Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Leveling For Profesions.

There is a point to this that comes into needing two more maxed professions and wanting to get the refer a friend flying mount, but first a little background of how my weird mind works.

My first character was a Hunter.  I took Alchemy and Herbalism because it seemed that having the healing would help and the potions would help as hunters did not have any way to heal themselves.  All was going fine and dandy.  I took leveling slow for the most part being I did not know what I was doing, like everyone else the first time around.  After getting to 55 I needed a break from the same old hunter and wanted to try something different.  More so, I needed some things so decided I would make a Death Knight to help with things I needed.

For my Death Knight I decided inscription would be a good thing, as I needed glyphs and was gathering herbs anyway so I would have all the stash I needed. I figured I was getting tons of greens so enchanting would be good as well. So my Death Knight became a Scribe and Enchanter because of that.  Ends up that it worked well.  The Scribe made the vellums for my Enchanter so I can enchant my own items.  I saved (and made) tons of money from that combo.

As I leveled I noticed that I was always needing other things.  Having a leatherworker would be nice to make my hunter gear.  Having a jewelcrafter would surely save me money as that is the single most expensive part of the game it seems, outside of enchants.  Having a tailor to make bags seemed like a nice idea as well.

So what happened was this.  Mind you, I did not think this out very well.  I made a Paladin with skinning and leatherworking (so I could make myself armor), an a rogue with skinning and tailoring (so I could make myself bags and pick all those lock boxes I got).  Yeah, I know, what was I thinking.  Either way, both went the way of the wind shortly after making them, never leveled either of them past 27. 

I started to do some research after that point being by now my hunter was 80.  Jewels were the single most costly addition.  Good thing I was an alchemist.  That saved me a lot of money because I made my own epics.  When the time came to start up another support character I knew it would be a jewelcrafter.  Instead of having to hunt someone down every time I needed a gem it would be under my control.  I made a druid with the idea of being a bear tank so it fit with mining and jewelcrafting.  Leveling a druid to 80 was so stupid easy it makes it seem like that was my best idea ever.

After a while I went back and created a Priest, one I decided to level through PvP only, and made her an Enchanter and Tailor.  This was not for the professions as all my other alts had been.  So in reality, this was my second real character.  I had a tailor (the rogue) even if I had not played it in forever and I had a maxed enchanter (the death knight) already.

The Priest got put on the side when they took out the daily PvP for low level characters.  I left it as is and that is where it still sits.  I was bored last week so looked to my level 23 rogue sitting in some out of the way inn for the past 8 or 9 months.  I figured I wanted the lockpicking skill and after all it was one of the reasons I chose to make a rogue to begin with.  Being my Priest would now be my tailor and really tailoring made no sense with a rogue I dropped the tailoring and picked up leatherworking.  A week later my rogue is now 45.  I'll grind it to 80 one of these days, no rush, I mean it was just sitting there forever anyway,

Now to the actual point of why I am writing this.  I want to get the rocket mount.  Which means refer a friend.  I already have someone that is willing to do it.  I will buy the disks and the first 4 months of service for him.  We will level up some characters while connected.  Might as well right?  For me however, this is a chance to get those missing professions done.  Blacksmith and Engineering.

Now to decide what to make.  He likes to run healers, so I can run a tank and together we can do dungeons and probably fly through to 60 with at least 2 characters each in the given time.  I have to check with him.  He might want to do something different but it should be fun.

Leveling two characters to 60 each will give us both 60 levels we can grant.  So basically I can have 3 more level 60 characters after that.  So I have a nice selection of things I can train them to do.  I am thinking that maybe I will use the 60 levels he can grant me to get my Paladin and Priest up.  I will have to switch up the Paladins professions of course, now that I know better. That will mean 4 level 60 characters.  Nice, and getting from 60 to 80 is so easy a caveman can do it.

So that gives me these options.  Warlock, Mage, Warrior and Shaman.  Which of those two will I do?  I guess I will talk to him and see what he says.  I think, with his experience, and my recent leveling, together we can level pretty darn fast.

Maybe, depending on how fast it goes, we can even level more then two characters each.  If I doubled up I would make another Druid before anything else.  Even if the hunter is my favorite class, the WoW world does not need any more hunters.  There are already to damn many of them. Druids on the other hand can fill any role in the game well.  Also, who does not love watching a bear dance?  I would level a druid again just to dance with my bear.

In the end however, I want to do this not only for the mount but for the professions.  Professions mean money and makes life easier .  I like money.  I like easy. 

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