Friday, May 28, 2010

Deathbringers Will

After 9 weeks of rolling 2s and 4s and 10s with the occasional 25 or 30 and losing everything I rolled on I finally won a piece of loot and I did it in style, with a 100.  In the last 9 weeks I've rolled on maybe a dozen or so items and never came close to winning any of them.  After about 5 or 6 weeks I started joking about my dice being broken.  I would say, I've been saving my 100 for this, where it comes, and then a 2 would show up.  It became a running joke.  I said the same thing this time and the 100 actually did come.

I am glad I finally won something and it worked out the way I had once said I would be willing for it to work.  I once said, I would give up 2 months of rolling privileges if I could just have that trinket.  As it works out, that is exactly what happened.  For 2 months I lost every single roll.  After the 2 months, my hundred finally came.

I guess I will gladly wait for us to down the King now before I get something else new.  Hopefully that will not be another two months away.  There is not a great deal of stuff that I need, just a few items here and there that are small, but nice, upgrades.  All I really want now are weapons from the king and the achievement for downing him.

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