Monday, May 10, 2010

Old Time Hunter Loot

I finally got a chance to run Serpentshrine Cavern for the first time and I was glad for that.  It had two of three possible T5 drops I was looking for and ending up getting both of them.  Next week on throwback night we are going to run Tempest Keep.  I had gotten one of the T5 tokens last time I ran it so only need one more from there.  Maybe I will get lucky with that.  Once I get that one and the one from the cavern that did not drop this run I will have all five of the T5 pieces.

You might ask why I want the T5 set.  If you are a hunter you might know, if you ever looked into serious soloing then you sure know why I want it. Just check out the Pet Healing from the two piece bonus.  That is 15% of all the damage I do that heals my pet.  That is insane.  Now think of it in terms of the damage I can put out now based on the damage things used to hit for back then.  If I can keep up a solid flow of damage while my turtle holds aggrro I can effectively heal it through anything old school.  I am loving it for my soloing.

I want to get all 5 pieces of the T5 set even if I do not need more then two and there is a very solid reason for that.  I never know what my gear will look like and which two pieces I should use.  At the moment with all T10 (and crafted legs) it is not much of an issue which 2 I put on when I go soloing.  However, when the time comes where I get some marks and upgrade a few of the pieces I will pick and choose which two T5s I will be using.  Having all 5 of them gives me options.  I like options.

A friend of mine said that my bad luck is over being I got the two T5 tokens.  I told him, it does not count being they were given to me.  If I had to roll for them I probably would have either lost, or wasted my good roll I had been saving up.

Now I am thinking of looking around for some more classic hunter loot.  Must have hunter loot.  For use or just to have.  I have the bow, quiver and the 3 pieces of T5 so far.  So what is next?

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