy of it.  A level 11 can do a lot more then even I had expected.

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