Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tips and Tricks : Gearing a low level hunter.

First things first.  If you are under level 40 you should not care so much about your gear.  I am not saying that you should not care at all.  I am saying that having some stats that are not exactly ideal for a hunter is not really a bad thing at all. 

If you are leveling a hunter you know what a hunter needs.  All end game hunter gear comes with 3 base stats on it.  Agility, Stamina and Intellect.  For a low level hunter those are still the stats you want.  That does not mean if you get something with strength or spirit on it that you sell it without even considering using it.  It might actually be a better piece for you.

You might get called a huntard for wearing gear with spirit on it but you need to remember one thing.  You know what you need, you are only using what dropped that is best for you.  There might be a better piece out there for you, but this piece is the best you have seen.  So who cares what they say about you.  Wear it with pride... until more suitable loot drops.

If you are currently wearing a Tribal Vest and you get a Ceremonial Leather Harness drop it is perfectly fine to equip it and lose the tribal vest.  Sure, you will lose 1 stamina (which hunters want) and gain 3 spirit (which hunters do not need) but you have to look at it differently.  You are moving up from 2 agility to 4 agility, which is the number one stat for hunters and you are going up from 65 to 74 armor, which doesn't suck at all.  Add to that the fact that you will not be wearing it that long.

You might look like a fool running around with a spirit chest on to people that don't know better but you will know that compared to what you were wearing, it is a HUGE upgrade.

Do not worry so much about someone possibly calling you names because you have gear with spirit on or strength on.  If it is the best for you at the moment, then it is the best, use it. 

Some minor examples:
Two pieces with 70 armor and one has 2 agility and the other has 2 agility and 2 spirit.  They have the same armor, they have to same agility, the only difference is that one has 2 spirit on it as well.  Might as well use the one with the 2 spirit.  You are not losing anything by using it and while we might not want spirit we won't exactly be hurt by it being there, so use it anyway.

You run across a piece of gear that has 4 agility and 4 stamina on it but it also has a bonus of 4 expertise.  Normally you would not put it on, that is not hunter gear.  A hunter will never need expertise.  However, if the gear you currently have on has only 2 agility and 2 stamina and 5 less armor that is a sweet upgrade for you.  Sure the expertise is going to waste but it is better then what you have on.

As you get higher you will find more items that fit your situation better but at the low levels you should worry about what has more armor and more agility and more stamina.  If something has more agility and more stamina even if it has spirit, strength or expertise on it as well doesn't make a difference.  Look at what it DOES have.  It has more of what you need.  Use it.  Just pretend like the other stats are not even there.

One word of advice however.

If you are using the dungeon finder and a piece with "off stats" like expertise or spirit or strength drops on it, let someone else that it is more designed for roll first.  If they do not roll need, then you can take it if you need it.  If they do roll need, do not challenge them, roll greed.  It is better for them because they can use all of it's stats, not just some like you would.  Be respectful of the players you play with even if you might never see them again.

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